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Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the Zodiac. The sign of Aquarius is represented by the Water Bearer. Aquarians are the best agents for the Age of Aquarius. Aquarius is ruled by the Planets Saturn and Uranus

Aquarian Man is creative, amiable, broad-minded, honest and popular.

Aquarian Man is visionary and a progressive souls who enjoy to invest time believing about how things can be much better. They believe in seeking the truth. While Aquarian Man is pleased when the rest of the world agrees with them.

Aquarian Man will achieve much with their broad and sensible minds.. At play, Aquarian Man will like to surround himself with lots of individuals, ideally family members and good friends. When it comes to enjoyment, Aquarian Man is lively, even flirty.

Aquarius Man Personality: Positive Traits

Aquarius Man is charismatic, courageous, eccentric and open-minded. The Aquarius Man is also intelligent and idiosyncratic, with strong principles and and an interest in the welfare of others. Altruism and sensitivity are typical Aquarius traits which make the Aquarius man so attractive to others.

Aquarian man is very reliable. He will be ready to assist an individual in need.

Aquarius Man Personality: Negative Traits

The personality of Aquarius has some traits which may pose challenges. The Aquarius man’s eccentricity can go too far, and he can become engaged in pointless rebellion. Aquarius characteristics can sometimes lead to emotional detachment; Aquarius Man can have the self-image of an insecure outsider. The typical Aquarius personality has been known to succumb to self-doubt and recoil from intimacy.

Aquarius Man makes strategies, however hardly ever carries them out. Due to the fact that numerous of his strategies are unwise, he is constantly in some sort of a dither. In some cases he is so much into his own world, that he loses touch with the truths of presence.

Aquarius Man in Relationship : Boyfriend

Aquarius Man is a non-traditional and eccentric flexibility fan, and yet desires to be everybody’s pal and stick to his own rather stiff way of life. Aquarian males set out to discover as numerous good friends as they potentially can, rather than get stress about love and sex.

He’s an oddball, a weirdo, whom you would meet at workplace disco who does not consume alcohol and does not dance; however smokes a pipeline and appears like an anarchist. He may likewise be that male on the commuter train you see every early morning who looks at you with alien eyes and has an aloof and rather cold look. Aquarian boyfriend will be delighted in conducting a clinical examination of your mind!

Aquarian Man feels it’s his right to understand everything about the woman of his choice. He will wonder if you are strong enough to deal with his curious and penetrating mind.. The much deeper the secret you stir, the most likely he’ll wish to nose-dive into your tricks.

Aquarius Man in Love

Aquarians are strongly independent and cannot bear to be tied down. Their firm views and opinions can quickly change to obstinacy and stubbornness when provoked. Nevertheless, they are faithful and supportive in the right relationship. They may become ensconsed in a committed relationship but need to preserve their privacy and independence.

Aquarian Man firm views and viewpoints that can rapidly alter to obstinacy and stubbornness when provoked. In a relationship, they require to protect their personal privacy and self-reliance.


Aquarians frequently have trouble in managing their own feelings along with other individuals’s. Which might imply that they in some cases neglect a partner’s most intimate sensations and insecurities.

They are naturally extremely uncomplicated. Do not anticipate Aquarians Man to be well-defined since they are typically really unforeseeable, and will practically definitely keep their liked ones thinking. Not all Aquarians discover it simple to reveal their feelings. They are typically uncomfortable with the romantic elements of love.

Extrovert, amusing, smart, and frequently extremely optimistic, Aquarians normally have lots of buddies who play a crucial role in their lives. They are extremely devoted and credible, their partners might typically end up being envious over the bond between an Aquarian Man and his good friends. Sometimes, their strong feelings can turn into arguments. This can make life hard for their partners.

Free Spirit

Aquarians do not like revealing their genuine feelings. An independent nature implies that they take their time to settle in a consistent relationship. It is difficult for them to develop trust. They will however will stay extremely devoted once a relationship is developed.

Aquarius Man Friendship

Though Aquarians are most indiscriminating, and while their interests are the least snobbish, they usually pick their friends with the best care. A few of the loftiest friendships are within the scope of Aquarians.

They have the gift for relationship, being neither envious, possessive or too extreme. They however having a real interest in people and human relationships. Aquarian Men are individuals who use like intellectual friends.

Aquarius Man in Career

Aquarians make excellent business partners. They have sixth sense. Hence they always know the new trends. They are very straight with money.

Aquarians put their finest efforts into an organisation. They are just . They put their 100% towards their organization.

Aquarius Husband

Aquarian Husbands are thoughtful males. They ideal gentlemen in every way. They treat their spouses and family members with the exact same courtesy, that they accord to complete strangers.

The Aquarian husband is the kindest and most generous of all the types. He is an open-minded spirit. He will do things for your without expecting anything is return. This is the best part of the character of an Aquarian husband.

Aquarian Husbands are not ardent fans; that is, not unless some other planetary setups promote this desire. Because they are thoughtful, social, kindly individuals they accept marital relationship as part of the domestic plan, and cooperative as they are, make a terrific success of it. Their success includes their own mindset, which contributes a lot towards consistency in the house.

It has actually been stated that the Aquarians’ universal interest, will one day be the mindset of the whole world, however in the meantime, the domestic life of such males will be far more effective if marry an extremely intellectual lady, whose work in the world is as crucial as their own broad interests.

Aquarius Male Celebrities

Robbie Williams , Ashton Kutcher,  John Travolta

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