Cancer and Leo : Compatibility, Love, Marriage, Friendship

The love relationship between Cancer and Leo is very useful and satisfying for both signs. Both seek security and confirmation in the relationship, but while Cancer needs emotional stability, Leo needs to feel desired and flattered.

Both very loyal to their partner, sometimes their behavior comes to touch obsessiveness, creating embarrassing and problematic situations. However, given the importance they both attach to the sense of security, the level of understanding within the relationship will always be very high. Both Cancer and Leo are oriented towards a life of comfort, family solidity and economic stability.

Strength and passion are the tools that Leo makes available to the relationship, while Cancer provides its innate protective sense. Often the determination with which both signs are endowed is a source of disagreement, it is necessary to reach a compromise solution that satisfies the points of view of both.

Cancer is influenced by the Moon, and Leo that of the Sun. The Sun symbolizes individualism, and radiates hot and male-like energy, its action determines the vigorous and enthusiastic attitude of Leo. The Moon radiates feminine energy and determines the emotional and protective nature of Cancer. The combination of these energies of opposite sign creates a perfect balance, which manifests itself with the admiration that each one feels towards the other.

Cancer is a sign of Water, while Leo is a sign of Fire. Leo is looking for glory and approval, Cancer primarily wants emotional and material security. Having become aware of their respective needs, the two must work hard not to disappoint the partner’s expectations.

Cancer is a Cardinal sign, while Leo is a Fixed sign. Leo generally has a stubborn and presumptuous character, while Cancer often tends to manipulate the people it comes into contact with. Cancer aims at a peaceful and safe life, made of work and family affections, instead Leo loves feeling appreciated, wants success and is not afraid to face the unknown. Once engaged in a love relationship, the two must first clarify their feelings, if they want to avoid misunderstandings and misunderstandings.

What is the best aspect of the Cancer-Leo relationship?

The strength of the Cancer-Leo relationship is the devotion and respect that deeply unites the two partners. Taken as an example of a perfectly balanced couple, they continually struggle to maintain the harmony that characterizes their union.

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