What is Law of Attraction (explained)

What is Law of Attraction


he Law of Attraction is one of the most fascinating and mysterious principles of the Universe: it is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we want, be it positive or negative, through the power of our thoughts .

Very few people in the world fully understand the power of this concept and its many fields of application in everyday life and consequently fail to master it – in this article we will discover in detail what the Law of Attraction is, how it works and how can we overcome the obstacles that prevent us from tapping into its true potential.

The law of attraction gained attention due to the film ” The Secret ” by Rhona Byrne . In the documentary there are the stories of various characters who, individually, have experienced the effects of the  law  of  attraction , and subsequently wrote books and recorded highly successful videos, on the advantages of using it and its laws.

Famous people populate the documentary, such as  Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale , Michael Beckwith and many others. Authors who have found the notoriety, or consolidated the one they already enjoyed thanks to this topic. The video in question has sparked a real mania to “attract” one’s most ambitious dreams: like in a fairy tale of Aladdin and the magic lamp.

As the film itself says (Conceptually not literally?): “ It’s like being in the supermarket and putting what you want in the shopping cart, or like ordering something online and waiting for it to arrive “. Beautiful, is not it? Beautiful I would say. Now let’s see what exactly this Law of Attraction is.

What is the Law of Attraction

Regardless of who we are, our social status, nationality or religious belief, we are all subject to the laws that govern the Universe. The Law of Attraction is one of them, and it governs all of us and our lives regardless of whether or not we are aware of its existence.

We all know that a magnet attracts objects to itself or repels them depending on the magnetic polarity: if you think of yourself as a sort of “human magnet” that exerts its force through thoughts, you will understand how the Law of Attraction uses power. of the mind to transform what is already within us into reality. 

Whether we are doing it knowingly or unknowingly, every second of our existence we act as human magnets that send their thoughts and emotions outward and exert a force that is capable of changing the course of events.

Unfortunately, many of us don’t realize the potential that’s locked away in our mind and let our thoughts and emotions negatively control their lives. Exploring, understanding and mastering the principle of the Law of Attraction is a key discovery in everyone’s life. 

Once the power of attraction has been assimilated, it is no longer a secret. Once you have learned how to apply it effectively to your everyday life, you will be able to create the future you want and shape it to your liking.

The Law of Attraction always works

In essence, the law of attraction is a universal property, something that has always existed, a rule that speaks to us of the influence of our consciousness and thought on events and reality. 

So according to this law, what we think and imagine is realized in our reality. “Thoughts become things”, as a famous phrase, pronounced within the film, quotes.

Becoming aware that you can change reality, and exercising what the law of attraction promises includes an awareness. Otherwise, without the latter it is difficult to put into action the universal laws that can give us what we want. This awareness is about becoming aware of one’s personal responsibility. 

Accept and acknowledge that if things up to that moment have gone in a given way: whether it is bad or good, it doesn’t matter, it is due to our choices.

So in one way or another, aware or not, that’s what we wanted. we decide.

In fact, and I think you will agree with me, as long as we continue to attribute responsibility for suffering and things that go wrong has external influences, we do not accept and recognize our power, for good and vice versa. So, we persist in thinking that, if anything ever changes, it happens only because an “external factor” has allowed it.

Of course, the kind of thinking I’m talking about, that is the belief that, with respect to certain situations and events, we can do nothing, unless someone gives us a hand to get out of them, is consoling. Man loves to be consoled. The role in which videos and books like The Secret place themselves is, in my opinion, comforting.

They encourage a lot to experiment, and that’s good, but they don’t say everything. Better to say, they say things, but in such a way as to create a bit of confusion, and minimizing the effort and research necessary to “flow” with certain forces. 

With this I don’t want to scare you, and make you believe that everything is difficult and complex beyond all measure. However, you must consider that the film presents the use of the law in a summary and superficial way.

Nice Work in the film ‘The Secret’ : but the law of attraction is not just that.

It is essentially a series of slogans and beautiful phrases, motivating and reassuring, obviously, the purpose of all this is to induce to deepen. My impression is therefore, that in order to adhere to a certain type of commercial strategy, certain information has been given, yes, but sweetened by equally frequent consoling phrases.

