Balancing your Throat Chakra or Vishuddha Chakra

Balancing your Throat Chakra or Vishuddha Chakra

The throat chakra is the 5th chakra , it is considered to be the passage of energy between the head and the lower parts of the body. It is the energetic center of communication and expression . It is located in the center of the neck, at the level of the throat. The functioning of the fifth chakra is ordered by the principle of free speech and expression.

Throat Chakra or Vishuddha Meaning

The fifth chakra has many names. Besides the throat chakra, it is also referred to by the name of Kanth Padma, Visuddha (Vishuddha) or Shodash Dala. Visuddha means purification or pure.

To recognize the throat chakra, it is represented by a symbol comprising:

  • A circle with 16 petals of smoky purple or grayish lavender
  • A crescent moon, with a circle inside

The fifth chakra is also represented by a circle with a triangle that points downwards, in which there is another circle.

The throat chakra is related to the element of sound. As the sound passes through the throat, its vibration is propagated through the air to reach our body. It is also presented as a significant instrument of communication and expression.

Being a multidimensional chakra, the fifth chakra can be located from the front of the throat, to the back of the neck, with an upward angle. The throat chakra is associated with the brachial plexus and the pharyngeal plexus. It is then connected to the jaws, pharynx, tongue, palate and mouth. Shoulders and neck can also be included in the set.

The gland associated with this chakra is the thyroid. Its purpose is to regulate the processing of energy in the body, through growth, temperature or even through individual metabolism.

Usually the throat chakra is associated with the color turquoise blue or navy blue. As for its astral color, it can be a smoky purple or a smoky turquoise.

Why balance your Throat Chakra?

It must be emphasized that the fifth chakra is intimately linked to the expression of each person’s personality. It is therefore in the interest of everyone to keep them awake.

Physically balanced throat chakra

On the physical level, the balance of the throat chakra allows an ease in the expression, in particular the capacity to express a truth. It also helps raise your voice, so everyone can hear what you have to say.

This balance also promotes your communication, external or internal, verbal or not. You also have the propensity to create , which translates into the execution of your ideas or patterns in your imagination. Your sense of timing will be at the highest point. As a result, you will be able to easily achieve the goals you have set for yourself. In addition, your listening skills will be optimized, as will your clear hearing.

Emotionally balanced throat chakra

The throat chakra is all about your personality: what you have to say, your goals in life, and your imagination. It must be mentioned that it is strongly connected with the 2nd chakra, the sacral chakra, which is considered the center of emotions and creativity.

Spiritually balanced throat chakra

When our throat chakra is well balanced, we feel drawn to spiritual wisdom and meditation. Connection with the etheric plane is favored, as well as with the intuitive capacities and the subtle spaces of the mind. Thanks to this, you will have the ideal model for the other dimensions of your body. This is important in order to align the energy through the chakra system.

The fifth chakra also has the role of connecting you to the mind. Due to its location, it is considered to be the energy bottleneck in the body. By opening the throat chakra, you will make it easier to align your view of reality, with your feelings. It will be less difficult for you to remove the pressure from the heart chakra, which is located just below.

How do you know if your Throat Chakra is out of balance?

It is said that the throat chakra is out of balance when it is either too open or blocked. Various negative feelings are likely to surface if not immediately addressed. Poor communication can lead to many stress-related disorders. Common symptoms of a blocked or too open throat chakra are characterized by:

  • dermatological rashes,
  • heart attacks
  • back pain
  • digestive problems (such as Crohn’s disease or colitis),
  • difficulty speaking frankly,
  • a lack of concentration,
  • attention disorders
  • a feeling of unease,
  • anxieties,
  • a feeling of nervousness.

Throat chakra blocked or too open on the physical plane

To recognize a throat chakra that is too open, just observe its behavior. Arrogant and advocating complacency, the person has a certain penchant for debates and finds it difficult to control his speech in public. This passion for communication led the person towards gossip, and verbal aggression . It is as if the filter is nonexistent between what he thinks and what comes out of his mouth.

A person who talks too much is not able to listen to others. She is not trustworthy, since she cannot keep a secret, a promise, let alone tell the truth.

For a blockage, on the other hand, it is at the origin of a lack of will to assert oneself, a lack of self-confidence. This is mainly caused by the fear of speaking. Often times, a person with a blocked throat chakra has a small, imperceptible voice.

Emotionally blocked or too open throat chakra

Once blocked, the throat chakra or the fifth chakra gives rise to negative feelings like insecurity, introversion or shyness . In contrast, when it is too open, the fifth chakra leads to a lack of connection with its vocation or with its purpose in life.

Throat chakra blocked or too open spiritually

On a spiritual level, your empathy will be at its lowest.

How to balance your Throat Chakra?

The imbalance of the fifth chakra is easily noticeable, whether it is too open or blocked. If a person is overly shy and never intrudes on any situation, their throat chakra is blocked. Conversely, it is overdeveloped if the person displays manipulative behavior, is thirsty for power and wants to control everything.

To smooth the flow of energy, it is then necessary to rebalance your chakra. There are several effective methods for this.


Get into a kneeling position, and cross your fingers inside your hands, except the thumbs, lift them up. Make sure they are above your other fingers. To do this, let the last phalanges touch each other.

