Root Chakra Stones and Crystals

The first chakra is Muladhara, also known as the root chakra. The associated colors are red and black although the former is the one that best represents it, thanks to its lower frequency.

The first chakra is in fact characterized by a low vibration, similar to the material one. You can work with it thanks to the dark red and black stones.

Root Chakra stones: complete list

  • Basalt : Excellent black stone to dissolve muscle contractions, it is used in hot stone massage . It also works on blood and lymphatic circulation.
  • Black Tourmaline : Black tourmaline helps you ground yourself, protects you from negative energies and keeps stress at bay.
  • Black onyx : strengthens the connection with the earth and with Mother Nature. By using this stone you can understand your own and others’ desires much better. It also promotes the survival instinct.
  • Magnetite : also known as the shamanic crystal. Very useful for supporting healing processes. .
  • Shungite : a stone with known regenerative properties. Useful to remove chronic fatigue, but also to defend against electromagnetic radiation. You can use it to relieve pain affecting the lower back.
  • Biotite : helps maintain mental clarity. Also considered the protective stone of childbirth.
  • Hematite : You can use it to find lost focus. Hematite is a valuable ally when there is a need to better connect with the earth. Also use it to cleanse the aura.
  • Black obsidian : works on blood circulation, use it if you want to get in touch with the energies of the earth but also with other planes of reality.
  • Actinolite : allows you to overcome the feelings of guilt, thus ceasing to live with their memory every day. It helps you understand when is the best time to take action
  • Red chalcedony : it is the stone of vitality and strength. Useful in critical situations. Give energy, thanks to her you can develop the strategies you need. Improve circulation.
  • Carnelian : stimulates metabolic processes, helps to live better with others. It gives courage to carry the small projects started to the end.
  • Red jasper : strengthens willpower, combativeness. Stimulate ideas to move in the right direction. On a physical level, on the other hand, it strengthens the whole organism a little.
  • Fire Opal : Teaches you to become more responsible for your actions. It is connected on the first and second chakras.

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