Balancing your Heart Chakra or Anahata

Balancing your Heart Chakra or Anahata

The heart chakra (Anahata) is the 4th chakra of the human body , it is found at the center of the chakra system of the Hindu, Tantric and Yogic tradition. Constituting the link between the spiritual and earthly chakras, it is the energetic center of love and compassion . It thus expresses the fact of bonding with others and with oneself. The heart chakra opens when we give love, which allows us to transcend the limits of our ego.

Heart Chakra or Anahata Meaning

The three lower chakras – in this case vital needs, sexuality and strength, among others – are connected to the three upper chakras including intellect and consciousness through the heart chakra. Located at the level of the thorax, this fourth chakra takes us away from temptation and shows us the way to love our neighbor. Feelings then take precedence over interests.

Location of the hakra of the heart

The center of the torso is the location recognized by all to locate the fourth chakra. Multidimensional like the others, it is depicted crossing the center of the chest from the front and crossing the spine, between the shoulder blades from behind. The fourth chakra is called the “Heart Chakra” because it passes slightly to the left to the left of the vital organ. Its position means that it is associated with the cardiac and pulmonary system.

The temple of love

The Heart Chakra is quite simply the sacred temple of love. It is from this place that we give love and where we receive the love that is given to us. Being the essence of life, love is the ultimate healer of our ailments but also our best teacher. He inspires us for the actions we take. The Heart Chakra is also referred to as Anahata, Hritpankaja, and Dbadasjadala.

A six-pointed star

The Heart Chakra symbol is represented with a 6-pointed star or a hexagram. A downward pointing triangle intersects an upward pointing one, thus symbolizing seemingly opposing types of energy, such as male and female or spirit and matter. It is common to come across a circle with twelve petals. Green in color, these petals symbolize humility and universal love. The Heart Chakra symbol is the translation of the harmonious association of the forces of this hotspot which represents integration and connection.

Heart Chakra trends

Associated with the zodiacal sign of Jupiter, the symbolic animal of the Heart Chakra is the antelope but sometimes also the bird. The positive aspects that the symbol suggests are self-awareness, a sense of proportion and creativity . Your Heart Chakra cannot open even if you are receiving love, you must also – and above all – give it.

The color of the Heart Chakra

Usually represented by the color green, the Heart Chakra can also use smoky pink to highlight the astral color of energy.

Why balance your Heart Chakra or Anahata?

When the energy circulates in a healthy and free way at the level of the Heart Chakra, we accept the other without a priori with what is different. Our tolerance and interest in the world around us is unimpeded. Linked to the air element, the energy of the Heart Chakra is associated with breathing but also with the connection with the surrounding environment.

See the world with a balanced fourth chakra

If the child feels above all the security and the assurance of survival with the love of his parents, the adult perceives, for his part, that love brings him the intimacy which allows him to accept himself and pushes to open up to others. To achieve true love, one must know how to integrate humility . Connecting and opening up to others depends on our ability to give and receive love.

Nerve center of the chakra system

The link between the lower chakras and the upper chakras and their energies is provided by the Heart Chakra. Thus, the fourth chakra is the center of integration of earthly matters and spiritual matters .

Physically balanced heart chakra

When the fourth chakra is malfunctioning, you may experience Heart Chakra pain . Although physically separate, the associated cardiac system and pulmonary system in the Heart Chakra rely on air and respiration to function properly. Simple principles and actions allow you to activate your Heart Chakra. Thus, food is a privileged way to achieve this, for example, the consumption of certain products such as:

  • Broccoli, green beans, peas, zucchini, …
  • Pistachio, kiwi, avocado, apple, pear, …
  • Garlic, cardamom, chocolate, …
  • Raw fish, egg, chicken,… etc.

Emotionally Balanced Heart Chakra

Love is the energy for dealing with emotions and experiences . It is the essential element that makes relationships with others possible. It is above all what makes it possible to go beyond the limits of the ego and to accept what we cannot foresee.

It is through the Heart Chakra that we experience the beauty of life . We then succeed in being in contact with our world and ourselves in a harmonious way. The fourth chakra shows us the way of love, tolerance and a sense of responsibility .

