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The sign of the sea-goat. Capricorns are very career-orientated people. They are ambitious and have opinions about everything. They do often tend to have a bit of a doom and gloom character, constantly seeing the down side of things. Some capricorns are narrow minded in their thinking however just due to the fact that they desire to do what they believe is the extremely finest thing to do.

This man needs a career – it’s one of the things that defines him. He is likely to be a success, though. The Capricorn male is quite a traditionalist in the home and also is not the quickest to show his emotions or affection. Sometimes can appear a little too serious but actually tends to have a good sense of humor – it’s just that he doesn’t show it readily as he doesn’t want to lose control.

Capricorn Man Personality: Positive Traits

The description of Capricorn traits includes many positives. Capricorn characteristics include the already-noted ambition and self-discipline, as well as a cool, dignified demeanor. The Capricorn personality tends to project authority, though it is a reserved, quiet kind of authority. Like all earth signs, love of the arts and the good life are typical Capricorn traits which make the Capricorn personality well-rounded and likable.

Rather typically the individual born under this indication is enthusiastic and understands how to get what he desires out of life. He is generally great at organisation matters and understands the worth of loan. He is not a spendthrift and understands how to put something away for a rainy day; he dislikes waste and unneeded loss.

Capricorn Man Personality: Negative Traits

The personality of Capricorn also has some traits which may pose challenges. The Capricorn’s planning can go too far, and Capricorns can lack a certain spontaneity, and be unwilling to change. Capricorn characteristics can be too status- and money-minded, and Capricorn can be too emotionally reserved, refusing to discuss their feeling with others. The typical Capricorn personality has been known to develop anxiety due to this lack of openness.

He thinks highly of himself and tends to look down on others. He in some cases believes he alone understands what’s the good for everybody.

Capricorn Man in Relationship : Boyfriend

A Capricorn lover likes conventional things. Do not expect him or her to be impulsive and untamed because he is born with strong ethics. Your lover will not break any social norm to please you, but can give you immense happiness related with traveling and entertainment. Your Capricorn lover will prove to be a good husband or a wife. He or she will love you for the sake of love and the genuine qualities that are present in you. She or he will not get tired of you and make your life a complete bliss!

On the surface area this male might be a hard-faced, obviously bloody-minded hardliner, however someplace below everything you may discover some real heat and a regularly easy-going nature.

The Capricorn male is unbreakable. There is a closed door romantic man in his heart, attempting frantically to get out. He requires a sensible lady to open the door for him. As long as your relationship is within the borders of his own white lines, and he is in control, you’ll discover the most faithful and dependable partner behind those closed doors.

Capricorns seldom let themselves slip into any situation other than the one they have actually chosen. In relationships with ladies they require to be in control.

He appreciates ladies who can convince him out of his stuffy Goat methods. His inner nature frequently mellows as he ages, and unusually enough the paradox of this male is that as he gets older and more traditional he will likewise let go of any sexual inhibitions and enable spontaneous “sensations” to enter his heart.

Capricorn Man in Love

As soon as Capricorns dominate their natural reserve and shyness, they make fantastic partners: for although they are shy, they can be extremely devoted when in a relationship. They require a partner who will support them mentally and provide a much-needed increase in self-confidence.


Some Capricorns are so scared of rejection and the possibility of being injured that starting a relationship can be challenging and chances are frequently missed out on. They might lack confidence and are persuaded that nobody will ever discover them appealing enough to start a long-lasting significant relationship.


Flirtations do not appeal to many Capricorns, who choose an irreversible relationship that provides them psychological security. The partner of a Capricorn might discover that the only severe competitor for her love is the Capricorn’s profession.

Cautious Lover

The head rules the heart for Capricious and they never ever wed without being completely sure about their partner. They are stable and mindful in love instead of having plenty of surprises, and normally show to be devoted and relying on enthusiasts. Their supreme objective in love is to feel protected.

Capricorn Man Friendship

Capricorn individuals might make quick good friends if they pick to do so. They may never ever make amazing good friends, however if steadiness, fixity, and strength were the only components of relationship Capricorn individuals might offer unsparingly. On the uncommon celebrations where they bind themselves in relationship they adhere permanently.

Typically these individuals are too narrow, discriminative, important and cold to look for relationship, for they are rather like Virgo, suspicious of whatever and everyone. Whether in their secret hearts they resent their own absence of capability to bring in, and perforce presume an unfavorable mindset, is another concern, however whatever the response, Capricorn individuals do not make really satisfying good friends.

Capricorn Man in Career

Their unique skill is organisation makes them excellent partners, as far as the company is concerned

The Capricornians themselves choose to work alone, and are often experts in their line (whatever it is), so comprehensive and extensive are their research study.

The moon in Capricorn has actually been called the “Figure of the Devil”, and though the solar position is a little less extreme, the qualities are practically as prohibiting, austere (nearly inhumanly so), dogmatic, and whose last word is law.

Capricorn Man as a Husband

This kind of guy typically weds, however his factors may be self-centered. Naturally selfishness has actually been credited a lot of other sort of males, however the standard nature of Capricorn is self-centered.

As spouses, these males are excellent companions, for they are enthusiastic and effective in service many of the time. A Capricorn partner is extremely dictatorial as well as conservative, and lays down difficult and quick guidelines for the costs of his cash.

He is typically not an excellent psychological buddy for his partner, having neither the capability nor the determination to offer even a part of himself to develop an environment of satisfaction, much less to include to the genuine satisfaction of the minute. He would never ever think that some contribution from himself was needed to increase his own satisfaction, and he would never ever be prepared to provide of himself even if encouraged.

Naturally the severe tone that this birth figure casts over a character is generally tempered by the other setups. Because case much of the sober Capricorn qualities are decorated by softer state of minds, making, obviously, a far more reasonable individual.

Capricorn Male Celebrities

Albert Schweitzer, Benjamin Franklin, Carlos Casteneda, Cary Grant, David Bowie, Edgar Allen Poe, Elvis Presley, Henri Matisse, Henry Miller, Humphrey Bogart, Isaac Newton, Jim Carrey, Louis Pasteur, Mao Tse Tung, Martin Luther King Jr., Muhammad Ali, Nicholas Cage, Richard Nixon, Stephen Hawking.

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