Taurus Man and Scorpio Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Taurus and Scorpio. Earth + Water

The compatibility between Scorpio and Taurus is higher than it might seem. Taurus and Scorpio are opposite zodiac signs and that is why, sometimes, they are hopelessly attracted to each other. Their first meeting could be simply incredible and Taurus could be surprised by the passion that his presence awakens. Given the connection between Mars and Venus, there is a good chance that a strong magnetic attraction will arise between the two signs Taurus and Scorpio.

There are people who bring out the worst and the best in ourselves. In the case of the combination of a Taurus man with a Scorpio woman, they appear to be a couple formed in the same heaven. The compatibility between two beings of these signs is utopian, with so few negative aspects that without a doubt it would be one of the couples with the greatest potential to be happy.

The bull and the scorpion come together in an exciting way in almost every possible way. In the game of seduction, she is very agile and the great Taurus becomes her prey. She will never give up, even if there is some resistance on her part in the first few approaches. Initial differences are quickly overcome because they have many issues in common.

They are one of those people who a few days after meeting, they have already become accomplices in the most unusual situations and both enjoy it. They can also become opponents very frequently, but this is a very interesting discussion of ideas. Things can get a bit complicated if you don’t learn to ease the tension built up between the two of you.

They both want exclusivity from the other, so there is a chance they will end up being best friends. This exclusivist quality can work both for and against, since they could suffocate their fellow adventurers. When it comes to a friendship, it is easier to handle it, but when it comes to a relationship, the issue becomes a little more complex.

Taurus Man and Scorpio Woman Friendship:

They are good listeners, but very bad at talking about themselves. Taurus has the peculiarity of assimilating and processing a large amount of information, talking a lot when he becomes confident, but reaching that point is not easy and does not happen with anyone. Scorpio can become your confidant, with him you will have all kinds of transcendental conversations.

Taurus Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility:

Scorpio is a free woman, who flows freely and without any ties. They are loyal, but it takes time to establish this level of connection because they have to feel confident that they are making the right decision. They have a little selfish thinking and think much more about themselves and their interests, than about the interests of others.

As we already know, Taurus is a stubborn person with a strong character. They take time to show their inner selves but when they do, they want to receive the same in return. Loyalty becomes a necessary value to remain in a relationship with a man of this sign. They both take things slowly, discovering each other layer by layer.

The Taurus man and the Scorpio woman have a lot to contribute to each other. Taurus is solid and confident, which is perfect for countering Scorpio’s natural anxiety. He makes her feel calm, neutralizes most of her negative emotions, and is able to control her anxiety without even trying.

On an intellectual level, both are less likely to find a common platform, but if they do, it can become, with total security, one of the best love combinations of the zodiac, in terms of compatibility.

They both love to be successful, so it is usual for her to work outside the home to take on important positions. They may come to compete professionally in a very childish way, but at the end of the day, Taurus will be very proud of his wife’s achievements and will be the first to support her in all her successes

The biggest complaint about Taurus is that they are usually boring. A Scorpio woman can compensate for this, encouraging travel, spontaneous vacations, romantic getaways, outings for no reason, and planning relaxation activities outside the home to get you out of the rut. He will be pleased by this most of the time.

Taurus Man and Scorpio Woman in Love:

Scorpio needs to express his love through intimacy, while Taurus may need more affection, because he is more sensitive. Scorpio will help Taurus explore the part of himself where love and sensuality reach their peak, while Taurus may be able to persuade Scorpio to turn to his more forgiving side and learn to let him live.

Taurus Man and Scorpio Woman Relationship Issues:

Both Taurus and Scorpios are very possessive , and especially Scorpios, jealous. Scorpio demands much more emotional bonding and intimacy than Taurus, which can create some problems.

Another common trait that can lead to arguments is the stubbornness of both of you. Scorpio’s inflexibility will conflict with the Earth element and Taurus’s stubborn focus. Couples of this combination will agree on some things, but will argue indefinitely over others, and will clash quite often. You both need to compromise from time to time. Control of money will be one of the main tests and both signs will have to work hard in this field for the relationship to work.

Since both Taurus and Scorpios find it difficult to express themselves fully, their discharge of emotions can frustrate them. They need to learn to open up, at least to their partner. Although there may be mistrust on both sides, it will never be a real problem as they are both extremely faithful and loyal. As long as they manage to make room for each other, the relationship can work perfectly.

The Scorpio woman is dominant by nature and the bull does not usually compromise in almost any aspect. Here is a power struggle that must be handled in the best possible way. They need to learn to listen to each other, instead of starting a fight to find out who is the most powerful.

Taurus Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility in Professional Work:

The Scorpio woman is dominant by nature and the bull does not usually compromise in almost any aspect. Here is a power struggle that must be handled in the best possible way. They need to learn to listen to each other, instead of starting a fight to find out who is the most powerful.

As in the aspects mentioned above, the magic of the union of Taurus with Scorpio is transferred to the work field. He will know how to deal with the impatient Scorpio personality, especially if the latter is in a position of subordination. The work environment created by them will be motivating.

If they have a common goal, they will not stop until they see it successfully accomplished. They are people who manage to understand each other well at the work and business level because they have the same affinity with success and money. Finances are tasks that Scorpio women are good at, which is why they will be key to simplifying the path of a Taurus.

The admiration is mutual, but tensions can occur in times of great stress since neither of you can fully manage your temper. Intellectually they understand each other perfectly, however, Scorpios are inflexible and Taurus are stubborn, which can put them in trouble when handling money matters.

