Destiny Number or expression Number

Destiny Number or Expression Number

Destiny is a very important core element in a numerology reading. It represents your life’s purpose, meaning, mission as well as your pool of opportunity. To differentiate it with the life path number, the Destiny number tells us what we must or can aspire to become in the future. It describes all the life skills we are meant to achieve during our lifetime using the name given to us by our parents at birth. This name indeed symbolizes the opportunities we have within our reach. As the destiny number is so important, there are some advantages as well as disadvantages.

Destiny Number Meaning (Expression Number Meaning )

Destiny Number is given to us by our parents at birth. While naming us, our parents may not have considered what kind of impact could our name have in our future. Unknowingly, they may have given us a tough path and make it harder for us to achieve happiness. Living up to attributes of Destiny’s Number may be hard, but it is our goal to apply our energy in fulfilling our lives..

 Destiny Number in Numerology cannot be modified by the change of name. Our Destiny Number represents the energy which was given to us by birth by our biological parents and stays with us for the entire life. We can add or subtract energy to the other components of our reading, but this number represents the energy we will carry no matter what.

What does Destiny or Expression Number Tell You?

Destiny number or Expression Number in Numerology is the path which will lead you to your destination.

As the destiny number does not predict your future, it gives you strong guidelines and points out opportunities where we are most likely to excel based on our neurological skill set. It represents the mystical energy in which we emerged on our dates of birth. That force gave us advantages in numerous fields, and disadvantages in others.

Destiny number or Expression Number in Numerology, if properly understood, becomes our major strength.

When our destiny number is accepted and properly interpreted, it gives us a clear idea of our challenges we are meant to face and overcome. This gives us an opportunity to prepare ourselves accordingly, and when the time comes, we will know how to act in order to achieve our greatest potential.

Destiny Number or Expression Number in Numerology helps us understand other people

No human lives in isolation. Our faith strongly correlates with experiences we gain while interacting with other people. If we are aware of the challenges as well as accepting each other’s individuality, the relationship has a higher probability of success. The Destiny number gives us an advantage in balancing our energy, and adjust it to every particular situation. By doing that, we have a chance to achieve gain maximum fulfillment from any relationship.

The Destiny Number is a the most important core element in every individual’s life. It represents our mission, opportunities and challenges. Though it has its shortcomings, a proper understanding of it can significantly improve our life choices and points out our right direction.

Explore the Destiny Numbers (Expression Numbers)

Destiny Number 1 or Expression Number 1

1 represents the beginning and creation. Men and women in this group are leaders, innovators who have  tremendous vitality. They are often engaged in investigating, they are especially fascinated with extraordinary phenomena. They never conform to norms and fearlessly fight for their beliefs. On the other hand, under pressure, they become domineering, eccentric, egotistical and self-absorbed.

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Destiny Number 2 or Expression Number 2

2 represents virtue, honesty and understanding. Men and women with the number two are intellectuals with refined tastes who cherish nature and beauty. They are collaborative, passionate, and unbiased judges of humanity. On the negative side, they are always in a hurry overly detail oriented who waste time. They also have a tendency to be hypersensitive.

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Destiny Number 3 or Expression Number 3

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3 represents thoroughness and illumination. It symbolizes the trinity. Men and women in this category have a good intuition. They are compassionate, thoughtful listeners and devoted companions. They are always ready to give their coat off their backs if someone they care about needs it. As a consequence, this extraordinary sacrifice and sense for others makes them look naive. On numerous occasions, people take advantage of them.

Destiny Number 4 or Expression Number 4

4 represents enterprise, safety and assurance. Individuals falling in this group are genuine friends and trustworthy associates. They give high credits to useful and practical solutions. They are resourceful. They will always attain their goals in their lives despite their  on their difficulties. On the other side, they never fully enjoy the full beauty of life as they are always in the fast lane.

Destiny Number 5 or Expression Number 5

5 represents perplexity and skepticism. Men and women in this group have spent precious time worrying about hypothetical things that are unlikely to occur. They become anxious, tense, low-spirited and paranoid. Often, they feel the whole world is against them. However, these negative features can be defeated. At that point in time, a 5 is a strong, prolific individual with remarkable contributions to mankind.

Destiny Number 6 or Expression Number 6

6 represents indecision and excess. An individual falling in this category and their vibrations are often misunderstood. They usually prefer the easiest path, and they circle themselves with material possessions. 6s have diverse experiences and have the ability to modify their approach as they please. By achieving these diverse experiences when trying new things and applying them to their present, they can construct a spiritual core with depth and influence.

Destiny Number 7 or Expression Number 7

7 represents holiness, enlightenment and mastery. Individuals in this category have a particular taste for art. They possess deep intellectual knowledge and are receptive to new ideas. They are usually devoted  companions, valuable employees who energize everyone around with their vibrant personality. They like to analyze situations before forming an opinion, so, they can be rude and intrusive with numerous questions.

Destiny Number 8 or Expression Number 8

8 represents fairness, influence and power. Men and women falling in this group are captivating, individualistic, strong-minded, methodical, spontaneous and reliable. They rarely settle, and they favor continuous action, change of scenery, flux. They are remarkably strong-willed, often very obstinate and this particular feature can be tricky to overcome. They struggle with understanding the fact that the world moves on a different wavelength, and it hasn’t caught up to them yet.

Destiny Number 8 or Expression Number 9

9 represents awareness, philanthropy and spirit. People belonging to this category are intelligent, astute, instinctive, dynamic and remarkably profound. Frequently, 9s have telepathic abilities. They have high ideals and criteria, and they require others to comply with the same standards. They are logical problem solvers and always ready to help.

Destiny Number 11 or Expression Number 11

11 represents potential, achievement and enterprise. With  the presence of a double 1 combination, the Master number’s innate features are expressed on a higher extent. Individuals in this category are profound individual masterminds, sometimes to a point that they avoid sharing their ideas. They see big pictures and seldom concern themselves with the details. Psychologically as well as physically, they are continuously on the go and cannot operate in an ordinary work atmosphere.

Destiny Number 22 or Expression Number 22

22 represents transformation, hurry and effort. Individuals in this category have a bias to fight within themselves and are in a continuous exploration of their true identity. They are impulsive and spontaneous, but they usually have regrets after committing their action. Their constant internal conflicts can exhibit contradicting extremes in behavior and escalate into an inner conflict.