Expression Number Calculator

Calculate your Expression Number

In every numerological reading, an individual’s talent and qualities are represented by every specific letter in a person’s name and its corresponding number. The number that we derive from our names is called the Expression number. This number plus the other components in a numerological reading combines specific personal features that form a unity. Only that unity reveals the true whole character of a person. Our names at birth are the blueprints of our potentials.

Which name should I use?

First, in order to have the correct reading, you must use the right name to perform your calculations. For the Expression number calculation, we need our full birth name: first, middle and last name. As a rule of thumb, use the name on your birth certificate.

Clerical Errors

If your parents accept the mistake and comply with it in the future, use the name with the spelling error in calculating the Expression number. On the other hand, if your parents ignore the mistake and your parents keep using your original name, then your original name is used.If you have been adopted, and you have been provided a new name by your adopting parents, use the original name given to you before the adoption.


In case you never knew your original name and cannot obtain your original birth certificate, use the earliest name you remember. However, a complete reading is impossible without your primary name. Even if you have never used it, that name should be used for the calculation of your expression number. It still represents your innate blueprint and provides future guidelines

Spiritual Names

Names you got from your spiritual teacher at confirmation or any other religious ceremony should never be used for calculating the basic Expression number. It can only complement additional insights into your personality. For example, in calculating the Minor Expression and Heart’s Desire number.

Two or More Middle or Last Names

If, at birth, you acquired more than one middle or last, use all of them for the calculation of the expression number. Ignore the suffixes such as junior, senior, the third, etc. Always discard additions of this type. In essence, they don’t bring any importance to your persona or name.

How to Calculate My Numerology Name Expression Number?

Start by writing down your name down your full name and assign single digit numbers to any individual letter of your name according to the table.


First, add all the single digits in your first name. If their sum is a double digit, reduce the two digits again until your result consist of a single digit number. However, if at any you encounter a Master combination 11, 22 or 33, never sum the two digits to a single digit. The several numerology name calculator doesn’t watch out for Master numbers and are, therefore, wrong.

Repeat the same procedure with your middle and last name until you have three single digits or Master numbers. Finally, sum those three digits until you get a single digit number which represents your Expression number. Please, DO NOT use simple online numerology name calculator for this step. They do perform wrong calculations!