Energy Protection Exercise in Reiki

Energy Protection Exercise

Time: 10 minutes.

Goal: To strengthen the natural protective aura.

• Choose a place where no one will bother you.

• Choose one of the colors: white, sky blue or gold.

• Close your eyes and imagine or feel that you are creating a light dome that extends from you within a radius of about 60 centimeters, painted in your chosen color. Take care that the light is above your head and under your feet.

• Imagine how the light dome expands and contracts until you decide that it has reached the size you need.

• Imagine how the dome becomes stable, then begins to rotate. Open your eyes and feel that a protective dome remains around you.

• After doing an exercise with one color, try another. Evaluate which of them turned out to be the most convenient for you, and write down all your feelings.

Note. Strictly speaking, white and gold are not true colors, but they are included in the list because they have the ability to reflect the energy of vibrations.

As you practice, the time required for relaxation will be reduced, and the exercise turns into an almost instantaneous reaction, which is resorted to in any alarming situation.

Practice is important here. Soon you will learn to do it with your eyes open. Try to do the exercise when you have a free minute: on the way to work or during the lunch break. The more often you exercise, the stronger your auric defense will be, since, as they say, a drop wears away a stone.

If you performed the defense exercises correctly, you should have noticed that you are attracted to a single color. Some people feel very comfortable in the blue protective sphere, while gold does not appeal to them, while others have the opposite. The fact is that each person is individual. In addition, this experience emphasizes the important role that color plays in the world of our imagination, and how the psyche reacts to its various shades.

Believers and mystics use colors to denote different levels of hierarchy. So, the color of the robes of bishops, cardinals and the pope corresponds to their position. The three colors that we used in the defense exercise: white, blue and gold – have the following meanings.

Golden is associated with the sun and carries a powerful Yang, or positive energy, which can be very strong. It absorbs all forms of energy that are not in harmony with it. Gold color is usually chosen by people of action, extroverts, optimists. It is most appropriate in situations where there is a lot of excess energy around.

White color symbolizes purity and vitality. It combines all the colors of the spectrum, and therefore it reflects any kind of energy. White color is used when negative energy is projected intentionally on you. Its reflective properties will force those who act on you with thought or deed to experience their influence on themselves. White color is suitable in everyday life, and often it is recommended in protection books. However, some people are overly energized by white energy, causing a feeling of discomfort.

Sky blue is sometimes called the blue color of the Madonna. It carries a pacifying passive energy that neutralizes and harmonizes everything that is projected onto us. The connection of the blue color with the divine female archetype and the spiritual love that fills it, have to themselves. It unobtrusively converts and dissipates energy. Blue color is natural for people with a relatively passive, soft approach to life. At the same time, it causes claustrophobia in some people, which suppresses vitality, which can be caused by difficult relationships with the mother.

Such color associations have long been identified by people engaged in meditation and using color symbolism in religious practice. Gold, sky blue, white are the main colors of protection, but you can use others, including pink and purple, which have some energy features. Find out through experiment your preferences, writing down your feelings.

Usually, it is easier for women than men to achieve the mood necessary for defense exercises. It is important to try to surrender to feelings, sensations and intuition.