Prashna Kundali : When will I find My Phone (14 Aug 2019)

A client lost her phone. This question was asked on 14th August at 13:31pm, Location : Pune.

Lagna is Scorpio, at 7 degrees. Nakshatra of Lagna bindu is Anuradha. Lagna is Shhira. So, its a positive sign. The mobile must not have moved. So, this point is in favour of finding the phone.

The Lost object is indicated by the fourth house. Fourth house lord is Saturn. It is Vakri and is placed in second house of family. Hence mobile may be close to family. One more point in favour of finding the phone.

There is nav-pancham yoga between the lagnesh Mars (indicating the querrent) and the 4th lord Saturn (indicating the lost object). This is in favor of find the mobile phone.

The mobile phone was found in the querrent’s house on 15th August at 10:00am.


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