Balancing your Crown Chakra or Sahasrara

Balancing your Crown Chakra or Sahasrara

Called Sahasrara in Sanskrit, the crown chakra is the seventh chakra , which is considered to be the major chakra. It is linked to consciousness and considered to be the unification of the other 6 chakras of the body. Spiritual and divine, this chakra designates several virtues related to the energy of enlightenment. It is the energetic center of spirituality and universal thought.

Crown Chakra Meaning

The crown chakra is represented by a lotus of purple color, with 1000 petals. In the representations, the 7 th chakra is located at the soft spot on the top of the head. It coincides with the energy crown that surrounds the head.

Considered chakra harmony , the 7 th chakra refers consciousness at its best, and its role is to unify and gather the 6 other lower centers. Concretely, this chakra ensures the connection between the “real self” and the “eternal self”, commonly called the soul. This chakra also links us with the universe, spirit guides and the divine. Once the supreme level of spirituality is reached, energy and consciousness become one, leaving room for enlightenment. The force generated by this fusion is then redirected to the first chakra, the root chakra.

The meaning of the 1000-petalled lotus symbol is transcendent. The lotus flower alone denotes renewal, purity and beauty . We can already consider that the crown chakra is the energy center of renewal and transcendence. In most cases, the chakra symbol includes the mantra “Om” located in the center of the lotus. In the Hindu religion, the Om is considered a symbol of the absolute , or even of Braham, all that is and will be. The old tradition has it that the incomprehensible is impossible for the human mind. Thus, to simplify things, we have represented the absolute through a single symbol.

The crown chakra influences several points including the brain, emotions, nervous system, understanding and enlightenment.

The purple and white , are the representative colors of the crown chakra. Taken separately, the meanings of these colors are already very revealing. Purple is considered to be the color traditionally associated with all things spiritual and intuitive. As for white, it symbolizes purity, renewal and forgiveness.

Taken together, you get a good marriage for the energy center, under the guise of an ability to forgive, to awaken the senses, to hone an intuition, to turn the page with a fresh start, both physically and emotionally and spiritually.

In other traditions, the crown chakra is associated with animals, often packs . We find for example the elephant, the horse or the wolf. Each of these animals is known to have the power to influence the human psyche. They can also intervene on various points such as renewal, vision, change, patience or even compassion.

Why balance your crown chakra?

The balance of the crown chakra is necessary in order to find a high spiritual level. Moreover, when morale is at its peak, it is easier to achieve your goals in life.

Physically balanced crown chakra

When the crown chakra is well balanced, you will recognize it easily. You feel like a sensation of doubling or of leaving your physical body, towards a celestial dimension. You hear more clearly what your inner voice is telling you, you have better access to your visions.

Every day, a feeling of ecstasy invades you, for no apparent reason. You simply feel in tune with the world around you. In addition, you reduce your hours of sleep and rest, on the other hand, you wake up with great energy.

Emotionally balanced crown chakra

Once opened, your Crown Chakra gives you access to wisdom, self-knowledge, selflessness, soul awareness , universal energy source as well as spiritual connection. Your higher mind will be open to teach you spiritual understanding and experience moments of peace.

When your 7 th chakra is activated, you show more empathy to the world around you. In addition, you are less afraid. You trust the Universe, which will support you along your way.

Spiritually balanced crown chakra

It is at the spiritual level that you will feel the most changes. You feel liberated from the heart and the mind, and have the firm conviction that you belong to the same cosmic consciousness . You trust your intuition completely and enter into communication with the Universe often and easily. This thanks to dreams, premonitions or even by identifying the signs that the Universe puts in your way.

You benefit from special gifts, such as seeing the auras of people around you or even feeling the energy fields of those close to you. By having the feeling of being one with the Universe, your sensitivity and your creativity will be at their peak. The sensations of coincidence and situations of synchronicity will be more and more frequent. There may even be times when you want to change jobs or careers overnight.

How do you know if your crown chakra is out of balance?

An imbalance in the crown chakra can have serious consequences on your daily life, and on your inner “me”. A crown chakra imbalance is often the result of severe trauma. Blocked or too open, you risk being completely disconnected from the world around you. Common symptoms of a blocked or too open crown chakra are characterized by:

  • regular pessimism,
  • lethargy
  • a feeling of detachment,
  • chronic fatigue syndrome,
  • depression,
  • nervous system disorders,
  • dermatological conditions,
  • dementia,
  • of vanity.

Crown chakra blocked or too open on the physical plane

An imbalance on the physical plane is easily felt. You try to make yourself indispensable by working more than usual. Usually, a person with crown chakra disorder increases their workload and becomes detached from everything , both material objects and physical pleasures. Concretely, it disappears socially. This is caused by an overactive crown chakra added to a lack of grounding on earth.