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Taurus Man and Scorpio Woman Relationship:

The Taurus man, who could not resist the magnetic charm of the Scorpio woman, will face the most painful or lightest experiences in his life. In any case, there will be no middle ground.

This may be the first if a negative aspect exists between the Sun and the Moon in their horoscopes. However, if the luminaries are in harmonious relationships, a second outcome is more likely. If between their planets everything is calm. Taurus may well rush into this pool, plunge into the mystical world, into the immeasurable depths of her love.

I do not mean that the temperament of this woman is too hot for Taurus or that her soul is too susceptible to cold mysticism for him to understand her. In the end, and the silent Rudolph Valentine, a legend, a riddle and a movie star, was Taurus. So the Bull is quite capable of slipping under cover of night into the hut of a Scorpio girl, romantically inflating her nostrils. Since she is physiologically attracted to someone who belongs to the opposite Sun sign, she can even run barefoot towards him, and in the moonlight she will appear to be the queen of Nefertiti herself. This is the highlight of their relationship: when they are together, the Scorpio woman becomes, for her beloved Taurus, any of the goddesses of love of all time. In the afternoon, she sheds Scorpio’s mask and … becomes a shy secretary, or a cute shy person,

Despite her seemingly calm external softness, this is not the woman with whom love becomes a holiday. She is charming, feminine, brilliantly intelligent, tolerant and passionate. But she is not a harmless big-eyed girl who just wants to be loved; Scorpio lives with emotions that sometimes hide for years inside. That is why it seems so submissive, and then suddenly, without any warning, explodes in fiery anger or disappears behind a wall of icy silence, which is even more difficult to deal with and which, of course, is even harder to understand.

For a while she does what her lover tells her to do, unless he becomes too demanding. Then she discovers her hidden power. Tact and ability to compromise are not the strongest sides of her character. However, him too. Neither Taurus nor Scorpio can imagine what it is to accept the point of view of another person, although this is not entirely true. Taurus is not able to understand someone else’s opinion. Scorpio, possessing remarkable insight, imagines it very easily, but she prefers her own desires. Here they must come to some kind of agreement, otherwise they will have to spend their whole lives silently, turning their backs to each other! Both are born under Permanent Signs. But both of them were also born under female signs, so that they could very well show gentleness and pliability.

It is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and peace. She is Pluto, the planet of passion and mystery. Therefore, their sexual relationship is usually accompanied by passionate surprises and explosions of feelings. She compares sex with the mystery of her own existence and worships it as a sacred act of Love. In addition, she is occupied by those hidden properties that can only be clarified by intimacy with a loved one, although an atmosphere of purity always reigns around her desires. For a Scorpio woman, sex is not cheap entertainment, and she will insist on being loved not only for her outward attractiveness, but also for all the qualities of her nature.

A Taurus man will never be able to fully understand their love relationship – with the depth with which she understands them, but, of course, will not deny the pleasure bestowed upon him. For the Bull, as well as for Scorpio, sexual intimacy is a sacred act, a constant renewal of spiritual energy, occurring due to a cycle of passion. However, sex alone will not be enough for a long lasting union, there are other facets of their love that require constant attention. It is not easy for these two to make peace after a serious disagreement. Taurus says: “I will forgive you, but I cannot look at it through my fingers.” The reaction of Scorpio is not much different from this: “I will forgive you, but I will never forget that.” Both of them lie to themselves, because in fact the meaning of these words is: “I can not forgive.” Forgiving truly means looking through your fingers and forgetting. Rejection of true forgiveness is a dark, evil thing. From it can grow a cold alienation of loneliness, aging, chronic depression and emotional instability, just like a huge oak tree grows from an acorn.

Another cause of cooling between the two could be Taurus’ sense of humor. At times, the Bull needs a “sitcom”, he needs to have a little humor in his life, light and bright, because his life is serious enough. She may laugh at his witty remarks, but her eyes will never smile. And one day he will understand that she hates being joked about. She would never be able to really laugh at herself, although that would help her emotions to become a few tones brighter.

The relationship between Taurus and Scorpio is perfectly illustrated by the story of a mysterious stranger, an unknown and passionate admirer of Rudolph Valentine.

Apart from vague rumors, no one still knows who she is. However, as if the canopy was called, she could only be a Scorpio woman, who understands that life, love, sex and death are inseparable. Who else could every year, on the anniversary of the death of his beloved Taurus, clothed in black from head to toe and covering his face with a veil, to bring flowers to his grave in memory of indestructible passion, grief and fidelity?

These are the relationships of Taurus and Scorpio. No easy flirting, no random connections. It will be either a complete break and cold indifference, or a passion that lasts a lifetime, and moreover – after death. All or nothing.

In Conclusion:

It is important that both of you learn to work on the conflicts that arise, since if you do not pay the necessary attention to some events, the positive relationship between them can easily turn into a toxic matter that leads to separation. He is looking for a person with whom to live a predictable and serene life, but the Scorpio woman will give a little life to the relationship.

Since both signs have difficulty expressing themselves, emotional discharges can be frustrating. Both need to learn to open up at the right time to make the work environment less emotionally draining. In this way they will also be able to be loyal and faithful companions.

Most Scorpios are compatible for this relationship , but those born between October 24 and November 2 are especially ideal; The most compatible Taurus are those born between April 20 and 29.

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