Crown Chakra : Symbol, Meaning, Stones, Affirmation

Crown Chakra Meaning and Significance

The Crown chakra is the pinnacle on our journey up through the energy system of the body. In sanskrit it is known as Sahasrara, ‘gateway of the void,’ and this is where we become ‘enlightened’ by dying completely to the ego. The deity connected with the energy of this chakra (which is more receptacle for grace than a chakra) is Shiva, the god of transformation.

People often experience difficulties when this chakra is activated (a.k.a a ‘healing crisis). It can help to be mindful of the image of the lotus flower which starts its life in the murky and muddy waters at the bottom of the pond before it reaches the light of the sun at the surface.
The ego is reluctant to let go and will bombard us with fears to try to force us to cling to a meaningless existence where we are alienated from The All. The crown connects us to Source and when it is fully activated, we cease to experience the illusion of separation between us and God and us and other living beings.

Positive attributes: Unity between physical and spiritual, clear focus, great powers of manifestation, health,  joy, radiance, humility, generosity, sense of freedom, acceptance, humour, authority
Negative attributes: Separation/alienation, fearful, proud, egocentric, dissatisfied, easily exhausted/drained, selfish, controlling

Crown Chakra Symbol

  • Colour: Gold, white and violet
  • Note: BElement: None
  • Ruling planet: Uranus
  • Sense: Beyond senses but allows us to experience bliss by turning us into Holy Grails
  • Body: Pineal gland, cerebral cortex, top of head, affects the whole body by energising it with pure God-light
  • Tarot cards: The Hanged Man, The Star, The Fool (also Judgement)
  • Incense/Essential oil: Lavender, frankincense, olibanum, lotus
  • Archangels: Uriel, Shekinah and Jeremiel

Crown Chakra Stones

Clear quartz, diamond, herkimer diamond, amethyst, white jade, snowy quartz, alexandrite

Crown Chakra Activation

Visualising white, gold or violet light entering through an opening just above the top of your head and filling your whole body and aura is a good way of activating the crown chakra. Imagine a white lotus flower opening it’s petals to the sun… You can amplify the effect of this visualisation by holding one of the crystals mentioned above. Or, if you are lying down, you may want to place one of the crystals just above your head. Use the inbreath to guide the light in through the crown and blow out out through the soles of your feet on the outbreath.

Complete the visualisation by gently closing the petals of the lotus flower, allowing them to remain slightly open as we wish to maintain our connection to Source at all times.

You strengthen your crown chakra by spending time in silence but also by connecting with nature. Meditating on top of a mountain or visualising doing so is excellent.

A person with a healthy crown chakra speaks with authority but there is an uplifting and enjoyable lightness about them. Their energy is empowering and capable or transmitting spiritual power and knowledge without words. You always feel fully seen and fully accepted when you are with them. They are the gurus of this planet, whether they use the title or not.

Crown Chakra Affirmation

“All is one and we are free.”

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