The Heart Chakra is the key element that makes us able to feel the emotions that open us to others. The ability to love in order to experience romance but also to love our neighbor is then accessible to us, just like compassion, acceptance and forgiveness. It is this fourth chakra that prompts us to choose a way of being harmonious and peaceful . It also plays the role of center of consciousness and integration of reflections.

Spiritually balanced heart chakra

It is essential to engage in spiritual practices to purify the Heart Chakra and open it. Our divine nature is revealed to us and we are then aware that other human beings have the same attributes.

Gratitude is one of the practices that invites the Heart to open. So, know how to express your gratitude to someone else for their patience or helpfulness, for example, because recognizing the qualities of others allows us to open our Heart.

Forgiveness is another practice which has its influence on the Heart Chakra. It allows us to live in the present while projecting towards the future by freeing us from the shackles of the past. To forgive is to shed unwanted weight and thus have room to share love because forgiveness allows us to accept what has happened to us and move forward in life by learning from the outrage. suffered.

Giving to others is also essential to channel our energy for the purpose of making others happy. Give without expecting something in return. It is a perfect way to open your Heart Chakra. An act of generosity frees us from our suffering, pain and emotions that we internalize.

How do you know if your Heart Chakra or Anahata is out of balance?

The imbalance of the Heart Chakra is manifested by an excess of poorly controlled energy – an overactive chakra – or on the contrary an inactive or underdeveloped chakra, we then say a blockage of the Heart Chakra.

This imbalance is due to the experiences that we have had, to the physical disorders that we have undergone or to the changes that have occurred in our environment. Common symptoms of a blocked or too open heart chakra are characterized by:

  • emotional disturbances
  • a narrow-minded (closed),
  • indifference and lack of love,
  • an interruption of relations,
  • heart disease
  • chest conditions,
  • lung diseases,
  • respiratory problems (asthma, chronic cold),
  • signs of premature aging,
  • a succession of symptoms without apparent links with each other.

Heart chakra blocked or too open on the physical plane

The imbalance of the Heart Chakra certainly has repercussions on our physical form because various disorders can affect us such as:

  • a weak immune system.
  • frequent bronchitis and lung infections;
  • breathing difficulties;
  • hypertension;
  • heart problems;
  • pain in the chest or upper back;
  • circulatory problems;

Emotionally blocked or too open heart chakra

The mind, too, is affected by the malfunction of the Heart Chakra because harmony seems difficult to find when a malaise takes place with various manifestations:

  • The individual tends to always be on the defensive
  • He does not repress certain reactions such as jealousy but also the fear of intimacy.
  • He does not accept his personality well and tends to rely on the approval or attention of others in seeking to always please others.
  • He wants a savior or a protector at all costs
  • His reflex is to isolate himself and live in seclusion
  • It is difficult for him to forgive and often hold a grudge

Heart chakra blocked or too open spiritually

The chakra is blocked when there is energy deficiency . The result is that we feel the awkward weight of missed opportunities. Conversely, the Heart Chakra is too open when it is too active or overdeveloped. The unwanted outcome is that the individual is prone to opt for excessive selfishness which pushes him to isolate himself and to feel condescending contempt for others.

How to balance your Heart Chakra or Anahata?

The solution to Heart Chakra imbalance is to ensure that the energy is brought to the center to achieve true balance. Signs of a blockage in the Heart Chakra can be easily identified. The blockage of the Heart Chakra threatens or is already installed if certain behaviors or various reactions assail you:

  • Shyness,
  • Lack of self-esteem,
  • Loneliness
  • The inability to forgive.

The resources of meditation

Focus on resolving your imbalance through meditation . Although not everyone is able to practice meditation on their own, you can use it to help you have the focus you need to strengthen the flow of energy to your Heart Chakra.

Combined with therapeutic music on sacred healing frequencies, it is a powerful way to open one’s chakra. Sacred Solfeggio for the heart chakra: 639 Hz.

The resources of love

The Heart Chakra derives its power from love. Since the best way to receive love is to give it, spread kindness and love . The feeling of doing good can free your Heart Chakra.

