Soul Urge Number Heart Desire Number

Sour Urge Number OR Heart Desire Number

Soul Urge Number 1 / Heart Desire Number 1

You like to be individual, creative and original in your thinking and will be happiest in any occupation or situation where you can direct other people or lay out the plan for others to follow or where you have the opportunity to get the work under your own hands to be done in your way. This is a “one track” number, and so you like to follow a thought or an interest through to the end and in going after what you want will seldom glance to the right or to the left until your object is achieved. You are analytical but you must try for more relaxation of mind or you will be checking up on yourself too much and will be unable to accomplish big things because you will be too conscious of yourself, of the things you are doing and how you are doing them. Do not ask so many questions or try to drive other people down to state exactly what they mean. Know what you want and keep after it, but be a little less tense in your attempts to get it. Get out of your own viewpoint and practice seeing things from the other fellow’s point of view as well as from your own. Retain independence of thought and idea but do not be obstinate or resent another’s opinions. Do not spend any time in self-pity over the things that may be happening to you. Try to lose the smaller personal self in the cultivation of a broader viewpoint so that the same things do not occur again. You possess strong convictions but when with the best of intentions you are prevented from carrying them out, do not allow yourself to think that everyone is out of step but yourself.

Soul Urge Number 2 / Heart Desire Number 2

You have a keen appreciation for detail and are more sensitive to the smaller things that are done and said by those around you than are most people. You will find it hard to have any very definite opinions, or when you have them, to go to too much effort to force them upon other people. You are impressionable and will take on the ideas and manners of stronger personalities, for your nature is more reflective than creative. You have an understanding of artistic shadings, a sense of rhythm which would be useful to you in literary, dramatic or musical expression and you should want to dance. You do not have a very good opinion of your ability to be successful, especially where the prospect is that you have to face the harder situations of life alone and battle your own way. You lean to marriage or to companionship and will not be quite happy without the security of a permanent relationship. You are much more inclined to boost the interests of those in whom you are interested and to give your time to making them successful than you are to show the same confidence in advancing yourself. Being sensitive, you will dodge disagreeable issues as long as you can. A little argument and fight in your associations is all you can stand, for you are by nature an arbitrator. There always seems two ways to go in making your decisions, and the more time you have to decide the more confusion you are likely to feel. Often when you appear to be sure of yourself and are outwardly doing good work, you have a good deal of inward indecision and are “on the fence” hoping that the decision will arrive through the rearrangement of circumstances.

Soul Urge Number 3 / Heart Desire Number 3

You have an ambitious nature. It will be hard for you to be still and content in situations where you can see room for improvement and you should be confident of your ability to reach the goal you set for yourself and to make a success in life without the help of other people if need be. You are slightly intolerant of the opinions of other people particularly if they are illogical and inefficient. You may feel that tact is another name for deceit and as you have strong opinions you must not permit your viewpoint of truth to be the expression of your own convictions. You have the analytical quality of the No. 1 plus the sense of tabulation and arrangement of facts of the No. 2, therefore you like to get to the bottom of all theories offered to you. You must try to be more patient especially with those whose minds do not work quite as quickly as your own, and also with the working out of conditions and your ideas. You jump to conclusions, you have a high ideal of what you ought to be and do and if you have to wait longer than you think is necessary are liable to jump in another direction and yet another, only to find later that you have surrounded yourself with unfinished tasks none of which you have been able to bring to a conclusion through lack of patience. There is strong self-reliance and you will drive yourself and other people to accomplish big things so long as you have an ounce of will power or physical health. Aim for a view of the world and of people that is not quite so critical or so firmly built from your personal experience and this will make for more contentment with what you accomplish. Otherwise, you will find it easy to disparage your successes and may become a disturbing influence in your associations. No environmental conditions will ever be able to prevent your success and you will find the courage to break away from most associates who prevent the expression of your own ideas.

