Gemini Woman : Personality, Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Breakup, Positive and Negative Traits

Gemini is a well known star sign. It is the third zodiac sign of the twelve star signs. Its point of origin lies in the constellation of heavenly bodies, or stars if you will, designated as Gemini. It is induced with quite a level of masculinity and is also one of the positive odd numbered signs of the zodiac, or extrovert on a different note. It is also a mutable or adjustable sign of the zodiac category. Those born on the dates May 22nd to June 21st are included in the star sign of Gemini.

The symbol associated with the star sign of Gemini is that of the twins. Some astrologers believe the Wolf to be an appropriate animal symbol in relation to the star sign in question. 

Gemini Woman Personality

Gemini is a most curious bunch of individuals indeed. They are characterized by a high affinity for adaptation and are highly versatile. In dealings and interaction with others, Gemini individuals exhibit an elevated and intense level of communicative potency and unmatched wit in conversation related endeavors. They are intelligent and wise beyond their years. Eloquence and logic are an important part of their personality. Stifled in certain instances but otherwise Gemini is highly energetic and youthful. This is best shown by the liveliness of their spirit. On the darker and more obscure side of the personality, Gemini people tend to be a bit on the nervous and strained side. They tend to be superficial and a bit shallow sometimes. The inconsistency or irregular nature of their darker personality is further enhanced by the occasional presence of shrewdness and a high level of inquisition on their part.

Gemini people are highly fascinating when it comes to their love lives. They tend to bring mystery and clandestine aspects into their love life and appear as a puzzle to their partners. Gemini affiliated individuals ponder much and try to assess and ascertain their dealings in a much deeper and profound manner in relation to their love life. A people belonging to Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are good choices for a partner when it comes to Gemini. Gemini individuals can also find apt and suitable companions within their own star signs as well.

Gemini Woman love life

If you are on extrovert (unreserved , social , broadminded)  side and if you believe you love  someone, you will avoid wasting time like others do waiting for the moment and will immediately tell that person without hesitation. On the other side if you are a type of romantic person, you might wait for the correct time, planning something surprising for him/her, and might ruin it all in the end. 

“Gemini challenging lovers”

If you are in love with a Gemini it can be challenging and wonderful. Gemini men are found with so many outstanding, charming and endearing qualities. They are loyal and intelligent. If you are looking out for an adventurous person, Gemini is the right option as he is spontaneous and fun to be with. However most of the women find the Gemini man too slow in taking the next step in any romantic relationship. There are many reasons for that too and once a woman is aware about it he will surely want to be with a Gemini man forever.

“Play safe with Gemini”

A Gemini might not put in their heart while making any commitments. They use their brains and plan everything even before the relationship has started. They can’t fall in love easily by those love letters or romantic gestures. They want a partner who matches their level and choose the ones who will be able to spend the whole life with them. You cannot push a Gemini into a relationship until he is ready. If you do so, he will not be able to handle the pressure and the relationship won’t last long. He waits for the right time to be in a relationship. He will evaluate everything before making commitments. You need to keep things simple and honest while talking to Gemini and if you are looking for a relationship this quality will impress him of being yourself instead of over reacting and trying to be something which does not come off naturally from you. 

“Let Gemini know your feelings”

When in a relationship with Gemini it is also important to keep on sharing how you actually feel being with him. If you fall in love with him and are looking to build a strong relationship, let him know about it. He might not react positively at that time and it will look as if he is not interested in a relationship. But it is not true. A Gemini man needs some time to think about relationship and will surely give a positive response after analyzing each and everything. He loves being with someone who keeps calm and relaxed instead of just focusing on the wedding.

“Impress Gemini with wonders”

Furthermore, a Gemini man loves to talk about anything in details and can check whether how long his partner can debate with him. If you are able to debate for a long time, it will impress him greatly and the relationship can last forever. Gemini loves being with a woman who has everything to offer and a great sense full of wonders.

Gemini Female Celebs

There are many prominent and famous celebrities that belong to the Gemini Star sign. Amongst these many some names can be identified as those of Angelina Jolie, Brook Shields, Heidi Klum, Adrianna Lima, Natalie Portman, Elizabeth Jane Hurley, July Garland and Marilyn Monroe. 

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