Prashna Kundali in astrology

Prashna Kundali in astrology

What is Prashna Kundali?

If you do not know your birth details (birth time, date, place), prashna kundali is your savior. When a problem is bothering you and you sincerely ask an astrologer, you will be able to get your answer.

Prashna kundali is drafted taking the time when the prashna is asked. The position of the moon in the Prashna kundali should reflect the querent’s mind. If the question is sincere, the moon is in Rashi, house or nakshatra reflecting the ‘question’. If moon does not reflect the asked question, it is advisable to not answer the question as it is not the right question for that moment and the judgment will be wrong.

The life of the kundali is valid for the life of the ‘Prashna’. It won’t reflect other events in life of the querent.

The lagna, 3rd house, 11th house, 9th house and 10th house in prashna kundali bear a special importance. The rashi of the moon is also important. See if the lagna is Chara, Sthir of Dwi-swabhav. Same with the moon – check if the rashi of moon is Chara, Sthir of Dwi-swabhav. ‘Chara’ rashis indicate change. ‘Sthis’ rashis indicate stability. 

Its is seen question is related to that sthana/ bhava. That sthana and its lord are also important. 

How to frame your question for ‘prashna kundali’ :

1.       Prashna kundali can answer questions very close to your heart. If you have multiple questions, ask the question which has highest importance for you

2.       Frame a question with “yes/no” answer

3.       Be specific. The more specific your question, easier it is to get your answer

So, sit back, relax, contemplate and take your time to frame your question. 

Prashan Kundali is not answered in the following situations: 

1) If moon does not depict the questions that the Jataka has asked. This indicates that the jataka is asking a question different than the main question on his/ her mind. 

2) If Rahu is in 7th or 8th house of the Prashna Kundali. shows the sincerity of Jataka question. 

Solving Prashna Kundali

Inportant Factors in Solving Prashna Kundali in Astrology:– Rashi and Nakshatra of Moon. Moon reflects the mind of the querrent. If moon is not showing the query, do not solve the querry as this might not be actually what the querrent is thinking 
– Lagna and Nakshatra of Lagna Bindu 
– 3rd House, 10th House, 11th House in Prashna Kundali 
– The swabhav of Rashi viz. Chara, Sthir, Dwiswabhav 
– Nakshatras of the planets 

Be wary about analyzing Prashna Kundali when: 

  • When Rahu is in 7th (Testing the Astrologer)  or 8th House (Discussing Kundali of Dead person) 
  • Chandra Rahu combination (may have wrong intentions) 

for answering Lost/ Stolen objects related Questions: 

  • 4th house indicates lost object
  • 1st house indicates the querrent
  • 7th house indicates the Thief (if stolen) 

For answering Job related Questions:

  • 6th House : job 
  • 5th House : loss of Job , break from job 
  • 9th House : change of job 

Answering questions related to Missing Person: 

  • 1st House: Querrent 
  • 5th House: children of Querrent (if child are missing)
  • 7th House: Wife or other Missing person 

Techniques to Solve Prshna Kundali : 

  • Paramparik Method
  • KP method – Tajaka Method 
  • GMP Method (GuruMurthy Paddhati)