The Power of Number 8

The power of number 8 lies in distinct qualities that make up successful businessmen. It is associated with power in any form, balance and detailed understanding of every situation. People who successfully applied their innate features from their number 8 ended up with successful business empires. Which are these principles?


Every successful man or woman with the power of number 8 visualizes him/herself as such before they achieve their goals. They know what they must do in order to accomplish tangible results based on their entrepreneurial vision and they find a way to deliver. Many of their successes are based on their powerful network and they establish it by inspiring others about their vision. Their natural curiosity and communication skills enable them to learn about people’s wishes and needs.


Every successful person has courage, which enables him or her to new ventures against all odds. Regardless of their inside fears and doubts about the unknown, they display a confident attitude towards the new, and their strong will acts as a catalyst for taking action. Courage is one of the main features representing the power of number 8. It makes or breaks the future of the entrepreneur.


Successful individuals acknowledge the fact that if something needs to be done, they should start it by themselves. They are the ones that establish blueprints for others to follow, determine the objectives and ensure that their ventures stay on the established path. All of them are extremely proactive about their goals and don’t desperately sit around waiting for opportunities to knock on the door.


Individuals that successfully apply the power of number 8 are seriously focused on their business future. They will eliminate every distraction and hindrance that crosses their path to achievement. Successful entrepreneurs have already established their strategies, know how to accomplish tangible results and will keep working hard until satisfied. Their discipline goes as far as rigorously following business schedules and activities, regulating their spending habits and adhering to their moral principles and integrity. In other words, will take daily steps towards meeting their professional objectives.


True businessmen and women never question their abilities and self-worth. They know they have the talent to make their business a success and if they lack certain skills (no one is born with the knowledge of building an empire), they will take all the steps necessary to gain that skill. Because of their confidence, they take measured risks in order to get a reward. In addition, successful entrepreneurs are able to convey the same confidence in their clients and investors.

Open Mind

People on top see obstacles and unfavorable situations as an opportunity and they welcome new concepts. They always have an open ear for new technologies that have the ability to make their business more efficient or new profitable ventures. They are receptive towards new business proposals and usually end up as investors into new businesses.


Another element that in implied by the power of number 8 is the ability to see opportunity and connecting unrelated fields. This creativity is a hub for major advancement. With a closer look at any successful entrepreneur’s problem solving techniques, we can see that they find a solution with the synthesis of seemingly unrelated elements. Creativity enables them to rise to the top.

The power of 8 has intrinsic characteristics that enable people to rise to the top when appropriately applying their innate qualities. Use the power of number 8 correctly and success will follow you. But, if you fail to achieve the right balance between them and fall on the wrong path, the number 8 will cause your demise!