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Compatibility for Capricorn and Sagittarius holds that they both are best compatible with each other and the probability of long term love relationship in very high. Compatibility for Capricorn and Sagittarius demonstrates that both love partners should avoid covetousness in order to remove minor conflicts between them. Compatibility for Capricorn and Sagittarius elaborates that Sagittarius person is a free bird and wants independence; either the Capricorn person should allow required independence to the Sagittarius person or Sagittarius person should cooperate with the Capricorn person to have a pleasant and long term love relationship.

Compatibility for Capricorn and Sagittarius illustrates that both love partners are sexually compatible with each other and because of their passionate nature they would have wonderful sexual love relationship. Compatibility for Capricorn and Sagittarius holds that the stable nature of the Capricorn person would be very appealing for the Sagittarius person and it would praise it which would make the Capricorn person put more effort for stability. Compatibility for Capricorn and Sagittarius claims that the Capricorn people are of practical nature which would make them able to do everything in appropriate manner which would in turn have positive affect on its love relationship and love partner.

Compatibility for Capricorn and Sagittarius demonstrates that sometimes the somberness of the Capricorn person may irritate the Sagittarius person because the Sagittarius person wants to have some fun in life therefore it is the responsibility of the Capricorn person to provide some fun opportunities. Compatibility for Capricorn and Sagittarius illustrates that the Sagittarius person is of adventurous nature and want to have some adventure in its life; therefore the Capricorn person should support the Sagittarius love partner in order to have some adventures, it too would have positive affect on the personality of the Capricorn person.

Compatibility for Capricorn and Sagittarius extends by telling that the Sagittarius person wants to have change in their life, therefore the consistent nature of the Capricorn person may cause boredom for the Sagittarius person. Compatibility for Capricorn and Sagittarius shows that the flippant nature of the Sagittarius person would also be not acceptable for the Capricorn person therefore the Sagittarius person should have sense of responsibility in order to make their love relationship pleasing. Compatibility for Capricorn and Sagittarius tells that although there are few conflicts in their personality traits however they probability of a successful love relationship is still high, therefore both lover partners should cooperate with each other for a wonderful love life.

Sagittarius is full of fun and spontaneity, although this does not mean that they do not have grief or a bad mood. Unlike Capricorn, which stands firmly on its feet, Sagittarius is a little clumsy and often stumbles (even when they say it). This, undoubtedly, gives them a peculiar charm, but also sometimes causes the gentle mockery of Capricorn. Capricorns know exactly where they are heading, that Sagittarius find the property enviable, although this annoys them somewhat, because Archers themselves will not learn this. Since their relationship is formed as a model of the Solar Signs 2-12 , they will spend a lot of time studying and teaching each other, and the teacher will be mainly Capricorn, and Sagittarius – a negligent student. Each has qualities that seem attractive to the other. For example, Sagittarius is awed by Capricorn’s ability to stoically tolerate a stay in the dental chair. And Capricorn secretly envies the courage with which the Archer sets out to meet life, not fearing its surprises (unless it is about one of those unusually calm Centaurs that travel and risk only in the mind – and that is because they had too strict parents ) In general, travel can cause collisions between them. While most Archers love to wander around, exploring the world (or studying philosophy and religion), Capricorn is made nervous by the very thought of such an unjustified fuss. The idea of ​​living in a waiting room with packed suitcases seems crazy to them. Likewise, they do not approve of flirting with philosophy and religion. What was good for the Father (and Mother) is good for Capricorn. His childhood church is strong and reliable, so why doubt its foundations? With regard to philosophy, Plato relied on practical experience, Socrates – on the mind; so why these experiments with the new and the unknown? Not all, but most Capricorns symbolically (sometimes, it seems, even literally) stand firmly on the ground. Sometimes it may seem that if they stand long enough in one place, they will take root and become ivy, for centuries waving their rigid antennae on the walls of family castles …