Soul Urge Number 4 / Heart Desire Number 4

Your outlook upon life is very practical. You have an active mind and therefore are always a little afraid that you are not doing as much work as you should. This means that you will not be happy when idle and will not relax or take enough pleasure, for even recreation is somewhat of a serious business with you. It is easy to start out intending to enjoy yourself and end up by finding some hard work to do. You will be intolerant of people who will not put their “cards on the table” for you are never afraid to face facts and see no reason for beating around the bush or allowing your emotions to make you over sensitive. You must try to be a little more at ease mentally when you find yourself in situations that cannot be all figured out ahead of time. Do not be quite so insistent upon driving everyone down to a practical reason for what they want to do and you will enjoy life more thoroughly and other people will enjoy you. You are sociably rather than socially inclined. You do not make real friends easily- but when you do it is a serious matter, for you are very loyal. You would rather have one or two real friends than interest yourself in many people. You will not care much about flying, either in getting off the earth as an aviator or indulging in flights of the imagination. Even the more emotional opportunities of your life you meet and interpret with your head, which can usually be trusted to rule the heart. If you have an ideal about life and love, it is closely associated with practical service and this is why you sometimes disappoint your friends or maybe your husband or wife, who may be looking for the more considerate, delicate, subtle expressions of your affection. However, you make up for this neglect by putting forth extra effort when others are in trouble for which you see a practical solution. Do not let your practical and physical desires carry you too far so that you exalt the physical senses and avoid all activity that does not seem to benefit your material position. “What a world of difference between the cup of form and the wine of spirit. To drink the wine how necessary and good the cup—4, yet how desolate, to the thirsty, is a good cup that is empty of wine”-Ancient Wisdom.

Soul Urge Number 5 / Heart Desire Number 5

You have a lively imagination and an inward spirit of youth-fullness strong enough to survive even the hardest of experiences. You are very sensitive to surroundings and to any in harmony in your associations. You are jealous of your individuality and having a passion for freedom are inclined to draw away at the least suggestion of someone trying to own you, control your ideas or limit your independence. You are not fond of expressing definite opinions especially in directions where you might be held to them later. You have an open mind and are not happy to feel that you have reached the end of a subject, for the end of anything is never attractive to you. You are intrigued by all things that are new and interesting and by what you do not possess, but the end of a quest is the time for you to turn your attention quickly elsewhere. You should not be relied upon for the more serious angles of thought, the more responsible, constant phases of friendship, for these are not your purpose and you are not too sure of yourself being able to think the same tomorrow as you do today. You can be relied upon for pleasant, refreshing companionship that does not ask or accept any obligation and whatever your age, your mind will always retain a large measure of the child’s enthusiasm when faced with unexpected prospects.

Soul Urge Number 6 / Heart Desire Number 6

You are very conscientious. Your mind is often occupied with thoughts of how you can help other people and you must be careful not to overburden yourself with responsibility by following your impulse to protect. You have a somewhat serious viewpoint of life and would do well if you could avoid feeling that your success depends entirely upon your own effort. If you see clearly what your duty is, you will follow through to the end, putting aside what seem to be more personal ambitions for the sake of attaining your objective. You love to settle down, will honour your family and your country and will always be found on the side of tradition, honour, decency, morality. The inhumanity of man to man arouses your anger and there are many unjust and crude angles of personal conduct, which you would like to see a law passed to prohibit. There is great warmth of affection but there is plenty of reason as well as emotion, and your understanding of people, as well as your tendency to advise them, shows that you can see both sides of most problems that are brought to you and can hold friends among both sexes. Try to realize that as the giving of sympathetic service means so much to you and a well finished obligation gives you the utmost pleasure that you do a great deal for yourself in doing what you do for others. If you carry your conscientiousness to the extreme you will be burdened by an exaggerated sense of gratitude to others for what they do for you. This is because your viewpoint is not broad enough and your sense of responsibility causes you to feel like Ajax carrying the world upon his shoulders. If you will not learn that living is a co-operative experience, and that the only way to avoid any obligation at all is to stop living, you will not be very happy, nor will you be able to be a cheerful influence to others. You should cultivate a philosophy that enables you to see that life is a great big circle. What we give out comes back, and it is more important to have a kindly intent toward generosity than to be so thorough about doing as much for particular persons as they have done for us.

