Horoscope Analysis & Interpretation

Horoscope is the portrait of Human Life. It contains information about all aspects and stages that once goes through. It shows positive and negative periods in Life.  Horoscope is best analyzed keeping a single query in mind. 

Steps in Analyzing horoscope:  

1.       First and foremost, check the accuracy of birth details.

2.       Check what the is the Lagna, Moon rashi and Sun rashi are.

3.       Check the Condition of Lagnesh and the Moon

4.       Now, consider the houses that are related to the question you want to analyze.

5.       Check the condition of the planets related to the houses considered. Check which houses they occupy, which rashi and nakshatra they are in, which planets they are with.

6.       Check yogas formed in the Kundali. Yogas form the base of the Kundali and have immense effect on Life.

7.       Analyze the above points 2 to 6 in moon kundali.  

8.       Analyze the above points 2 to 6 in navamsha kundali.

9.       Analyze the above points 2 to 6 in divisional chart related to the question.

10.   Check the condition and yogas formed by karaka graha related to the queation. Eg. If the question is related to children, Jupiyet (the karaka for children) should be analyzed.

11.   Check the vimshottari dasha in the Horoscope .

12.   Check the Gochar effect on the Horoscope.

Based on the above, answer to the question can be determined. 

Analyzing specific issue in horoscope:

– Decide what issue you want to analyze 

– Analyze thestrength of  House, House Lord and Karak graha for that issue. 

– Analyzing strength of the house: See which Rashi is present in the house. The tatwa and nature of the rashi affectthe issue. See which grahas are present in the House. See which grahas aspect the house. See what yogas are make by planets with the planets in this house under consideration. Check where the rashi in this house is placed in Navamasha. 

– Analyzing House Lord: See the nakshatra of the house lord. See the rashi where the house lord is placed (tatwa and nature of rashi). See which planets are present with the house lord and which planets aspect the house lord. See which planets make ygas with the house lord. 

– Analyzing karaka planet: Analyze the Karaka exactly like analyzing the house lord. Plus, also see the sthana from karakagraha. example, for marriage, see the 7th house from Venus. 

– An additional step can be, analyze the kundali with moon as lagna, with karak graha as lagna

– Analyze divisional chart. 

Example, for Marriage, the 7th House, 7th Lord and karaka Venus are analyzed.  

So, even though multiple karakatwas are associated with a house, with the help of karak graha, we can find out which karakatwa is good and which is not. So Karak Graha is very very important. 

Karakatwa of Grahas: Karakatwas of Grahas are extremely important in Astrology. Most details can be obtained when you are thorough with Graha Karakatwas 

  • The result in Kundali depends on: 
  • – The House in which the Graha is and the Rashi in that house. 
  • – The Houses owned by the Planet- The Lord of Nakshatrain which the planet is (The houses owned by the Lord and the House in which the Lord is) 
  • – The resultwill also be seen by the Rashi in KaalPurush Kundali.