Third Eye Chakra Stones and Crystals

The sixth chakra is Ajna, positioned more or less between the two eyebrows. It is the energy center that corresponds to the sixth sense. Let’s see which stones are connected and which help to strengthen its main functions.

This chakra strengthens vision, creative imagination and clarity. It is also the chakra of intuition . Working on this chakra allows you to tune into your higher self. When balanced, your mind is active and you can see beyond material attachments.

Third Eye Chakra Stones : complete list

  • Amethyst : amethyst is the stone that is connected to the sixth chakra par excellence. It helps to find focus and also increases extrasensory perceptions.
  • Aquamarine : This variety of beryl is mainly used to harmonize the fifth chakra but, it is also good for Ajna. It enhances communication with the inner self.
  • Purple Agate : Purple agate is a good stone to work on the sixth chakra, it promotes empathy.
  • Alexandrite : an incredibly rare stone and for this reason we hardly find it among the stones of a crystal therapy enthusiast. It is said to help find alternative solutions to every problem.
  • Ametrine – strengthens your willpower. Work as much on the sixth chakra as on the seventh.
  • Azurite : helps to control emotions, not to be emotionally carried away by the results of decisions made in the past. It is used by mediums and psychics because it expands the vision of the third eye.
  • Celestina : for many known as the stone of angels. It helps you to bring to the surface what has long been stagnating in the unconscious.
  • Purple Fluorite : This is the most popular variant of fluorite. Linked to the third eye, it stimulates it and brings awareness. It increases intuition, protects children from nightmares and is useful in meditation.
  • Labradorite : This stone increases magnetism. It actually works on the energy system at 360 ° so it is also useful for the sixth chakra. Perfect if you want to connect with the higher realms or your inner world through automatic writing.
  • Lapis Lazuli : stimulates the opening of the third eye. Gives wisdom and makes you creative.
  • Sugilite : a very important stone in crystal therapy. Gives balance between mind, body and spirit. Hunt resentment and guilt.
  • Blue tourmaline : it is called indicolite and is a variety of elbaite. In the past it was considered a depository stone of occult powers.
  • Sapphire: Sapphire is said to activate psychic powers and give mental sharpness. It stimulates the third eye and allows access to the deeper stages of consciousness.

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