Gift Ideas for Taurus

What to give to Taurus? 

Taurus love gifts, but even more like to give them to others. They are careful in choosing a gift. In gifts, Taurus prefer things practical, useful. This should be a gift to Taurus. 

So, what can you give to Taurus:

Classic Gifts:

  • luxurious bouquet of flowers
  • expensive cognac or wine
  • jewelry made of gold and precious stones
  • perfumery
  • book, album (gift editions) – of the best reference books from books (encyclopedias, dictionaries)
  • good wristwatch
  • porcelain service
  • crystal
  • clothing items such as gloves, belt, scarf (preferably in the classic style of expensive fabrics or leather)
  • umbrella
  • potted plants
  • just money in an envelope

Business Gifts:

  • diary (in beautiful binding)
  • table set
  • dear pen

Culinary Gifts:

  • favorite food
  • delicacies
  • candy in a beautiful box
  • customized cake
  • other sweets

Household Gifts:

  • pillow
  • plaid blanket
  • slippers
  • bed linen sets

interior gifts:

  • rocking chair
  • coffee table

Patio gift Items:

  • outdoor furniture set
  • deck chair
  • hammock

electronic gifts:

  • television
  • DVD device
  • a laptop

Media Gifts:

  • Good movie dvd
  • audio discs
  • magazine subscription

Gift wrapping for Taurus:

  • Taurus will appreciate beautifully designed gifts:
    • in gift paper
    • packaging, boxes, boxes of expensive materials

What you should not give Taurus:

  • too original things
  • giveaways
  • trips and tickets for trips