Crown chakra emotionally blocked or too open

Emotionally speaking, you have a hard time finding your place in life and you hardly ever have your feet on the ground. Several symptoms can put you on the path to an overly active crown chakra:

  • Schizophrenia
  • Manic depression
  • The Depression
  • The total disconnection with the mind, which manifests itself in skepticism
  • Difficulty in identifying
  • The existential void
  • Narrow-mindedness or obsessive attachment to spiritual dimensions

Crown chakra blocked or too open spiritually

In the case of a blocked crown chakra, you will be completely disconnected from the spiritual world, and will fall into excessive materialism . Your Ego will be in control of your existence, you will never recognize your wrong in a given situation.

An imbalance of the 7 th chakra will cause difficulties in spiritual understanding and perception.

How to balance your crown chakra?

Note that the 7 th chakra is the supreme consciousness , which is the union of the individual spirit with the universal spirit. It opens when all the chakras purify and open. Indeed, the energy channels are free, which allows the energies to go up, to explode and to break the Ego. You will no longer see your “me”, but rather the “us”.

In some people, activate the 7 th chakra can be difficult because it will get rid of all that is material. However, activating the crown chakra does not mean sacrificing everything, but rather freeing yourself from your fears and identification with your Ego.

Some methods explore several fields, including nutrition, aromatherapy, psychology, meditation or even yoga. The latter remains the technique par excellence to achieve Awakening and gradually approach Nirvana.

Combined with therapeutic music on sacred healing frequencies, it is a powerful way to open one’s chakra. Sacred Solfeggio for the crown chakra: 963 Hz.

There are also exercises that can be practiced daily to activate gradually the 7 th chakra. In order to “detach” from the grip of your Ego, it is necessary to free yourself from your fears and anxieties. To defeat them, it is necessary to devote time to take stock of what really frightens us. We will have to list the fears that hold us back.

You will need to have enough courage to face your anxieties head-on. It is by exposing them in full light that you will be able to confront them and gradually get rid of them. To remember them, you can use a notebook and pencil and list all the fears, blockages, negative thoughts, health concerns, or destructive behaviors. Once completed, burn the list. Think about a liberating feeling as it burns down.

The mantra is also an effective technique to reactivate one’s chakra. Mantra 7 th chakra is “SO HAM”. By repeating this mantra during meditation, you can best stimulate your energy center. You should know that there are longer mantras, which are recited in order to find joy, harmony or even courage.

It must be mentioned that essential oils have incredible properties regarding their action on the chakra. The use of these liquids appears to be the simplest technique, when it comes to stimulating one’s energy center. In addition, the results are immediate, if you have the right recipe.

To unblock the crown chakra, the preferred oils are neroli essential oil, rosewood oil, frankincense oil and boswellia oil.

Note that you can use it in different ways:

  • In bath oil
  • In massage oil
  • By pouring a few drops on the pillow
  • Via an essential oil diffuser
  • By applying a few drops on a cotton swab, which you will place on the area of ​​the chakra that you want to stimulate

Stone to balance your Crown Chakra

Stones and crystals help to balance and open the crown chakra, either by placing the associated stone directly on your body at the location of the crown chakra or by always carrying it with you. You can try meditating with the stone chosen from those shown below and placing it near your bed or under your pillow at night while you sleep.

Lithotherapy is an effective technique to harmonize your chakra, especially the crown one. Worn as a jewel or simply on oneself, these stones have the power to influence our behavior but also a power of protection.

The main stones used to balance its crown chakra are amethyst, labradorite, howlite, rock crystal, and charoit.


The stone amethyst is a stone of harmony and introspection . It symbolizes balance, serenity, wisdom, sincerity and temperance. It takes a good action against stress and anxiety. In addition, it calms anxiety, promotes sleep and helps to have a good memory. It dissolves all negative thoughts of its wearer. Physically, it relieves headaches, nervous tension, fights addictions to alcohol, drugs and tobacco.


Labradorite is a protective stone . It absorbs negative energies, misfortunes and bad intentions. At the same time, it helps recover physical and intellectual fatigue, thanks to its regenerative power.

It also promotes friendship and stimulates the creation of a circle of friends, for those who are alone. At the mental level, labradorite strengthens the faculties of expression.


Howlite is recommended during a relaxation and meditation session . Stone of patience and self-control, it acts positively on mood swings. It eliminates all nervous tension as well as the stress of everyday life. It pushes away negative energies like fears and stabilizes them.

This stone promotes understanding towards others, indulgence and forgiveness. It also provides a sense of responsibility.

Howlite also allows us to make peace with our inner “I”. This stone is of great help when following a diet, as it has a draining effect on the body.

Rock crystal

Stone of serenity and natural wisdom, rock crystal is a stone of energy and comfort. It promotes calm and harmony to the wearer. In addition, it helps in learning, as it clarifies our ideas and thoughts. It is the ideal stone for the undecided, and promotes the capacity for understanding as well as the imagination.

Effective in all areas of life, rock crystal eliminates all emotional and energetic blockages of its wearer.


It is by purifying our unconscious emotions that we free ourselves and act consciously. Charotis is the ideal stone to free your mind. Being a stone of transformation, it allows you to face the inevitable and to free yourself from your deepest anxieties. She has the power to transform the negative by the positive by clarifying a given situation, by supporting in the face of opposition. This will reduce your stress, anxiety and insomnia levels as well. If you are in therapy, it will be ideal.

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