Birthstone for January : Garnet

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Birthstone for January is Garnet.

Garnet comes in different colors, but it is usually the deep red variant that is recognized as a good luck charm.

The name of Garnet comes from the fruit it looks like: the pomegranate. On a physical level, this stone is said to promote good blood, heart and lung health. Garnet is also said to promote romanticism, passion and sensuality.

Garnet is said to balance and strengthen the individual, increase willpower, self-esteem, endurance and even strengthen the immune system,

Garnet also has another noteworthy feature: it is highly reflective. For this reason, many travelers during the Middle Ages carried garnet (then known as carbuncle) with them to guide them through the night. Perhaps this is why the stone is said to also help dissolve nightmares and guide you through dark times.

  1. Is Garnet a precious stone?

What do Garnets signify?

The garnet stone is a powerful stone that signifies success, personal strength, vitality and energy protection.

It recharges our energy, increases our determination and opens doors for the realization of our dreams and goals.

This stone brings success to business and career, protects against envy, removes negative energies, increases our vital energy and purifies our Aura.

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How to clean Garnet ?

The Garnet is cleaned in a simple way like the tourmaline quartz, you just have to place it in a glass container and add enough sea salt and after a few days you remove it, cleaning it and drying it very well.

To activate this stone, it must be exposed to the light of the full moon for a whole night. The next day you can use the Garnet stone.

What Chakra is Garnet (January Birthstone) associated with?

Garnet, the January Birthstone, is a stone associated with the Root Chakra (Muladhara) which is the first chakra. Root chakra is related to the physical world and our basic needs for survival and existence. 

For this reason it favors the security and firmness of character, enhances the libido and strengthens the sexual and reproductive organs .

It is indicated to clean, purify and strengthen the blood, being helpful in cases of anemia, chemotherapy and infections. In addition, this stone is believed to have medicinal properties to help wounds heal more quickly.

Among its many properties, on a spiritual level, it is a gem that brings balance, love and serenity to couples and families. It is also considered a stone of luck as it attracts love and success in business.

Garnet influences the Chakras in the following ways:

  • Cleanses and re-energizes the chakras.
  • It purifies and balances the energy, granting serenity and passion.
  • Stimulates Kundalini energy, helps sexual potency.
  • Stimulates the base and crown chakras.

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What is the Garnet stone good for?

Physical Healing Properties if Garnet:

  • Garnet is believed to have medicinal properties, which is why it helps to heal wounds quickly.
  • Helps regenerate the body and stimulate metabolism.
  • It is responsible for treating spinal and cellular disorders. It also regenerates DNA.
  • It allows the body to assimilate any type of vitamins that enter the body.
  • Relieves acne and reduces cardiac disorders.

Emotional Healing Properties of Garnet:

  • Provides protective influence and stable vitality, in addition, during use it serves as a natural painkiller.
  • Treat emotional problems.
  • Helps relieve nightmares by placing it under your pillow.
  • It is very useful in times of crisis or situations where it is believed that there will be no way out.
  • Strengthens and activates the survival instinct, granting hope and courage.
  • Helps balance energies by stimulating desires and raising attitude.
  • Prevents insecurities.
  • Helps increase popularity and positivity, improving self-esteem.
  • Promotes success in business and business relationships.
  • Helps restore spirit, calming emotional pain and sadness.

  1. What energy does garnet have?

What does Garnet do spiritually?

Garnet has amazing spiritual significance:

·  Garnet is a stone of health that works as an extractor of negative energies from the chakras, transforming them into positive energies.

·  Garnet is used to purify the organs, blood and reduce toxins found in the body.

·  Garnet provides calm and protection to the body.

·  Garnet strengthens the survival instinct and brings courage and hope.

·  Garnet provides balance, love and serenity in couples and families.

·  Garnet is considered a stone of luck as it attracts love and success in business.

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What does the garnet birthstone mean?

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