Sagittarius Woman : Personality, Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Breakup, Positive and Negative Traits

Those born between the dates of November 23rd to December 21st have the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. The symbol for Sagittarius is a centaur. As the Greek loved the horses, they made a mythical creature called centaur which is half human and half horse. The centaur is known for its wisdom and has tremendous healing abilities. As centaur is half human, it is intellectual. The other half of the centaur is a horse, which makes it physically strong as well. This makes centaur quite powerful as it has the best of both worlds.

Sagittarius Woman Personality

Sagittarians love freedom and are optimistic. They have a good sense of humor and most of the times are straight forward. They are intellectual, learned and philosophical as well which allows them to give a ood food for thought. On the dark side, Sagittarius’ are careless and irresponsible. Sometimes they might find themselves in positions where they would be tactless and restless. They are also modest and humble. Sagittarians love adventure and are full of energy all the time due to which they will experience several new things in this life. Sagittarians due to this quality will be able to have a social life and will meet several new people. They love to experience new things and try to balance loyalty with independence. 

Sagittarians have an interesting personality. They love travelling and appreciate the general feel of things. They appreciate and respect the laws and meanings. They also love freedom but dislike being bothered by details. Due to certain personality Sagittarians might face some problems in life. At times people do not take Sagittarians quite seriously. The only ways to deal with this problem is by not exaggerating things and promote trust. Sagittarians sometimes feel lost and this problem can be easily dealt with by focus. Make goals in life and do things to achieve them. 

Sagittarians are very straightforward in matters of love and always take control of the sexual natures. Those Sagittarians who are married are very faithful to their spouses. Sometimes due to the urge of having freedom they might let their careers overtake their love lives. Sagittarian women face difficulty in expressing affection due to which they are often thought as being frigid.

Sagittarius Love Life

“Sagittarius the emotionally strong star”

It is the common trait of the Sagittarius to fall in love with the same kind and later they go into a phase where they feel that the love is temporary.  The reason behind this is the fact that Sags are naturally in love with the emotional and physical freedom to such an extent that they themselves can’t image about it.   If this freedom is hurt and there is a part of you that keeps on telling you that your freedom is more important than that relation, then you feel like giving up on it.  That’s when these people tell themselves that this one is not the right one. You start to move back and the other person feels as if you are not into him or her anymore. A problem with the sags is that they are the people who fall too much in love with a person too fast.  There is need to balance this.  Not many learn to balance it out but with time, everyone gets by. In order to find the right one, many of the Sagittarians take the risk of heartbreak. 

“Daring partners”

Once the Sagittarius has been committed in a relation, he or she is found to be really enthusiastic. Sagittarians are known to be the daring sexual partners.  Being in a sexual relation with the same person for a long time makes them boring and because of this they start searching for alternatives.  Sagittarius is those people who want to be as independent as they can be. They are always up for trying something new and interesting.  They are warning, affectionate as well as thoughtful.  They are the party lovers too. They like socializing and meeting new people.

“Dual personality in love”

One upsetting trait of Sagittarius is that they often show duality in the relationship. You may call this having two relations at the same time. This is often done to show independence. They wish to show that they do not need any emotional support.  This is not a positive thing however. This may seem natural to the Sagittarius himself but the other person might take it as a betrayal. 

Sagittarius is such people whose needs change with the change in time.  Though they are clever as well as daring but they do not like such a person who is emotionally and overtly thoughtful.  Sagittarians get angry soon but a good thing is that they calm down soon too.  They are the people who can give an exciting, messy and an adventurous relation to their partner.  They may seem to be committed too early but sometimes, they need a bit more time to get expansive and friendly. 

“Sagittarians back out easily”

Sagittarius like such partners who are little bit bossy, frank and has a zest for life. They get along with such people well.  However, if they feel their freedom is being harmed, they won’t take much time to back out of the relation and look for alternatives.  To them, their freedom is much more important than any other thing. Overall, they are great people. 

Sagittarius Female Celebrities

Some star females with the zodiac sign of Sagittarius are Luisa Alcott (writer), Emily Dickinson (poet) and Mary Martin (actress).

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