Mercury in Taurus or Vrishabha in a Horoscope

Practical mind, you are a business person with organizational abilities. Your thinking is characterized by caution, methodology, you do not like to be rushed, demanding to express your opinion. First you need to carefully consider the idea under discussion, carefully chew and assimilate everything. If you have already made a decision, then changing it is difficult. Do not like disputes and disagreements, a conflict is possible only to protect your monetary interests. Good ability in the exact sciences.

Regarding the quick study of new ideas, the development of new skills, you are slower than others. But you are patient and persistent. Oddly enough, often become a great connoisseur of everything that would not have put their hands. You achieve success not only because you have a wonderful head, but also because of the ability to concentrate your attention and not be distracted until the work is completed. You have the ability to sing and draw.

For colds and throat diseases, hoarseness.