Sacral Chakra Stones and Crystals

In this article we see what are the  stones  to work on the  second chakra,  also known by the name of Svadhisthana. Here is the complete list of stones that you can use and that belong to the category of orange ones. But first, here is a brief summary aimed at the second chakra, connected to the sexual organs!

The importance of the second chakra

  • The second chakra is the center of emotions, but also of sexual pleasure
  • It helps us to connect harmoniously with nature
  • We are able to trust others, to live a sincere relationship with them
  • We are attached but not morbidly with friends and family
  • We are able to follow our instincts well
  • We are in balance with sex life
  • We have a very good relationship with food, but also with water, our appearance, our sexuality

Sacral Chakra Stones : complete list

  • Carnelian : of all the orange stones connected to the second chakra, carnelian is certainly one of the most famous. This beautiful quartz is capable of bringing a remarkable balance. It has both yin and yang energies within itself . It has been considered for several centuries a good stone of protection, suitable for defending its owner from negative energies. It also brings various benefits within love relationships, increasing not only the emotional but also the sexual understanding.
  • Golden healer quartz: this particular quartz is not very well known but, once you start working with it, we can hardly part with it. He is also known to people as the golden healer. You can use it to free yourself from the remorse of wrong choices you have made in the past. It also works well on panic attacks, gives calm.
  • Orange zircon : this beautiful ancient stone can be used on the second chakra especially to work on the physical plane. In fact, it relieves menstrual pain, but also the classic abdominal cramps. You have to place them “in place” to get the benefits.
  • Orange Calcite : Calcite is one of those stones that are very easy to find. Orange is perfect if you need to work on your immune system or if you want to stimulate your metabolism. In reality, although it works on the low chakra, it also helps you a lot on a mental level since it can increase your joy of life but also the desire to acquire new knowledge.
  • Orange Topaz : a very useful stone because it promotes instinct, but also sexuality and harmony. orange topaz makes people much more spontaneous. It also promotes self-healing. It teaches to overcome problems in a much more positive way, thus avoiding periods of exhaustion and depression.
  • Sunstone : This beautiful orange stone works deeply on the mind, it is useful if you have to overcome a morbid attachment to someone. The typical example is that towards the family, an attachment that prevents you from making your own decisions, for fear of making the family suffer. It makes you much more optimistic.
  • Fire Opal : This beautiful birthstone varies in colors from red to orange. I recommend wearing it when there is a need to stimulate the mind, so that it is possible to achieve goals in a serene way.

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