It is interesting to observe how they communicate with each other. Those rare Sagittarius, which belong to the contemplative type, easily find a common language with Capricorn. However, most Sagittarius enjoy the process of conversation. They constantly ask, wanting to know everything about everything. At first, Capricorn will be happy to answer questions – these balanced people are pleased to introduce others to the wisdom of life. But when after some time it becomes clear that the independent Sagittarius ignores all the wisdom of Saturn communicated to him, Capricorn will conclude that this is just a game, and Capricorns do not like to spend precious time on games. Sagittarius may consider that Capricorn is too indifferent and does not want to open up to the end, and Capricorn may come to the conclusion that the Archer is too restless and does not want to listen. This is what sometimes happens when idealism and the search for truth come into conflict with wisdom and caution. Although is there idealism without wisdom, and searches without caution? More order! ”- Capricorn grumbles. “More inspiration!” Archer counters. And both of them are right. If Capricorns descended from the height of their omniscience, and Archers would curb their swiftness by adding a little patience to insolence, they would see what brilliant results can be achieved by combining opposing opinions.

Instead of spending time and energy on constant wrangling, you can act together, complementing each other.

Neither one nor the other considers modesty to be a virtue. Sagittarius barely understands the meaning of this word, and Capricorn only seems modest behind Saturn’s outward invisibility hiding confidence and a focus on success.

These two look at money differently. I have not met Capricorn, which would not have savings deposits, sometimes in several banks. Sagittarius prefers not to save money, but to spend, sincerely believing that money exists for that. Archers know how to count fast, but they think expenses are faster than savings. Perhaps there are several atypical Sagittarius, but you will probably find in them the Moon in Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn or the Ascendant in one of these signs. Such an Archer can have excellent financial relations with Capricorn, although, on the other hand, it is money that can become a stumbling block for them.

One of the lucky aspects of their compatibility is that arrows of Sagittarius’s honesty bounce off Capricorn more easily than on Solar Signs with less thick skin. When Sagittarius shells Capricorn with jagged arrows of truth. Capricorn only shrugs: “So what?” But let Sagittarius not think that everything is so simple. If rash comments become more than necessary. Capricorn will put on Archer his own Saturnian brand of truth, which can make the lucky Sagittarius think for months in the corner. Saturn-led Capricorns are great educators who can teach the necessary lesson to impulsive and outspoken people.

At first glance, it seems as if Sagittarius is being pushed around by Capricorn. At least that’s how it seems to an outside observer. In fact, in the end, Capricorn calmly and decisively acts in accordance with his desires, and Sagittarius remains with nothing. Like all Earth signs, Capricorn makes temporary concessions in order to avoid a dispute, and most Archers know very well when to stop annoying Capricorn – before Capricorn really gets angry. Sagittarius with a light heart accept life’s turmoil, but at heart they are sad clowns. Excessive irritation or anxiety hurts them. Their sunny nature is full of hope, so they suffer so much when they discover that the rainbow has a wrong side … The nature of Capricorn is more gloomy and restrained, because Capricorns are born with a built-in gauge of measure and taste and a vestibular apparatus that allows them to maintain balance on the rocky cliffs of life. In a word, Sagittarius is an optimist, and Capricorn is a pessimist. The optimism of Sagittarius bothers the cautious Capricorn. Capricorn’s pessimism suppresses the Archer’s spirit.

And yet, when the sun clown of the Archer deprives hope of the cruelty of those who do not share his invisible fidelity and nobility. Capricorn is close by to heal wounds with loving tenderness and wisdom. This happened once in childhood, when his grandmother and grandfather were next to the little Sagittarius … Capricorn can gloomily be silent or scold, but no one will be more delicate and more tender when the idealistic head of the careless Archer, who ignored the advice of Capricorn trouble will fall down. “Nothing, nothing,” Capricorn reassures, “sooner or later everything will fall into place. After rain, there is always sun. Didn’t you teach me this yourself? ” And we must pay tribute to Capricorn: he is wise enough to remember everything that he was taught.

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