Balancing your Sacral Chakra or Svadhisthana

Balancing your Sacral Chakra or Svadhisthana

The sacral chakra is the 2nd chakra of the human body , also called the sex chakra and Svadhisthana in Sanskrit which means place of sweetness. Attached to physical well-being, it is the energetic center of creation and sexuality. This chakra provides human beings with joy and pleasure in living on earth.

Sacral Chakra or Svadhisthana Meaning

Like its peers, the main element of the sacral chakra is water . This second chakra is governed by the pleasure principle. This pleasure translates into the expression of a real desire to enjoy life and to open up to the world. Associated with feminine energy, it is linked to movements, sexuality and emotions .

Located between the pubis and the navel, the sacral chakra is also located in the back at the level of the lumbar vertebrae. Sometimes it is even found in the genitals: in the ovaries for women and testicles in men.

Because the Sacred chakra influences both psychological, emotional and carnal behavior and personal development, it allows the individual to flourish in his life, to be more creative and to freely express his desires.

In general, the Sacred chakra is orange in color. When it is associated with its element which is water, it can be blue or white in color.

Symbol side, the latter includes a circle with six petals and a crescent moon. The circle with the six petals is the representation of water as the essential element of this chakra. The crescent moon symbolizes the relationship between water and lunar energy. If we observe this symbol well, the crescent moon is silvery. Which expresses the connection of these two elements with the cycle of emotions and the menstrual cycle of women.

Why balance your Sacral Chakra or Svadhisthana?

sacral chakra is said to be balanced when energy does not circulate either in lack or in excess . The latter then allows the person to be both very creative, attractive in the eyes of others and good in his world and those around him. In short, a balanced chakra presents benefits for the physical, the emotions and the spiritual life.

Physically balanced sacral chakra

Several are the benefits of a balanced chakra for the human body. Indeed, the opening of the sacral chakra allows the man to have a fulfilling sex life and a physical vitality at the top . The balance of the second chakra also avoids health problems such as disturbances in the bladder, intestines and kidneys but also back pain. Finally, a balanced sacral chakra helps energy to circulate well in the human body.

Emotionally balanced sacral chakra

The stable Sacred chakra has an impact on the emotions. On the one hand, it restores self-confidence by helping a person to accept themselves as they are. Consequently, she develops her creativity and her potential in order to impose herself and to open up more and more to her universe. On the other hand, the balance of the second chakra brings joy of life, enthusiasm, assurance and a feeling of security .

Spiritually balanced sacral chakra

The Sacred chakra has benefits in this area. It allows the individual to learn to work on his body and his state of mind . Also, it is a great help for questions of autonomy, to manage vital energy and to live peacefully with feelings and emotions.

How do you know if your Sacral Chakra or Svadhisthana is out of balance?

An unbalanced sacral chakra is a chakra that is too open or blocked. This situation has effects and / or consequences not only for the body but also for the emotions and the mind. Common symptoms of a blocked or too open sacral chakra are characterized by:

  • lower back pain / sciatica,
  • pelvic girdle disorders,
  • gynecological problems,
  • menstrual cycle dysfunction,
  • intestinal disorders,
  • spleen disorders,
  • diseases of nothings and urinary tract,
  • gallbladder disorders,
  • erectile impotence and vaginal dryness,
  • lack of self-confidence,
  • emotional imbalance,
  • eating disorders.

Sacral chakra blocked or too open on the physical plane

When the sacral chakra is out of balance, humans tend to seek only sexual pleasures or not . It is addictive and only focuses on one and the same thing. He also ignores his basic needs and is sick constantly. These diseases are most often urinary or kidney problems and back pain.

Emotionally blocked or too open sacral chakra

Emotions are affected when the sacral chakra is blocked. In this perspective, the individual loses his means by being excessive or even depressed. He feels vulnerable or even unwanted and seeks only recognition or more attention . In addition, he no longer has a taste for life, locks himself in his bubble and is hostile to any form of novelty.

Sacral chakra blocked or too open spiritually

If the sacral chakra presents an imbalance, it has consequences in several areas, namely the spiritual. Among these effects, there is the difficulty for the person to give and to find meaning in his life . He sets no goal or direction and he is like empty-minded people. For the experiments, he does not draw any results, does not ask himself any questions about his existence and does not believe in some deities or God.

How to balance your Sacral Chakra or Svadhisthana?

Source of fulfillment, the Sacred chakra is the guarantee of a happy and peaceful life, provided that it is open. For this, there are practices that can help anyone rebalance their chakra. Among these are physical activities. Having and exercising physical activity is very important for the balance of a chakra. This allows a person to restore the energy flows in his body but also to have an iron health.

The meditation is a means which allows to open a chakra . This practice consists in questioning oneself about one’s life and one’s person in order to provide answers and to determine the source of the blockage. Combined with therapeutic music on sacred healing frequencies, it is a powerful way to open one’s chakra. Sacred Solfeggio for the Sacral Chakra: 417 Hz.

