The Chariot (Tarot Card Meaning): major arcana card 7

Card NameThe Chariot
Card Number7
Arcana Major Arcana, the major stages or lessons of Life
Element  Water
Numerology 7 associated with wisdom, reflection, observations and discoveries
Planet / Constellation Moon
Plant Papyrus
Places Roads and highways, 
main avenues , race tracks.
Stone / Crystal  Pyrite
Hebrew Letter: Cheth
Sun Sign Cancer , Sagittarius
Affirmation To the impossible I am bound. 

The Chariot (Upright) Keywords:

  • Control, will, focus on the goal
  • Significant advances, progress
  • Success, self-confidence

The Chariot (Reversed) Keywords:

  • Advance “blindly”, without a well-defined objective
  • Get discouraged, stop along the way
  • Problems, disputes

The Chariot: symbolism

A young man leaves town in his Chariot to explore the possibilities. His spiritual quest is represented by the crescent moon on his shoulders and the Stars that adorn his forehead. 

The cubic shape of the Chariot and the square it wears around the neck recalls the alchemical symbols, allusions to the spiritual transformation of Man.

The horses of the chariot are Egyptian Sphinxes. Their colors contrast. Each Sphinx is looking in the opposite direction.

But what is perhaps most remarkable about this chariot driver is that he does not hold the reins of these “horses” in his hand. He holds a wand, like the Magician. This symbolizes his deep desire to “steer his boat” in the direction he chooses.

As with The Strength , the Energy of the Chariot card is that of control and mastery. The Chariot exerts them on its environment while The Strength exerts them on itself.

The Chariot: general description

The Chariot represents an important lesson of the spiritual journey, of personal development or of Life in general: lucidity is only possible through action. One can document oneself, reflect or imagine… but acting, having one’s own experience is the best way to know oneself and to know the world.

With The Chariot, things are progressing. You hold the reins, control the situation and can move forward with confidence. The past stays behind, you can look ahead with conviction, that is to say you contemplate the future and its promises.

If the direction to take is not yet completely clear, it is sufficient to take the first step. The rest of the path will appear separately and the rest of the operations will flow easily.

Obstacles circumvented, difficulties avoided, setbacks of no consequence… what is expected in the end is a great victory! 

However, The Chariot calls for determination, hard work and self-confidence. Full focus on the goal is necessary.

The Chariot is a conquering card. It invites you to assert yourself, to take initiative and to channel your energy.

In a very literal way, The Chariot can announce a trip, the purchase or the use of any means of transport.

The Chariot Positive Personality Traits

  • Loyalty , serious
  • Healthy ambition
  • Energy, leadership

The Chariot Negative Personality Traits

  • Proud
  • Clumsy
  • Lazy

The Chariot (Upright) Meaning

The Chariot card stands for Triumph over adversity, overcoming life’s obstacles, decisiveness and ambition in achieving one’s goals, well deserved victory.

The Chariots shows a period of struggle ending in worldly success.

It also shows Self control, effort, perseverance.

The chariots gives the message of working within the boundaries of one’s life to build up a successful existence.

The Chariot (Upright) Keywords:

  • Control, will, focus on the goal
  • Significant advances, progress
  • Success, self-confidence
  • Moving forwards, onwards and upwards

The Chariot (Reversed) Meaning

The chariot in reversed position shows a disregard for others, a touch of jealousy, envy and avarice.

It also shows loss of control of a situation and some chaos in one’s personal life possibly due to personal flaws. Imbalance.

Reversed chariot card is a warning against overwhelming ambition and too high expectations. It indicates the continuation of outdated ideas and traditions.

The Chariot (Reversed) Keywords:

  • Advance “blindly”, without a well-defined objective
  • Get discouraged, stop along the way
  • Problems, disputes
  • Disregard for others,
  • envy, avarice, imbalance.

The Chariot in Love Tarot Reading

The Chariot indicates to you that it is high time to pursue your goals and what makes you truly happy / happy in Love. No need to waste more time pleasing others, taking on a role that is not in line with your desires or deep desires.

If you are in a relationship, you are unable to lead yourself in the “right direction”. You would like to “take a step forward” with your partner – child, marriage, moving in… – but cannot express it clearly or does not obtain the agreement of your partner. 

A direct and benevolent – discussion is required to bring these intimate wishes to the table.

If you are looking for Love, the Chariot indicates that in no case should be satisfied with the first person who comes. On the contrary, you must persist in finding the “right person.” If research remains active and does not turn into waiting, this meeting will happen sooner or later.

In both cases, you gains by soaking up the Energy of the Chariot: determination and the will not to give in on the essential.

The Chariot for Love (Positive meaning)

  • Commitment, stay the course
  • Energizing relationship
  • Couples getaway

The Chariot for Love (Negative meaning)

  • Rider, rapid estrangement, disappointment
  • Couple problems due to work
  • Don’t move at the same pace, in the same direction

The Chariot in Career Tarot Reading

The Chariot is an Action Card then: go ahead! Big file, partnership, new client: the time is right for progress in his professional projects. It is time for you to take the reins with confidence, to take more responsibility at work… without being impressed by colleagues or the environment.

If you are looking for work or considering changing career paths, you must identify what you do not want to compromise on in terms of employment or working conditions. And “hold on”. 

Your determination and focus on the goal are the conditions for success – that is, obtaining a position that best meets your aspirations.

The Chariot for Career (Positive meaning)

  • Mastery, know-how, effortless action, directed action
  • Motivation, desire for success , ambition
  • Professional transfer, promotion
  • Merit rewarded

The Chariot for Career (Negative meaning)

  • Professional problems , obstacles
  • Not being / feeling up to it
  • Dismissal
  • Bad direction, overwork, stress

The Chariot in Finances Tarot Reading

Quite literally, your needs or wants to buy a car, a plane ticket, a boat, a horse… or any means of transport. In this case, The Chariot is a positive sign for this purchase.

Apart from this particular case, The Chariot is an Action Card. You must take the necessary steps to regain control of his financial situation. You must forget the “tricks” and “hopes” and face the reality of the situation.

You must set very precise goals for his budget… and stick to them strictly.

The Chariot for Finances (Positive meaning)

  • Finances get better with work
  • Purchase of a vehicle

The Chariot for Finances (Negative meaning)

  • Impulsiveness
  • Big variances in spending
  • Very expensive vehicle

The Chariot in Health Tarot Reading

  • Good health and good vitality in general.
  • Everything related to motor skills.
  • STDs, vaccines and tropical diseases .
  • Motion sickness

The Chariot in Spirituality Tarot Reading

Unlike the  Hierophant  which is a very spiritual Card, The Chariot is an Action Card. He asks you not on what you think but on what you do… and therefore on your motivations.

Spirituality, personal development requires self-discipline and the will to stay on the right path and achieve your goals.

What helps you keep your goals in focus? What helps you to “keep going” and persevere? Are you kind to yourself if – for it happens – the willpower fails you?

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