Some time after the publication of this video on the secret of the law of attraction we have seen the proliferation of courses, books, publications on this subject.

The same protagonists of the secret, have not disdained to publish extensions of this work, where the mysterious ingredient that makes everything work is “revealed”, and which for some reason in the first chapter of the law of attraction described in the Secret, remains hidden . Marketing? Of course yes!

How to use the Law of Attraction to improve your life

Now that you understand the basic concepts of the Law of Attraction, you can learn how to use it to improve your life. It may seem like a simple concept at first glance: after all, you just need to want something to make it a reality, right?

This is not exactly the case: if it were enough to think hard about a concept to manifest it in the real world, none of us would live a life far from our ideal – we would all be satisfied and perfectly happy with our current state. The fact that reality is far from this utopia shows us how much the mental work to be done is actually more complex.

As contradictory as it sounds, more often than not our goals do not represent what we really want . How we have been raised and educated, our past, our mental superstructures and the people around us all play a key role in shaping our mental models.

I’ll give you a practical example: it may be that at this moment in your life you are in an unfavorable economic situation and you would need more money to be able to pay all the expenses you have to face. Consciously, you are telling yourself that you want money, but on a subconscious level you have always associated money with a negative concept, greed, evil.

Also, since you’ve come to have no money, you subconsciously think that you do n’t deserve more money than you have. Finally, you keep complaining about your financial situation to your friends and family.

That money you need will never manifest in your life, because you are pushing it away through your vibrations and the signals you send to the Universe. To truly manifest that money into the world, not only do you have to desire it, but you have to behave, think and make decisions as if that money is already real and you know you deserve it.

Exercises on the Law of Attraction

Below we have collected some practical exercises to help you align thoughts, wishes and words in a wonderful manifestation of the Law of Attraction:

Visualize your wishes

The first part of the exercise is to clearly visualize what you want . It sounds simple at first glance, but many people have no idea what they really want.

When you have clear in your mind only what you do not want, you get the opposite result: the mind follows these signals (simply because it does not receive any others) and sends the wrong vibrations, effectively stopping the positive change and actually attracting more negativity to you. Psychologists have known for years that visualizing an intention in our mind is tantamount to collapsing many possibilities in favor of the one experienced personally by the observer.

It is therefore very important to create a clear mental image of your desire, going into the details and totally immersing yourself in that vision. If you want money, imagine the sensation of touching the banknotes with your hand, of seeing your bank statement with the amount you want, no more debt.

Try to turn all your negative beliefs (“I will never be able to repay my debts”) into positive affirmations (“I will have the money to repay all my debts”) and use the power of visualization to your advantage.

Learn the art of gratitude

The Law of Attraction is very sensitive to positive feelings , even if they are not directly related to your desire. If you are a person who constantly sees the glass half empty, who takes for granted what he has, who is arrogant towards others, no matter how intensely you manage to visualize your desires: these will always be overcome by the negativity that surrounds you.

A great way to overcome these complexes is to practice the art of gratitude : reflect on what you have, on all your fortunes, on your life, and be sincerely grateful. No matter how bad the current situation seems to you, we always have something to be grateful for.

Every morning as soon as you wake up, take five minutes to think about all the positive things in your life, and give thanks for each of them.

Does this mean that you don’t have to do anything to change things? Absolutely not. Simply, acceptance is the strongest basis for change . The Law of Attraction also manifests itself through words, gestures, the way you interact with the world. The more you radiate kindness, optimism, positivity, the more you will attract other reasons to fuel these emotions.

Use your words wisely

Practice improving self-awareness of the words you use to describe yourself and your life. Negative and helpless words like “I can’t”, “I can’t”, “I shouldn’t”, “I don’t deserve” should be avoided. They strip you of your ability to manifest the life you want to live.

As the creator of your universe, what you say is your reality. Therefore, the next time you catch yourself using negative words, take back control and frame your words so that they have a much more positive impact on your world.

