Leo Man and Cancer Woman love compatibility

Leo Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility Percentage – 33%

Leo and Cancer Intimacy and Love Compatibility Percentage40%
Leo and Cancer Emotional Compatibility Percentage30%
Leo and Cancer Communication Compatibility Percentage10%
Leo and Cancer Trust Percentage40%
Leo and Cancer Intellectual Compatibility Percentage50%
Leo and Cancer Common Interests30%
Leo and Cancer Overall Compatibility Percentage33%

Zodiac Element Compatibility

Cancer and Leo – Water + Fire

Cancer-Leo is a combination is very compatible . Both Cancer and Leo have a rather fragile ego, they are vulnerable and they do not fit criticism well, because they are easily offended. Both signs need love and a lot of attention from your partner.

The Leo man is fire and the Cancer woman is water; It may not be a good idea for them to join, but this relationship can be successful and happy precisely because they are both opposites that attract each other with intensity. 

The link between the two signs could result in a powerful emotional attachment, based on the fact that one sign complements the other. For the crab, the relationship may go through stages of anxiety and distress, due to the lion’s undisclosed power, but as long as they reach agreements so that both meet their needs, they will do well together.

Leo Man and Cancer Woman Relationship

The lion likes to take the stores in any situation, he always wants to exercise his leadership, but he does not do it harming others, he is a kind leader. The imposing lion attracts Cancer women with its charm, affection and good humor. 

She will be pleased to give him the attention and admiration that he seeks, although at the beginning of the relationship the woman born in Cancer is cautious and shy. He is deeply emotional and changeable in character, so he is aware that he must be careful.

The Leo man, true to himself, is likely to be impatient at the Cancer woman’s indecision and her delay in accepting a commitment. She will take her time to decide, does not like exposing herself to failure, and will only take the step when she is safe. 

When it happens, the woman born in Cancer will give her full attention to the Leo man, satisfying one of the lion’s most important needs: to feel loved and cared for. However, the woman of the crab sign is independent and fickle, she has sensitivity to the skin and her mood changes are constant. 

This behavior can disturb the lion, who does not know what to expect or who understands that it is not paying all the attention it needs.

Once they overcome the timid beginning of Cancer, the love relationship between both signs flows without great problems. 

The Cancer woman likes to be independent and is a person capable of leading, but she will have no problem giving the reins of the relationship to the Leo man and he will be happy to accept them. 

As long as this agreement is maintained, with the lion in a leading role in the relationship, the couple’s journey will be undisturbed.

For the Cancer woman, who thinks a lot from the emotional side, it will be beneficial to have the nobility of the Leo man, since he does not usually abuse others when he is in a leadership position. 

The fundamental thing will be that the woman born under the sign of Cancer feels loved, valued and emotionally secure. Leo will demonstrate his desire to please his partner by perceiving the Cancer woman’s need for emotional security.

The enthusiastic and confident Leo could be the perfect solution to Cancer insecurity and self-confidence , given Leo’s ability to lift his spirits and make others feel better.

In turn, the caring and sensitive approach of the Cancer will make Leo feel loved . Many Cancer and Leo, in fact, are usually known as work colleagues or classmates and develop their relationship from there.

Leo is ruled by the Sun and Cancer by the Moon. It is a classic combination in astrology: the Moon governs the feminine principles of sensitive and cultivated love and Leo governs the principles of the masculine, fiery, dynamic, and generally command aggression. 

The combination of these two principles leads to the process of creation and relationship of couple between man and woman. This couple will have a strong karmic connection , balancing the principles of the masculine and the feminine, which should lead to a very positive result.

Fire heats water, creating steam, and water can smother and extinguish the fire of creativity. This interaction of elements occurs in the background of the Cancer / Leo combination. 

For such a relationship to be successful in the long term, it is vital that both let the other be as he is, without judging or trying to control him. In addition, Leo should soften their approach and avoid being too bossy, while Cancer should learn to be more independent and not need the continuous approval of their partner.

Leo Man and Cancer Woman Love Compatibility

As for their intimate relations, they will be good and satisfactory for both signs , especially if the combination is Cancer woman and Leo man.

In intimacy it is possible that the control of the relationship is taken by the Cancer woman. She puts aside her shyness and expresses herself with passion and no boredom in intimate relationships. 

The lion will have to be patient, again, to wait to overflow his typical passion, because the Cancer woman is romantic and values ​​the moments prior to intimacy. Both signs will harmonize because they are eager to please their partner.

Leo Man and Cancer Woman Problems and Breakup

However, the influence of the Moon causes many Cancer to have a variable mood and jump easily, and this could exhaust the optimism and drive of the Leo in the long term. On the other hand, it will be difficult for the Cancerians to accept the arrogance and excessive security of the Leo.

Problems in the couple can arise from the changing mood of the Cancer woman, who easily passes from calm to anger and makes her unpredictable, and also by the Leo man’s intolerance to accept criticism, as well as his stubbornness and certain aggressiveness to answer to them.

Leo Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility in Work

Leo men and Cancer women are characterized by being good bosses and coworkers, it is difficult to find them better than they are in the entire zodiac. The woman with the crab sign is a hard worker and patient at work, and she knows how to lead effectively. 

The Leo man was born to be a leader, if he is not in that position he tends to get frustrated and will fight to overcome himself and reach the command site that he believes belongs to him. 

He is also an efficient and friendly worker, and is not expected to have major confrontations with Cancer women in the workplace. Discord could only appear when the Cancer woman dares to criticize the Leo man, he will respond with all the passion and vehemence that characterizes him.

In Conclusion

The Leo man and the Cancer woman have the potential to build a happy relationship. If they manage to overcome the difficulties of the beginning of the relationship, their bond will be strengthened and will be lasting, since both signs are complemented by their differences. 

The Cancer woman adapts herself perfectly to the needs of the lion, she will know how to give him love, respect and admiration, while the Leo man will reciprocate with firm loyalty and unlimited passion and generosity.

The best Leo to pair with Cancer are those born between August 15 and 23 and the best Cancer for a Leo are those born between July 14 and 22.

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