Pisces Woman : Personality, Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Breakup, Positive and Negative Traits

Those born between the dates of February 20th to March 20th have the zodiac sign of Pisces. The symbol associated with Pisces is a fish. It is actually two fish which are swimming in either direction. The way the fish are swimming in different direction shows the inner tensions that are within Pisceans.

Pisces Women are never egotistical in personal relationships. Whatever the friends ask for them, they are always ready to give more. Pisces Women love partner’s spirit rather than the body and looks. Pisces Women are very loyal to their partners and remain faithful

Pisces Women Personality

Pisces Women Positive Traits

Pisces Women have good imaginative skills and are often sensitive. They are very kind and love humanity. They are also selfless and very humble. On a darker side, Pisces tend to be a bit secretive and have difficulties in opening up in front of others. Pisces Women have generous qualities due to which they are easily able to make friends. Sometimes Pisces Women forget to look the world rationally and take necessary steps emotionally. This habit sometimes works out in favor of them. It might also be a drawback because not all situations require emotional thinking and sometimes it is better to take steps rationally.

Pisces Women love solitude. As they are dreamers, they love to dream in solitude.

Pisces Women Negative Traits

Pisces will often leave the place if they are not interested in the topic that is being discussed. They also hate being criticized due to which they often miss out on constructive criticism.

They also do not like those people who pose to know everything. Due to such personality Pisces Women might find themselves in several troubles.

Sometimes Pisceans run out of money whether it is a monthly allowance or salary. They often think they have more than they have due to which they overspend. Due to this reason they should make a budget and follow it strictly.

Pisceans also fail to open up due to which they cannot connect with friends and family. In the end due to this reason they are left alone. Pisceans should open up and inspire others so that they are considered important.

Pisces Woman in Love:

“Emotions rule Pisces”

When it comes to love, Pisces Woman ruled by their instincts and emotions. They are not the kind of people who picture their ideal partner.  They just prefer leaving it to be thought later.  Pisces Women do not have control over their emotions when they are in love.  The “love motto” of Pisces women is opposite of look before you leap. Pisces Women eventually learn to become careful when they will suffer because of love. 

“Pisces Women are more romantic less practical”

All you have to do is try to think practically when it comes to love. It would certainly be hard but there is a need to manage the impulse.  Count to 10 and just relax.  If you think that things are getting hotter and you just cannot work things out anymore then try letting it go and spare some time for it. It does not mean that you are running from your demons.  Time has always been helpful in making the vague ideas clear.  If you will not be close to your lover, no emotions will be built and you will not be thinking about your coherence with that person.

A problem is that if you get committed or fall in love with the wrong person, then you may not realize this in time.  Pisces women have a really good nature.  They are quite determinant in working the relation out and they are willing to sacrifice anything for that.   Because of this attitude, even those people who are not really into you, will get attracted towards you. Among them, there may be such people too who are not worthy of your affection.  Pisces Women learn many lessons with time.

“Less self control and forgive easily”

Pisces Women need to learn how to work with self-control.  They should move on in life with the “forgive and forget” motive. They are the people who are hurt the most because of their goodness.  They easily trust anyone. This makes them suffer a lot.  They learn from their experience only.  Pisces Woman enjoys spending evenings with their lovers and they are really great at giving surprise touches.  When they are committed, they are found to be really romantic and loving. 

“Unpredictable in love”

Pisces Women are ready to give up their independence for anyone they love. They have got vivid characteristics due to which they can become highly unpredictable at times.  They have made their very own imaginary life but when they face the harsh realities of life, they are not able to cope up with the circumstances.  When dating someone, a lot of emotions and passion is expressed.  Rejection in love may induce them to take some wrong steps. They are really emotional sort of people whose nature is often difficult to understand.  They are the people who are highly concerned about the dear ones. 

Pisces Female Celebrities

Some star females with the zodiac sign of Pisces are Sandy Duncan (actress), Elizabeth Browning (poet) and Jennifer O Neal (actress).

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