Analyzing Horoscope Marriage

Significance of Houses for Marriage 

 House Indication
  7 Marriage
  11 Response of Partner
  3 Luck of Marriage
  2 Kutumb vriddhi
  8 relation
  9 Second Marriage
  12 Pleasures of Bed
  4 –
  10 –

Important Yogas: 

 Yoga Result 
 1 Budh-Ketu Yuti in 5, 7 or marriage related house
Love Marriage  
 2Saturn in 7th House
Souse may is older than jataka , Marriage make take place late
 3Rahu in 7th  
Indicates that some major difference exits between jataka and the spouse 
 4 Mars 1,4,7,8 or 12 House
 Mangalik Kundali 
 5 Seventh Lord in 6th House 
Problems with Marriage  
 6 Female Horoscope: 
Venus with Saturn
 Marriage May be delayed 
 7  Female Horoscope: 
Venus with Rahu
 Marriage May be Denied. If married,  there may be problems. Benefic aspects are needed
 8 Venus, Moon, Mercury yuti or Trine 
 Character Problem . Problem is bigger when associated with 8th or 12th houses 

If Jupiter has aspect over this combination, the character problem will remain hidden from society 

If Mars is associated with this combination, The problem may increase 

Significance of Planets for Marriag

 Wife, Pleasure 
 Husband Woman, Fidelity, 
  Guruji/ Priest
 Prominet Marriage  years Indicated by Planets
 24 to 26
 28  32 16 36  42