The Empress (Tarot Card Meaning): major arcana card 3

Card NameThe Empress
Card Number3
Arcana Major Arcana, the major stages or lessons of Life
Element  Earth
Numerology 3 associated with fertility
Planet / Constellation Venus
Plant Chinese Angelica
Places Historic places, old houses, palaces, castles.
Intellectual or private circles , places of research.
Luxurious stores, trendy places.
Stone / Crystal  Emerald
Hebrew Letter: Daleth
Sun Sign Libra
Affirmation Nature, in her inexhaustible fruitfulness, is our most precious ally

The Empress (Upright) Keywords:

  • Femininity, beauty
  • Fertility, abundance
  • Nature, Gaia (mother earth)

The Empress (Reversed) Keywords:

  • Creation blocked
  • Jealousy or co-dependence
  • Loss

The Empress: symbolism

The Empress is the Feminine Principle, the Yin, the Mother. 

Beautiful woman sitting comfortably on an armchair with the symbol of Venus, she is pregnant. Her dress is adorned with pomegranates, symbols of fertility. Nature is luxuriant around her. 

She is connected to the visible riches of the World – forests, wheat, river – and to its invisible riches like magic and Fairies.

The Empress is deeply associated with Gaia (mother earth) and with Life. It draws calm, softness and serenity from Nature.

The Empress is associated with the masculine, powerful and paternal Card of The Emperor .

The Empress: general description

The Empress is the maternal figure of the Tarot. It symbolizes the Feminine, the Sacred Feminine: beauty, sensuality, fertility, creativity and maternal love. 

When she appears in a Print, the Empress reminds the Consultant to live in this feminine Energy and in its values: to create beauty, to experience and to give Love.

The Empress can also announce a pregnancy or a birth… real or metaphorical (new project, new idea). 

The person is then encouraged to continue on the path of creation and imagination to see his project flourish.

The Empress also invites a person to spend time in Nature, to reconnect with the Divine, greater than oneself. It invites anchoring.

The Empress encourages to connect with others and especially with people to whom he or she wishes to bring love. The Empress invites you to create a space for dialogue and respect with her children, her relatives or her life partner.

The Empress Positive Personality Traits

  • Favorable period for projects.
  • Creative idea .
  • Very beneficial woman.

The Empress Negative Personality Traits

  • Error of judgment .
  • Woman in opposition.
  • Going on the wrong track, having a wrong problem.

The Empress (Upright) Meaning

The Empress promotes for well-being and security. The empress stands for Creativeness in financial affairs, love and parenthood.

The empress is a symbol for Maternal care, domestic stability, abundance and material wealth. The Empress indicates Fertility, security, achievement of goals and growth.

Depending on surrounding cards – sometimes the empress can stand for marriage and pregnancy.

The Empress (Upright) Keywords:

  • Femininity, beauty
  • Fertility, abundance
  • Nature, Gaia (mother earth)
  • Well-being,
  • stability,
  • balance,
  • harmony,
  • prosperity

The Empress (Reversed) Meaning

the Empress (reversed) can mean Possible domestic issues, financial issues needing attention, feelings of a lack of affection and achievement.

It can mean that there are some creative blocks and/or some issues, relating to a relationship.

The Empress appearing reverse in a meaning can also show that there may be a period of infertility or sterility, although not always in the bodily sense.

Care should be taken to avoid any unwanted pregnancies. Finances could be in better shape.

The Empress (Reversed) Keywords:

  • Creation blocked
  • Jealousy or co-dependence
  • Loss
  • Domestic and relationship issues,
  • paucity,
  • unbalanced activity,
  • separation of ties,
  • fertility issues.

The Empress in Love Tarot Reading

The Empress is a very positive Card in the Prints concerning Love. 

If you are looking for a lasting and deep connection, a marriage, a family, this is “the” Card to draw. 

The Empress indicates that the bond between the two partners is strengthening, that they feel more and more comfortable with each other. The relationship progresses towards more maturity and deep feelings.

The Empress is also a sensual card. It can indicate that (re) finding sensuality and love games is important.

If you are going through difficulties in relationship, the Empress advises to renew the dialogue. Respect and honesty are necessary, as well as a lot of empathy, to fully understand what each person is going through. 

It’s time to open up to each other, express what is wrong, and do your best to understand each other’s position.

The Empress for Love (Positive meaning)

  • Fertility, generous feelings .
  • A fulfilling, harmonious love life.
  • Seduction , femininity, charm.
  • Strong and structuring femininity.

The Empress for Love (Negative meaning)

  • Lack of heat .
  • Jealousy, superficiality.
  • Thinking too much, overthinking: lack of action.
  • Problem with a woman.

The Empress in Career Tarot Reading

In a tarot card spread for work, the Empress is a Card which announces success and abundance

Attention: it is not a question of dreaming of its success, it must be implemented! Like the garden in which the Empress is seated, you must sow, water, pull up the weeds and start over. Abundance will match the motivation and work put in by you.

If your professional project is related to the artistic, creative field; if you wish to launch your own activity, the Empress is even better!

The Empress can also symbolize a manager, a person of authority or a tutor who is “mothering” you, advises and guides you. You can rely on this person and benefit from his or her help.

The Empress for Career (Positive meaning)

  • Make plans , design, take initiatives.
  • Motivation.
  • Good self-image.
  • Understand and learn .
  • Be notified. Instruction

The Empress for Career (Negative meaning)

  • Justify yourself and not face reality.
  • Lack of creativity .
  • Have a bad or distorted self-image.
  • Make a mistake .

The Empress in Finances Tarot Reading

In the area of ​​Money and Finance, the Empress is an Abundance Card. It can announce a return “in the positive” for you… provided that you make the necessary efforts.

The Empress advises to take the necessary measures for the return of Abundance. She advises to be clever and creative, to take the right initiatives.

The Empress for Finances (Positive meaning)

  • Sound and well-regulated management.
  • Material comfort .
  • Love to buy “beautiful”.

The Empress for Finances (Negative meaning)

  • Too much expense to appear , out of vanity, or to compensate for a personal problem.
  • Believe that you can buy your own esteem and that of others.

The Empress in Health Tarot Reading

  • Everything that concerns the mind, the psyche .
  • The head, the intestines.
  • The symbolic body and the acupuncture meridians .
  • Risk of overwork.
  • Anguish , stress, somatization.
  • Need for rest or treatment with alternative medicine.

The Empress in Spirituality Tarot Reading

Nothing like connecting with Nature to feel balance and anchoring. Nature is full of treasures that you want to collect, secrets that you want to know. Stones, Plants and Animals call and speak to you.

Live this connection more intensely, spend more time – if possible – in Nature.

The Empress also reminds you that the pleasures of the senses are also essential to Life and that they can very well be associated with the spiritual journey.

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