For example, if you usually say something like “I’m overweight” , why not turn it into a more positive and constructive statement like “I’m getting healthier and getting closer and closer to my ideal weight every day” .

Your words are the paint with which you paint your reality. Choose those words wisely and positively to create a reality that is good for you and those around you.

Start small

Many find it hard to apply the Law of Attraction right away for the big changes they want in their lives.

This is why I advise you to start from small apparently insignificant things to familiarize yourself with the concept of Attraction, for example think “today I want to see something purple” . Visualize the strong and clear purple color in your mind and strongly convince yourself that you will see something purple. This desire is specific, you have visualized it and you have no subconscious reasons to oppose it.

I assure you that many are amazed at how much this exercise works! Once you are familiar with the concept and understand how to focus on the idea you are looking for, you can proceed step by step and manifest bigger and bigger ideas and concepts.

Affirm your will

Reaffirming your will to live a better life day by day is a powerful mantra that will help you unleash your true potential.

In this sense, you can help yourself with an audio guide on the  432 hz frequency , which facilitates memorization and reflection: this frequency, in fact, manages to communicate with your deepest self thanks to its vibrations in harmony with the processes of our organism. 

Testimonies of the Law of Attraction

A large number of women and men who made history, iconic figures that we still idolize, honor and practice the Law of Attraction today: many poets, artists, scientists and great thinkers such as Shakespeare, Blake, Emerson, Newton and Beethoven have conveyed this message through their many works.

Some contemporary advocates of the Law of Attraction include Oprah Winfrey , Lady Gaga, Jim Carrey, Denzel Washington, and Steve Jobs.

You repeat this to yourself every day, and it’s still not true, it’s a lie. You’re telling yourself a lie over and over. And then one day it’s no longer a lie. The lie is true.

– Lady Gaga

Be grateful for what you have; you will end up having more. If you focus on what you don’t have, you will never have enough.

I live in the space of gratitude – and I have been rewarded a million times for it. I started giving thanks for the little things, and the more I was grateful, the more reasons for it grew. This is because what you focus on expands and when you focus on the goodness of your life, you create more of it. Opportunities, relationships, even money flowed my way as I learned to be grateful, whatever happened in my life.

The more you praise yourself and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. Get in life what you dare to ask for.

– Oprah Winfrey

Desire of the heart: what do you really want?

One of the determining factors for taking advantage of the law of attraction, as well as, as we have said: responsibility, is understanding what is really what we want.

What do you really want for yourself and your life? Few know this, also because there is a “catch” to take into account. Maybe you are experiencing the law of attraction, so you are informed I have informed and I risk to seem trivial, I ask your forgiveness for this, but consider that many people do not have the faint idea of ​​what we are talking about. The law of attraction is based on the principle that we attract what we really want, like magnets.

Similar attracts like is nothing new, if you are interested in esotericism or self-improvement, it sounds like a banality.

Here’s the problem of the century: what do you think of what you want? Are you sure you want it, or is it what you think is legitimate as a desire? Are you sure that, let’s admit the case, you want to become a play boy, loved by beautiful women, subconsciously you think you can, and be?

Are you sure it’s not your EGO who wants attention, be important: the best in short? Are you really sure that fulfilling your dream gives you peace and joy, or do you just need to attract admiration and envy, important to you, that maybe you feel a bit “loser” or deep down unattractive, do you think you are? 

Who acts with the law of attraction us or our Ego?

The fundamental doubt to activate the law of attraction is whether the latter responds to the ego, its beliefs and its logic of “being something”, or to the soul, to what we really are beyond the mind and its influences. It is clear that if you dedicate yourself to activities of manifestation of reality, following the dictates of the law of attraction, you do so at certain times.

Thoughts, emotions and our “feeling” are not hot air. They are forces, energy that interacts and is part of matter itself. Like electromagnetic waves, you don’t see them but they are there.

So these thoughts, emotions, feelings and moods create an emanation or vibration. 

Logically, if your vibrations, I mean the ones that make up your thoughts are of fear or anger, you will tune in and attract similar frequencies.

