Libra Woman : Personality, Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Breakup, Positive and Negative Traits

Those born between the dates of September 24th to October 23rd have the zodiac sign of Libra. The symbol associated with the zodiac sign Libra is the scale of balance. This symbol represents the ideology of a Libra which is to seek a balance in life. Judicial systems have also adopted this symbol which shows the balance of fairness. It also emphasizes on blind justice.

Libra Woman Personality

Librans are considered to be diplomatic and urbane as well. They are charming and romantic in their relationships which often lead to successful relationships. They are also sociable and easy going. On the other hand Librans are also easily influenced which is a drawback. They are flirtatious as well which might sometimes lead to rejection and disappointment. 

Libras sometimes face the problem of expressing the positive energy. They like sharing in the life and condemn injustice. They are gentle and appreciate the finer things in life. Librans are known to hate violence and being a slave to fashion. Sometimes in life Librans face several problems due to their personality. A Libran might beat himself up over not being able to please a friend or someone else. This problem in common with this zodiac sign and the only solution to it is by learning to please themselves along with not depriving others. Librans might sometimes feel that they are nothing due to which other will feel irritated and annoyed. In order to deal with this personality trait a Libran must develop a feeling of self-worth and admiring each positive attribute of oneself.

Librans have a great love life as compared to other zodiac signs. In personal relationships Librans successfully understand point of view of the other person. They also try to resolve differences by talking and by making compromises. Librans have a true mind due to which marriage of Librans are often successful. Librans are understood to be the ones who understand they partners’ shortcomings and are ready to tolerate anything for the sake of the beloved. Librans might also sometimes go to the negative side as they are a bit flirtatious. Due to this reason their character goes shallow and they become impatient. Such Librans will have a strong love of pleasure due to which they will indulge in extravagant activities such as gambling and showing money off.

Libra Love Life

“Endless love of Librans”

Librans are one of those people who when fall in love with someone, they love them terribly.  Libras when reach their adult life would either chase someone’s love or they fall in love with someone. Love means the world to these people and they can’t picture living their lives without it.  Hence, when a Libra is in love, he is genuinely in love.  The one being loved by a Libra is lucky as he gets all the care, love and affection he needs.  The only problem with Librans is that falling in love is quite easy for them.  Many of the Libras hardly see whom they are falling in love with. They just fall for that someone they love!  Librans prefer making the long and permanent relation and that is why a few are not able to maintain one.

When you are committed to someone, apart from the way you take your relation, there is always a need to think about the relation impartially.  There is a need to see whether both of you have the same character, would you like to see the one you love with you ten years from now  and see whether you and your partner will be able to sustain the relation in the hard times. 

“Librans the victim of First love”

First love has always been magical for every individual but there is exceptional case when it comes to Librans.  They are one of the weakest victims of this kind of love.  They are such easy lovers that they start picturing marriage life with the other person without even getting to know him or her.   But the fact is that you need to make sure you and the other person gets along well in order to think about getting married.  If you are a Libran who has faced such a situation too often, then it is truly normal. This will only make you a stronger person and you will become a more understating person in the future. Managing relations will not be a problem for you. 

“Over romantic”

When it comes to pleasing the lover in bed, Librans have a really different way of working things out and enjoying the relation.  If you want to be at your level best, then you need to be relaxed.  You are likely to play a better role in peace but you may not be able to find such a situation often.  Make sure you do not disappoint your partner if you don’t find the right peace and atmosphere.  They are quite over –romantic.  They are also really possessive in the matter of their love. 

Librans certainly are the people who are quite social and agreeable too.  They are the most charming and loving people.  They are such people who don’t want to be left in the crowd as they get insecure too often.   They prefer socializing and being with the ones they love instead of staying alone.  They are the people who have got plenty of close friends and acquaintances.

Libra Female Celebrities

Some star females with the zodiac sign of Libra are Margaret Thatcher, Annie Besant and Linda Darnell (actress).

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