During the session, fixate on the throat chakra and what it represents. Locate it, project the image of the hollow of your throat. Concentrate, and pronounce the mantra of the fifth chakra which is “Ham”. Do it silently but clearly.

At the same time, relax both physically and mentally. Think about the throat chakra, what it means, and how its power can affect your life. Practice this meditation for 5 minutes and you will feel a sensation of extreme purification.

Combined with therapeutic music on sacred healing frequencies, it is a powerful way to open one’s chakra. Sacred Solfeggio for the throat chakra: 741 Hz.


Lithotherapy has been known for thousands of years for its effectiveness. Egyptians as Native Americans were seduced by its healing virtues or by its power of protection. Today, lithotherapy is seen as the art of knowing how to use minerals and crystals to treat a specific illness, both physically and mentally.

Although the simple radiation of the crystals is enough to harmonize its chakra, they are widely used in acupuncture, with a mineral at the end of the needles, in amulets or in jewelry.

You should know that if minerals are so effective, it is because they can vibrate at the same frequency as one of our chakras. You just have to find the right stone to harmonize your throat chakra. To have an optimal result, it is enough to have a stone nearby. However, you can use them in massage, by simply spreading it on your skin, as a drinkable elixir, placing it in a living room or under your pillow. Be careful, this last technique is not valid for energizing stones.


Rebalancing your chakra comes down to reconnecting with Mother Earth, through rooting. You can thus be in contact with the energies around us. Before being able to rebalance your fifth chakra, it is essential to balance your root chakra. If you attempt to elevate yourself spiritually without being grounded, the consequences can be dire.

To do this, start your yoga session with a simple position, which consists of standing on one leg, both hands joined, raised to the sky. The ideal is to practice this exercise in the sand, in the water or in the grass, with bare feet.

The position of the tree is easy to achieve. Feet together, standing with your pelvis relaxed, take a deep breath and fix yourself on your body. Then move on to flexing your knees, bringing the kneecap in the vertical axis of your toes. Place your arms at chest height, palms facing inward. Your arms should form a circle.

During the entire exercise, your spine should be perfectly straight. Your upper body should feel light, while 70% of your weight should be on the lower part. Adopt this technique for 10 minutes.


Today it is possible to rebalance your chakra with food and essential oils. To reactivate the fifth chakra, here is a list of foods to eat:

  • Vegetables like watermelon, melon, seaweed
  • Fruits like avocado and raspberries
  • Fish and prawns
  • Raisins and almonds
  • Lemongrass, green tea and turmeric
  • Peppermint, mint, sage and coltsfoot

As for oils and essential oils:

  • Olive oil
  • Eucalyptus essential oils, ginger essential oil, peppermint essential oil and camphor essential oil

Stones to balance your Throat Chakra

Stones and crystals help balance and open the throat chakra, either by placing the associated stone directly on your body at the location of the throat chakra or by always carrying it with you (wearing a short necklace with an associated stone is ideal to see dangling earrings). You can try meditating with the stone chosen from those shown below and placing it near your bed or under your pillow at night while you sleep.

The throat chakra being a communication chakra, it is necessary to balance and promote it in order to improve one’s relationships with others and with oneself.

The main stones used to balance his throat chakra are turquoise, blue agate, aquamarine, eagle’s eye, and blue quartz.

Blue agate

Blue agate is a stone for boosting your feelings and self-confidence. Elegant, soft and soothing, this stone acts positively on our emotions and our attitudes. With a circular and graceful design, it easily stands on a piece of jewelry. It is not a stone of protection, but rather a stone of encouragement and support. Indeed, this stone calms and elevates its wearer, both physically and spiritually.

Blue agate is a crystal of support for caregivers, soothing for the stressed and helps to overcome communication problems. By wearing this stone, you will succeed in making yourself understood without getting angry. This stone counteracts negative feelings like fear of judgment or fear of rejection.


Turquoise is considered a stone of life and good fortune . It has an effective action against shyness, excess emotions. It brings strength and courage to the person who wears it.

Stone of calm and serenity, turquoise protects those around you from your negative energies. She also repels the negativity of others so that it doesn’t get to you. It protects you against accidents and the risk of physical assault. For patients, this stone is an excellent pain reliever and anti-inflammatory, when placed directly on the diseased area.


Aquamarine is the artist’s stone. It brings natural gaiety to the wearer. It also promotes creativity, hope and joy. Being a relaxing and fresh stone , it removes anxieties, evacuates emotional shocks and lunatic temperaments.

It is the ideal stone for unblocking the throat chakra, as it helps to express the deep truth of an individual. It also helps to overcome the fear of self-expression and to speak clearly, without anger in a difficult situation.

Eagle eye

Eagle eye is beneficial in calming sore throats, pharynx and laryngitis . On the emotional level, it allows to have clear ideas, in a moment of confusion.

Blue quartz

Blue quartz has many virtues on the throat chakra. At the physical level, it strengthens the immune system while purifying the blood. When the metabolism is weakened, this stone is ideal for rebalancing its cells. It also participates in the detoxification of the body and in healing.

On a spiritual level, blue quartz helps you understand your true nature and gives rise to hope. In addition, it calms fear and develops your ability to communicate. It promotes your creativity and takes away the fear of public speaking.

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