Aquarius Woman : Personality, Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Breakup, Positive and Negative Traits

Those born between the dates of January 21st to February 19th have the zodiac sign of Aquarius. The symbol associated with the zodiac sign Aquarius is the water bearer. It is a symbol which shows that God is nourishing the earth and is providing energy for life. In ancient mythology Zeus was the first God to be called the water bearer.

Aquarius Woman personality

Aquarian Women are very friendly and make really good friends. They are honest with their good friends and remain loyal for most of the time. Aquarian Woman have the quality of being original and inventive due to which they do not copy from others and come up with new ideas of their own. They are also independent.

Aquarius Women are famous for fighting for their causes. They never give up without giving a tough fight. They are always dreaming and planning for the future and love it when everything is going according to the plan.

Aquarius Women also think about the past and learn from the mistakes. They make good companions as well and love having fun.

Aquarius Women have a very open personality but still they are not able to make friends easily. They pass on those people who do not have an appealing personality. Aquarius Women hesitate to give themselves easily. Due to this reason the love life suffers. Once the Aquarius Women know that someone is worth making friend or sharing love, she will be ready to give major sacrifices and remain faithful.

Aquarians tend to expect a lot from the opposite sex due to which they are left disappointed. When Aquarians are deceived and lied to, they become very angry and do not forgive easily.

Aquarius Women have the quality of working on group projects. They love teamwork and are often ready to take the leading role. 

Aquarius Woman Negative Traits

On the dark side Aquarius women might be unpredictable at times which makes them difficult to read. They are also unemotional.

Aquarius Women do not like being lonely and are always looking for company. Due to such personality they might be in some problems. They sometimes are left out and remain alone. The simple solution for this problem is to accept people for what they are. Not everyone is perfect and it must be accepted.

Aquarius Woman Love Life

​“Make the most out of the opportunity”

Aquarians Woman has got great shine and glamour.  That’s why it will not be hard for her to make friends with strangers and much more than that. 

You will come across a lot of people who could possibility be your partners. It is suggested that without any second thought, you should make the most of the opportunity.  However, if you will give this opportunity a second thought then you will just be thinking about it all the time and hard times will come. There is no relation that does come to such a situation however, when it comes to the Aquarians, such type of relations can get critical. 

“Devoted love of Aquarians”

Aquarian Woman is really protective about her freedom and way of living the life.  If you get successful in finding a serious relation then you should give up your normal life for the sake of the relationship and start taking it as we instead of me.   This will certainly require a significant amount of devotion from your side.  There are times where the relation just ends because of this scenario.  In order to make the relation last for long, the partner will have to understand the emotional needs of the Aquarian and then change his or life according to it.   The partner needs to be cool minded and he must have such a mind which the Aquarian can identify with.   In order to make sure that the relation works, it is important that both the partners have the same aspirations as well as interests.   Aquarian Woman have got the talent for making a particular occasion special as well as entertaining for their partners.  That’s the key to make the love life vibrant as well as fulfilling.

“Aquarians need more than Physical Relation”

Aquarian Woman shows others what to do by doing it themselves. They prefer that kind of love which is conscious and practical at the same time.  Aquarian woman is not the people who satisfied with a life of sex and ordinary type of love. They need such a life that has an improvement.  They make sure they go into the deepest of things in order to become aware of what’s going around.  Their acts show they want to improve the quality of everyone’s life too. 

Young Aquarians wish to make their dreams come true.  This passion does not leave them throughout their lives.  They wish the reach even higher goals.  You look for safe places where you can work things out.  Aquarians like listening and mentoring.  They also wish to be true friends. 

“Unpredictable love of Aquarians”

Aquarians are somewhat unpredictable.  This might make love seem risky at times.  Aquarians are the people who like to have their freedom. They are ready to give up everything except for their freedom.  All it needs to understand an Aquarian and he or she will be found faithful.  Aquarians should be patient when it comes to maintaining quality in the relationship.  Aquarians even sacrifice relationships for the sake of freedom.

Aquarius Females Celebrities

Some star females with the zodiac sign of Pisces are Anna Pavlova, Opra Winfrey and Geena Davis (actress).

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