The yoga is also advisable to harmonize a chakra . Its practice allows the individual to connect his body and his mind through the exercises performed. The correct postures here is that of the butterfly. Its particularity is that it allows to open the hips.

The massages are great for the opening of the Sacred Chakra. The essential oils used for this purpose are generally ylang-ylang, sandalwood or ginger. These three aromas are known to be aphrodisiacs, case of ginger, and to promote the pleasure and envy of the senses, case of ylang-ylang and sandalwood.

Finally, lithotherapy, that is to say healing by the use of stones or crystals, is one of the effective processes to rebalance the Sacred chakra. In addition to this practice, Reiki or any form of alternative medicine.

When the sacral chakra is blocked or out of balance, it can have impacts on humans. The latter can lose all his means and can no longer control his life as it should. He no longer opens up to those around him and begins to become cold and distant towards others.

At times, the person may have feelings of loneliness, have a lot of questions about various aspects of their life, no longer feel safe and no longer able to cope with their problems and / or changes in their life. life. Situations of upheaval also appear when the sacral chakra is blocked. This is characterized by loss of self-esteem, unhealthy relationships, and lack of confidence.

So, here are some signs showing the blockages of the second chakra which is the sacral chakra. Physically, this blockage is located in the organs and parts where the chakra is located: in the lower abdomen, back, reproductive organs and digestive organs.

In this case, the person may be prone to constipation, back pain, various cysts, infertility. Because the sacral chakra is directly linked to sexuality, the person with a blockage faces problems with their sexual performance, namely impotence, lack of desire and libido, premature ejaculation or even incapacity. to reach an orgasm.

Emotions and the psychic state are affected by the imbalance of the sacral chakra. The lesions lead to a state of depression, lack of self-esteem, detachment, excessive jealousy and fear.

Stones to balance your Sacral Chakra or Svadhisthana

Stones and crystals make it possible to balance and open the sacral chakra, either by placing the associated stone directly on your body at the level of the location of the sacral chakra or by carrying it permanently with you. You can choose to meditate with the stone chosen from those shown below, to place it near your bed or under your pillow during the night when you sleep.

To activate the energy in the sacral chakra, it is necessary to go through lithotherapy. As medicine, this practice has several advantages because not only it allows to harmonize a chakra but also to balance the energies necessary for the emotional and physical well-being of the individual.

For the sacral chakra, the stones used are carnelian, orange agate, copper, orange jade and orange calcite.


Orange in color, carnelian is a stone of vitality . Used specifically for the sacral chakra , it acts on both male and female reproductive organs and influences emotions and the human body. On a physical level, this stone stimulates the sexual appetite, promotes erection in men and makes women more fertile.. It also restores libido and prevents infertility. On an emotional and spiritual level, carnelian restores spontaneity and revives self-confidence. Through its use, the individual learns to accept himself and to appreciate life as it is. She is a great support for emotional people and helps them to be more responsible and courageous. Also, wearing a jewel made of this stone promotes concentration .

Orange agate

Composed of silicon dioxide, agate exists in several colors such as orange. Symbol of prosperity and joy , it is generally used to heal and to balance the Sacred chakra. This stone acts on the health, emotions and spirit of a human being. On a spiritual level, orange agate gives back will to a person so that they can exceed their limits and be more determined. His actions on an emotional level are to help people move forward, to give them confidence and to open up to new horizons. At the mental level, it is a precious help for people who want to impose themselves and assert themselves in a group. On the health side, it strengthens the digestive and intestinal organs andcontributes to the proper functioning of the sexual organs .

The copper

Native to nature, copper is one of the stones of the Sacred Chakra. It is especially suitable for tired or exhausted people because it restores energy and more dynamism. Acting both physically and emotionally, copper allows you to have more feelings and ego . It also helps people to have more willpower and take more action in their life .

Orange jade

Symbol of purity and wisdom , jade is a stone expressing power and harmony by bringing luck to the wearer. On health, the orange jade has the quality of promoting fertility in women. Because of this, wearing it allows a woman to get pregnant even if fertilization does not occur. It also restores fertility in men and women. Emotionally, orange jade makes emotional life more joyful and harmonized. It thus develops feelings of love, restores courage and dedication. On the mind, one gives a sense of peace and allows the soul to open up spiritually. Finally, it encourages people to meditate and become aware of reality.

Orange calcite

The Calcite is a stone with multiple varieties. It can be blue, green, orange or in the form of natural crystals of optical calcite.Acting on the body, the emotions and the spirit, this stone presents benefits on these three levels. For physical benefits, orange calcite works primarily on the bones and ligaments of the human body to prevent bone deficiency and disease. It relieves disorders of the pancreas, spleen and lower abdomen including menstruation disorders. On the emotions and the mind, orange calcite stimulates sexuality by removing any blockage. It helps a person to open up more and more to others and to accept physical contact or even caresses. Also, orange calcite is a source of joy and warmth.

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