Taurus Compatibility

Taurus-Aries: acceptable compatibility

This couple suffers numerous confrontations, since Taurus will need much more time to accept the loud and rapid actions of Aries. In this union the Bull will feel greatly overwhelmed by the vehement action of his partner. They can be put in macha, if the bull is guided by his partner.

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Taurus-Taurus: good compatibility

The affinity of these signs allows to form a couple with a cordial and friendly touch. Since the two are stubborn and very afraid of the changes, they run the risk of remaining still without being able to progress. Disagreements may arise from differences in tastes, these relationships lead to love-heartbreak, pleasure-dislike.

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Taurus-Gemini: acceptable compatibility

In this relationship both are totally different but can be complemented. Taurus is characterized by conservatism and adherence to routine, and Gemini very restless, is responsible for finding new experiences and new ideas that allow us to specify the objectives of the relationship. Taurus will learn from his partner to become more flexible.

Taurus Man and Gemini Woman Compatibility Taurus Woman and Gemini Man Compatibility

Taurus-Cancer: excellent compatibility

This relationship is very receptive, and the combination usually arouses feelings of protection and love. Taurus needs the containment and great sensitivity of his partner, especially when he is flooded with fear of the changes. Frictions will arise from the stubbornness of Taurus and the susceptibility of Cancer.

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Taurus-Leo: low compatibility

This couple has very different characters, so the friction products of whims and shocks, will be very often. Taurus will receive from his partner very good advice, with which he will dare to progress and he will offer him new ideas, that feed Leo’s creativity and help him be recognized for his actions.

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Taurus-Virgo: excellent compatibility

The relationship is loaded with common characteristics with great qualities for a good understanding, although Virgo feels the pressure of the critical and meticulous condition of Taurus. The introverted attitude of your partner causes many ups and downs in the relationship, since Taurus needs the affectivity to feel good.

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Taurus-Libra: acceptable compatibility

This relationship has the same planet as regent, so they must converge in the same direction. Taurus is benefited with the gift of Libra to reconcile and to achieve harmony, when he becomes determined with certain stresses due to his characteristic stubborn and fixed temperament, leading him to calm down in order to recognize the opportunities.

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Taurus-Scorpio: good compatibility

It is an opposite relationship, but they can complement each other very well. Power struggles and great anger, occur regularly, due to the strong character of both. Taurus will benefit from the deep perception of his partner to guide and help him when facing difficult situations.

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Taurus-Sagittarius: acceptable compatibility

These signs have a totally opposite temperament, while Taurus is extremely jealous, very possessive and very absorbent, Sagittarius needs to live in freedom and in a constant movement. Although they can complement each other very well, if Taurus takes advantage of the faith and optimism of his partner to face the changes.

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Taurus-Capricorn: excellent compatibility

These relationships have a high social component, and both will suffer from occasional anxiety because of the fear of the changes that Taurus has and because of the rigidity that characterizes Capricorn. The relationship benefits from the aesthetics offered by the first and the seriousness offered by the second component of the relationship.

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Taurus-Aquarius: low compatibility

Both have incompatible characters, although it can be said that the only thing they share is obstinacy, clashes arise because Taurus shows stubbornness in all aspects of life and Aquarius shows it with respect to ideas and thoughts. Aquarius offers exciting and renovating proposals to the conservative characteristics of Taurus.

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Taurus-Pisces: excellent compatibility

They can get to understand each other very well, although they have very different characteristics, Taurus’ abilities and attachment to the material face the dreamy and unrealistic temperament that Pisces possesses. On the other hand, the latter receives the security that is commonly lacking and Taurus enjoys the tenderness he receives from his partner.

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