Leo Man and Cancer Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

The lion and the moon girl want their relationship to last a lifetime. Their novel may have three different plots.

After a few years, he will arrogantly rule over her. She will have to depend on his royal vagaries and in this regard from her own moods, fears and tears.

After some time, she will extinguish his self-confidence with her soft but persistent nitpicking and make him retreat in a sullen and sad silence.

They will adapt to each other, learn to compromise and live happily – loving, laughing, crying and learning.

Realizing the third opportunity is not an easy task, and it is beyond the power of those who are cowardly or selfish. To mix Water and Fire, one needs sensitivity and conscious caution. He will have to suffer because of the overwhelming changes in her mood and try to understand the very essence of her possessive reflexes. She will have to look through her fingers at his vanity, sometimes turning into selfishness, and not feel constant self-pity because sometimes he does not pay attention to her feelings. Does he know that half of her possessiveness will disappear when they have children with whom she can sing a lullaby, melting with tenderness? And when he is not in a hurry, he will calm her fears and give her a sense of security, and the second half of possessiveness will disappear. Does she know that most of his arrogance originates in inner doubt and insecurity in his capabilities (which, oddly enough, grow in direct proportion to his success) and that she will not achieve anything by suppressing his pride? However, she can give a lot to him with a sincere appreciation of his virtues and recognition of his right to initiative in almost everything. But she needs to be very careful to maintain her own dignity and individuality.

If all this looks to you like a path to holiness, you are right: this is just about this. It takes a lot of holy love and patience, and sometimes humility, so that each of them gradually learns to trust the heart of the other, because their dreams are different. But do not be afraid. There are reliable astrological plans for turning such a union into something eternal, with a solid foundation of happiness, illuminated by its lunar influence and warmed by its sun.

The Cancer Girl combines the strong manifestation of her female zodiac sign and her also female ruler – the fickle Moon. Therefore, she embodies the Sacrament of Woman, all the intricate desires and inexplicable behavior of Eve herself. The male Leo is under the powerful influence of his male zodiac sign and his male patron also – the Sun. Consequently, he embodies the karma of the Man the Conqueror, the wisdom and strength, the willfulness and pride of Adam. Now you understand why she is able to seduce him and why he is so seduced by her homemade cakes? However, she belongs to the Cardinal sign, and this makes her a rather commanding Eve. He is a Permanent Sign, and this makes him a stubborn Adam. It will be much easier for them if she refuses to try to compete with his strong personality,

It is natural for the Moon (Cancer) to absorb the bright rays of the Sun (Leo) and reflect them in the form of a softer, more gentle moonlight. The imitation of Mother Nature never leads on the wrong path, they just need not to exaggerate their Solar and Lunar roles and not fall into the trap of their exaggeration. Too many Leo-Cancer pairs are unknowingly exposed to this danger. The elusive but constant mutual exchange will help to avoid excessive domination on his part, as well as excessive humility on her part. The Moon or Ascendant of at least one of them will help maintain this balance if they are in the signs of Gemini and Libra.

The natural attraction of love that they feel for each other can weaken over time. Their physical magnetism is very strong, but a skillful blending of their essences is necessary. It happens that he is too impulsive, demanding and careless in love, and she is too sensitive, passive and evasive. But when the physical closeness between them is harmonious, this is wonderful, because it is surprisingly susceptible, and he is undeniably gentle and affectionate. Due to the fact that her softness and tenderness are sexually complemented by his strength and energy, the passion between them can be very deep. True, the differences in her moods and her anxiety, he can take for a lack of reciprocity, and his estrangement, when it is hard on his soul, sometimes seems to her indifference.

Tears are also part of their life together, but tears can heal, and with Leo and Cancer they will turn into tears of joy when all her fears are behind, because the most important thing in the world is their love. Her dreams are always beautiful when she falls asleep in his arms, because this means that her heart, albeit not for long, but free from subconscious childhood fears of loneliness. It is at this moment that he understands how she needs her, and then he cries … but she sleeps and does not know about it, and he will never tell her. She has many secrets, he has only one – his vulnerability.

The lion, whom the girl-Cancer had bewitched one summer night, never ceases to amaze her. She seemed such a helpless creature, seeking his strength … so timid … she needed leadership so much. And he felt a surge of tenderness. He later found out that she was not just female – she was feminine. Being female is seductive, but femininity is deeper. She is cozy and motherly caring, covering him with safety blankets smelling of lavender … and she so subtly perceives and guesses his thoughts and feelings, even if he did not say a word. Much later, he will discover something else, vague, difficult to define. This worries him, because he was sure that he was the master of the situation, she suddenly avoids him, makes him feel that he is in fact not a master at all.

He would like to go there after her and apologize, but he does not know the way. And so he must wait for her to return from her secret shelter, because she cannot be rushed and uselessly persuaded. He is so happy when she returns to their reality, again becoming cheerful, vibrant and vibrant. And she will sing again, preparing an apple pie, and excite him with the aroma of her hair when she kisses him on the cheek. It’s time to offer a trip somewhere. A thirst for travel awakens in her, and she says: “Let’s go!” And he confidently takes on the development of a travel plan. Will they leave right tomorrow? Why not?

Traveling somewhere together – a breath of fresh wind in love between these men and women. Then she alone will possess him and at the same time will become his diligent student, and he will be able to give her all kinds of new lessons. No matter where they go, he will be an expert on people, language, shops, geography, and she will listen … And while she listens, she remembers why she fell in love with him. He knew so much about so many things, and he talked about them so much that they all worried her. He had such confidence that she had never had before. But something in his confidence bothered her. She did not understand for a long time that until one day she guessed. “If he’s so self-confident,” she thought, “he knows and believes so much that he’s always right … why does he need my constant approval?”

Suddenly, she realized: “He only pretends to be brave, strong and wise. Except when he knows that I believe in it. Then he believes in it!” What she understood caused her a sharp pain of love. And she burst into tears with the same tears that Eve herself wept when she first learned the secret of the paradise tree of Wisdom.

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