Crown Chakra Stones and Crystals

Crown Chakra is the seventh Major Chakrs. It is called Sahasrara in Sanskrit. It located near the fontanel. It connects us with the higher spheres and closes the seven chakra energy system opened by muladhara . Its color is white and the stones connected to it are of the same color 

White color contains within itself all the colors. For most cultures it has a positive value. It is highly energetic, it stimulates our whole organism. However, unlike the other chakras, Sahasrara is not connected to the physical senses, but only to the epiphysis (the pineal gland). The associated keyword is “I know” . Understanding the mysteries of birth and death is connected to this energy center. Corresponds to enlightenment.

The stones connected to the seventh chakra

Amethyst :

This volcanic stone helps you to become aware of other dimensions. You will learn to keep negative thoughts away, to overcome the mental patterns that prevent you from achieving your goals. On a spiritual level, the benefits of amethyst are so many. Gives mental clarity, allows you to better understand dreams. Promotes honesty and knowledge of oneself and other spiritual planes.

Transparent Calcite : 

Transparent Calcite cancels excess energies, which become compulsive and nervous thoughts. Brings balance by reducing stress and promoting mental clarity. It ensures that mistakes are no longer repeated indefinitely.

Rock Crystal :

It is the perfect stone for you if you wish to work on your spiritual plane. It is one of the stones for the seventh chakra but, if you want, you can use it with hematite in order to obtain good grounding experiences. Bring clarity to the mind.

Diamond :

the precious stone par excellence can also be used in crystal therapy. Promote freedom of thought. It allows you to overcome fear and depression. You can wear it when you have to make difficult decisions. It is a symbol of innocence, intuition, compassion and love.

Fluorite :

octahedral fluorite can be used in crystal therapy for in relation to the sixth or seventh chakra, so as to increase concentration. Absorbs negative energies. Strengthen the sense of order. Then there is the purple fluorite, linked to the spiritual spheres. It brings awareness and promotes intuition. Finally, multi-colored fluorite works on all chakras. If lately you seem to depend too much on the thinking of others, wear it!

Labradorite :

you can work on the aura. Purify the energy field. Amplify your reiki treatments. Place it on the seventh chakra to commune with the universe. Gives awareness. When used in meditation it helps to get in touch with the guiding spirit.

Moldavite :

amplifies spirituality. It removes the energy blocks of the seventh chakra. Improve communication with the guiding spirit. It is considered the stone of change, it brings out memories that seem lost.

Moonstone :

Helps harmonize with life cycles. Not to get carried away by the frenetic pace of society. It is the stone that helps to look within, to find courage and calm. It can be used on both the first and seventh chakra. On the first, work on the energy of kundalini. It is one of the stones of the artists, it promotes stability, purity of spirit.

When and why to treat the seventh chakra with stones

During a crystal therapy treatment aimed at the chakras, all the energy points of the body are treated on average. In some cases, however, one must insist on one rather than another. So let’s see what are the alarm bells that make us understand that Sahasrara is not in balance and therefore deserves more attention.

The unbalanced seventh chakra can give very different signals. There can be headaches, phobias, mental confusion. Sometimes specific pathologies can also develop. If it does not work sufficiently it can for example induce the subject to be particularly attached to earthly things, it can prove to be a rigid, self-centered and superficial person. He fears death because he considers it the door that gives access to eternal nothingness. He feels disconnected from everything.

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