Food resources

Being spiritually strong comes from good health; this cannot be achieved without a healthy diet. Green vegetables are particularly indicated for strengthening the Heart and healing both physically and mentally.

The resources of yoga poses

The postures you take during your sessions allow you to open the rib cage and thus give your Heart Chakra more space to flourish:

  • The Cobra: using the strength of the legs to lift the chest and head, hold this posture for a few breaths to open the rib cage.
  • The Warrior: Distribute the weight of the body well on both legs while bending the right leg to form a right angle. Open your chest by bringing the shoulder blades together and breathe deeply.
  • The Fish: while lying on the back, join the legs. Inflate the chest to open the rib cage, supporting yourself with the elbows and forearms to lift the bust and head

The resources of essential oils

The volatility of oils is an important resource for unblocking your Heart Chakra. To strengthen this fourth chakra you can opt for:

  • Lavender,
  • Incense,
  • The tea tree,

When the balance of your Heart Chakra returns, you will feel various positive points such as:

  • Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Acceptance of others
  • Love
  • Contentment

Stones to balance your heart chakra or Anahata

Stones and crystals help to balance and open the heart chakra, either by placing the associated stone directly on your body at the location of the heart chakra or by always carrying it on you (wearing a long necklace with an associated stone is ideal). You can try meditating with the stone chosen from those shown below and placing it near your bed or under your pillow at night while you sleep.

The resources of alternative medicine are also beneficial for the Heart Chakra. So lithotherapy is a good thing in the search for harmony on the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level. Each stone has its therapeutic virtues and it is good to know some of them to take care of your Heart Chakra.

The main stones used to balance his heart chakra are malachite, aventurine, amazonite, green jade and rose quartz.


Its use dates back to time immemorial. Its tormented appearance and its green color reminiscent of the Amazon rainforest have an effect that further enhances the mysterious beauty of the stone. It is the natural alteration of copper that explains the shade of green in malachite. The light, dark or sometimes black veining makes the malachite very recognizable. It is mainly used to relieve pain for various ailments due to its anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties.


The green aventurine stone is a variety of quartz whose color and the metal fragments are due to inclusions fuchsite or hematite and mica. It can then be red or red-brown but the most frequently encountered color is green although there are various others: blue, peach, brown or orange. When buying, make sure it is mineral and not glass.

Aventurine has a reputation for absorbing negative waves and various harmful emanations such as electric and electromagnetic waves emitted by high voltage lines, for example. It is customary to place it in the four corners of the house to improve the atmosphere. It provides inner relaxation and opens our eyes and mind to the beauty of creation . Associated with Friday and the planet Venus, the concordant signs are Cancer, Sagittarius and Taurus.


Amazonite is a filter stone whose influence on your emotional is beneficial because it filters negative energies and thoughts. Promoting your balance, it allows you to take a step back on things and promotes the feeling of happiness by increasing your joie de vivre . It protects you from waves emitted by wifi networks and telephones. It can also calm the nervous system, especially by protecting you from cardiovascular disease and stress. Amazonite is particularly recommended for depressed people who are often prone to dark thoughts.

Having the reputation of being a happy stone , it allows you to find your child’s soul. It has the property of opening you up to others. It is therefore highly recommended to wear it as a piece of jewelry, so you can free your imagination.

Green Jade

As each chakra is associated with a category of stones, the Heart Chakra is well in phase with the green jade whose healing crystal virtues are no longer to be proven. Bladder and kidney problems, heart and stomach problems are part of the healing properties of green jade.

 It is commonly recognized that green jade has magical properties. Thus by adorning a pendant or a ring you charge the jewel with energies that attract wealth. A factor of harmony and peace, it makes us fair and modest. The signs associated with it are Cancer and Libra.

Rose quartz

Representing love, the rose quartz stone is directly connected to the Heart Chakra. Bringing peace, love and friendship, she accompanies people with depression. It helps to heal physical and moral wounds as well as to ease tensions and relieve burns. It helps those who wear it to forgive and respect others.

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