Soul Urge Number 7 / Heart Desire Number 7

You are self centred. Your viewpoint of yourself, other people, and life in general is not the ordinary one. You are creative in your ideas, do not appreciate the opportunity to think as the rest of the world and may have theories and beliefs by which you will guide your life that to a more practical viewpoint would appear queer and impractical. Faith is the keynote of your nature and the particular idea that you believe in is not so important as the firmness of the belief itself. When in difficulty you should prefer to get away by yourself, be quiet and await the right “hunch”. Regarding financial and material situations you are inclined to want success and wealth for you are a little afraid of the future. You appreciate a position in life that gives you the opportunity to control the lives of other people from behind the scenes, but there is no especial desire to draw the limelight too strongly upon your own personality. You are inclined to be a lonely soul and giving way to frequent moodiness or to fears regarding your physical or financial future must be avoided. Your perceptions regarding what goes on around you or what people say are not always keen, for you are mentally lazy. In acquiring knowledge you will therefore demand the most practical language and illustrations from other people, for unless you are extremely interested in something, which you seldom are, you are not anxious for body or brain work. You appreciate soft tones and colours and are inwardly disturbed by in harmony, but you will often create misunderstanding for other people by the insistence upon your own viewpoints and the intolerant defence which you show when they are assailed.

Soul Urge Number 8 / Heart Desire Number 8

You are very ambitious for material success. You have a good brain and strong senses of loyalty, logic, reason and organization. Because of this you are likely to suffer from thinking too much rather than from being thoughtless and careless. You have very definite ideas and make the mistake of becoming intolerant of some people because they offend your standards of fair dealing or betray your confidence. Be sure to see that you stay in control of your mind and that your mind does not control you so that you worry and lose sleep by permitting an endless chain of thoughts. You are the type that can burn up an awful lot of good energy just by destructive and unproductive thinking. You have an inherent sense of material value which makes you a good buyer and a good manager of practical situations, able to know the value of money and to organize and superintend the activities of other people. You will not make a very patient invalid or be happy without money for you are a little autocratic in your viewpoint and somehow feel that you are entitled to a position on top and not at the bottom of the world. Do not be severe in your judgments nor permit your fine sense of justice to erase the quality of mercy and appreciation for human frailties. If a woman, you may not be very popular among your own sex for your viewpoint is a little too logical and practical and you have no tolerance with subtlety or indirectness. Like those with 1 and 4 soul Urge, when associating with those whose “Soul Urge” is either 5, 7 or 9, you must remember not to lose their interest and friendship by a too definite display of your good intentions to help expressed in demanding to know everything, to check up.

Soul Urge Number 9 / Heart Desire Number 9

You are broadminded and liberal in your ideas. You understand principles much better than you know how to carry them out. You love freedom of thought and action and so you will do many more things that other people want you to do, when you feel that you are perfectly free not to do them. You are somewhat general in your viewpoint and impulsive in your judgments. You are much more likely to appreciate the emotional artistic values in situations than the practical ones and sometimes in dealing with people show poor judgment, placing easily upon others the ideal which is in your own mind. You like people in the sense of humanity rather than of personalities and will be happier if your vocation or your avocation enables you to give something helpful and inspirational to the world. You cannot expect to find the complete satisfaction of your emotional nature in continued association with any one person or one family circle unless you have some broader activities to engage in at the same time. When you want anything you are very impatient, for when you conceive of something you see it in your mind’s eye all completed, after which practical obstacles to making your dream come true are very annoying. You love all beauty and all art, but might have a little trouble deciding upon one particular phase to adopt as your own medium. You can usually be found championing the weaker cause, because your sympathy is with the under dog. You are decided in your likes and dislikes, intolerant of all that is cheap and petty. Better judgment in money matters and a more even expenditure of your time and effort in your associations is recommended. Great success in business, fame and fortune that puts your own personality out in front are not as likely to stir you to big things as is success in love, for you are an idealist rather than a realist. You may be tolerant of others’ opinions but like your companion 7, do not want to accept them. You are not fond of saying you are sorry, this is why others may say that you think you know everything. Marriage, which is constant adjustment, is not always easy for you.