Aquarius Man and Taurus Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

The Aquarius man is little surprised. However, he may not be ready for what his acquaintance with the Taurus girl will turn into. He has his own ethics, it may seem strange, but these are his own rules, and they are unshakable or, rather, permanent. It has a very developed sense of humanity. He has no prejudices against women, he is interested in everything, regardless of gender. How could he offend her? They had so much fun together! He was just trying to be her little brother. Her friend. Her buddy.

Her comrade.

And the Taurus girl was created by Mother Nature for love. So he made a mistake at the very beginning. He paid her so much attention, asked her shocking questions of intimate content and showed sympathy when she cried? And he should make an effort – and notice that she is a woman. She, of course, realizes that he is a man. She noticed it right away! Her love arithmetic was completely simple: one man plus one woman … This equals ecstasy, even at the level of touch. Aquarius feels calmer when two remain two. Then he knows exactly where he is. One. Free from obligations and from the fear of losing your personality.

He probably devoted so much time to her to watch her heart beat, showing the lively curiosity that he has with any of his experiments. But she did not understand that she was just material for his curious mind. She carefully considered everything (as Taurus usually do) … and decided that he loved her.

Perhaps this was so. But the Aquarius man has the ability to turn love at first sight into friendship, it seems to be to test its merits, and then leave everything that way. For a Taurus girl, this attitude to feelings is a sure way to fall into failure. She believes that true love, meaning the union of two souls, is a rare case. It’s sad to miss her now, so that maybe in one of the future incarnations … And many Aquarius miss their love.

An ordinary Taurus girl, entangled in a relationship with an Aquarius man, suffers from this more than he does. If she falls in love, she wants love to last “forever and three more days.” This would be his original intention, if not for his tendency to eccentric acts, which she cannot foresee, and, God bears witness to that, he himself cannot explain.

He is a Permanent Sign, therefore he is capable of remembering a departed woman with gratitude all his life. But he is a man of Uranus and can go to the gap easily and irrevocably.

Aquarius, despite the constancy of his habits, easily accepts changes, but Taurus does not. Change frightens her. This means something new, unfamiliar and still untested. In the arms of her beloved, she feels confident and protected. She got used to it. Just like she got used to her hairstyle, faded jeans, old records, a broken coffee pot, torn tennis shoes – but, of course, with a deeper feeling. Even if life with him is full of disagreements and sometimes becomes unbearable, she will stubbornly believe that there is still hope. You need to admire her exposure. But if she finally decides to leave him, nothing will make her return. Of course, if she seriously wanted to do this, and not just tried this step as the last desperate means. Such a technique often ends with the abrupt return of Aquarius from his other world to the real one and the realization that he may lose something more than a convenient friendship. But if her departure is not a love strategy, it is easier for Aquarius to move mountains than to convince Taurus to try to start all over again.

If the location of the Solyan and the Moon between the signs of scheme 4-10 is unfavorable, the slightest breeze can cause a shipwreck. Due to the fact that it is controlled by Uranus, everything can happen faster than she understands what happened, she will be left alone in a sea of ​​emotions without a life buoy, and yet she is made of Earthly, and not of Water material! However, with the help of the mutual harmonious arrangement of the Sun and the Moon in their maps, they will survive any storms.

Their sexual relationship may be a cause for disappointment if she does not understand and accept his unpredictability.

He will have to not rush and be patient in order to understand the leisurelyness and depth of her passion and her sensuality. She needs expressions of love not only during their intimacy, but he can be both sensitive and delicate. They just need to want to understand each other.

This constant search can lead them to pure high passion, and it is worth the effort, because Aquarius can bring into the sexual unity that unexpected magic that reveals other dimensions to the heart, soul, and body.

These two are so different! She is a girl. He is a guy. She would like him to treat her like a woman, he would like to treat him like a man (but men are terribly boring types, with guys more fun). She loves thick carpets and large cozy furniture. He would rather go to bed in a tent. She loves rubbing her back with a fragrant brush in a bath fragrant with aromatic oils. He loves to whip himself with bamboo leaves in the shower, like a Japanese. She is disposed to peace and tranquility – to what he calls boredom. He is disposed to dispute and unpredictability – to what she considers bedlam. In the end, she might lose her patience …

However, if he teaches her to fly a little, and she explains to him what it means to be together, then … who knows? “If” is a small word with great meaning. But “love” is a six-letter word with unlimited power.

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