So of fear and anger: and with them people and situations that express them. As for interactions with people, ok, I think it’s pretty clear: individuals who constantly think about failure, about their own limits, attract other personalities like them. 

In Eastern traditions we speak of a person as that being beyond the mind. That something that makes you one with creation. Whoever has arrived there is called “enlightened” through transcendence. 

There are many practices that can be useful for implementing Law of Attraction. But what is recommended is to perform daily meditations or reflections of gratitude. Even if it seems difficult, it is enough to think about all those things that we do not give importance to, taking them for granted. For example, life itself.

The concept of holding a positive vibration also consists of frequently asking ourselves what kind of emanation we send to the universe. Reflecting on the thoughts and emotions we do and feel helps us become aware of why our life follows a certain course. What you think now is your reality of tomorrow.

The fact of observing and becoming aware puts you in an advantageous position: you detach yourself from identification with your thoughts, you realize that they are constructions of the mind, and as such unstable and transient.

Law of Attraction : Practical advice

List some important things, if you want how to use the law of attraction at best:

  • First thing to remember : taking responsibility for your actions.
  • Second : Maintain an attitude of gratitude and joy (as much as possible).
  • Third : Investigate “who I am” and try to cultivate inner silence to reach transcendence.
  • Fourth : As soon as you understand what you really want, learn to listen to the “insights that come naturally”.
  • Fifth and final step : remember the power of creation, and live in fullness and happiness.

The last step includes, in addition to a great freedom, a total upheaval of what you think is important, and a great individual responsibility.

The film the Secret is a cinematic trailer, the intention of the author, even if the information it gives may be considered a good start. There is a lot more to it.

Quantum Physics and the Law of Attraction

Quantum physics is a branch of physics that deals with the study of quanta : a quantum of energy exists only as a wave of probable positions and movements in space. It is omnipresent, but at the same time nowhere. 

The light and the matter that compose it do not exist until something happens to make them real, but what exactly is this “something”? Science has told us that this “observable materialization” is called the collapse of the wave function . And further investigation revealed that it is consciousness that takes this action to manifest reality.

Since both consciousness and spirit do not reside in the physical world, it makes sense to think that we can better manipulate our physical reality when we are in an inspired state or generally adopt a positive attitude . When we remain in this state of receptivity and gratitude, patterns emerge, positive vibes increase, people want to be around us and join us in that state of perfection. In this mode it is easier to converge a positive wave function.

This phenomenon of observing reality also extends to other sensory mechanisms: when you feel something instinctively, dictated by your inner voice, or when you visualize a hypothetical scenario in your mind, you are doing the same thing as you would observe it … you are experiencing it . Therefore, experience is a more appropriate word to describe the true nature of the collapse of the wave function.

If a person self-generates his own evolution and spiritual growth, he attracts a positive experience to himself . However, when a person remains passive, allowing himself to be carried away by events and accepting whatever is offered to him, he falls prey to the chaos of nature which destroys and rebuilds everything on a higher level, with the ultimate aim of restoring the universal order of things. The ancient Greeks, who knew that the function of the spirit was to undo all that was out of order, called this process Ktisis .

At the most basic level of reality, we are both operators and machines. The effect of the change on a spiritual level can allow a person to create the next moment and change their life forever .

Emoto’s water experiment

Masaru Emoto was a Japanese scientist who was a strong supporter of the idea that our thoughts and intentions impact the physical realm: for over 20 years and until his death in 2014 he studied the scientific evidence of how the molecular structure of water is capable of transforming itself when exposed to human words, thoughts, sounds and intentions.

In his most famous experiment , exhibited in the best seller The Hidden Messages in Water , Emoto demonstrates how the water molecules of some glasses on which the participants in the experiment had projected emotions and concepts (such as love, hate, forgiveness ) had crystallized. in different forms depending on the associated emotion.

Human loving, benevolent and compassionate intent leads to aesthetically pleasing physical molecular formations, while water exposed to negative intent results in a disharmonious and unpleasant physical form. The phenomenon was observed through magnetic resonance imaging and high-speed photography.

Each water crystal was exposed to the emotion written next to it before being photographed:

Some Good Books to read for Law of Attraction: