Tips for Dating a Capricorn Man

Capricorn, the hard working mountain goat sun sign is the most successful professional in the zodiac. He is sure-footed and keeps his dreams near the ground. This typical man is never deceptive and disloyal. The most effective tip to attract him is to take active part in social gathering.

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If you are a responsible and smart lady born under Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio or Pisces sign then you are in the right track of attracting a Capricorn. He is very ambitious and self-motivated individual who loves to share his power and affluent life with like-minded people. He is the man who loves material possession rather than subtle sentimental things.

Tips for Dating a Capricorn Man

To attract a Capricorn respect his necessity for achieving success in whatever thing he does in life. You should compliment his hard-work and focused nature. It may seem bit suffocating to you after seeing his self-imposed rules in leading life.

Ask him about his working culture and try to de-stress him from the excessive load he takes in his professional life. Discuss financial and business plans with him. He will love your kind concern and will fall at your feet.

Invite his friends in dinner or engage in a smart conversation with his friends to please him. A Capricorn though confined in his very private social circle full of powerful personalities is actually a very responsible individual. He makes a perfect husband and leads an amazing family life.

Try formal conversation, dry wit and strong wine to please this tough man. So, never wish to take the driver seat. In return you will get a loyal and wealthy husband you will become an ideal to his children. He will give you all the material satisfaction.

Beware, a Capricorn man is born with suspicious nature. Construct a faithful relationship with him by constantly supporting his achievements. Do not try to bitch him behind his back as he will immediately doubt your fidelity.

Your Capricorn guy is not very adapting with fashion trend, though he is well-dressed than other men. He loves conventional things. His love for femme fatale shows his masculinity. Instead of wearing revealing clothes you can appear in a uniform to get his heart at once.

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