Pisces Man and Taurus Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

What is the silence and the roar of the Bull, sooner or later, any Michael will know from his own experience if he is Pisces and his girlfriend is Taurus.

Even if the Taurus girl portrays a romantic young lady, she intends to take the initiative in her own hands and win. True, everything can turn out to be like a game of blind manners, and if only she does not peep a little and a little trick, she can lose, because she is playing with Fish.

The fish really do not want to catch the hook of his own affection, and he can try to escape before he is caught. But this is just his Neptunian defensive reaction, and he will be back soon. The instinct of return is inherent in him, and this will help him win, because the love between these man and woman promises to be truly love. Both Taurus and Pisces love silence. Both of them are sure that it is not necessary to wake a sleeping dog. Why look for difficulties? They already fall on you every day. In addition, Pisces often find themselves involved in other people’s problems because they know how to listen and sympathize.

These two solar signs have one more point of contact: a mutual tendency to despondency and pessimism. True, the Taurus girl has more patience and she is more confident in a successful outcome than the internally restless male Fish. The fact is that she knows how to wait. Some Taurus enjoys waiting for people when they are late, because this gives them the opportunity to test their patience in extreme circumstances!

Most Pisces men never come anywhere in time in their lives (unless they are under the influence of the Virgin). There are Pisces men who are late for work, to the movies, to the dentist, at Christmas (most often because they start celebrating it in November) and to their own wedding (sometimes they completely miss it). What does the Taurus girl think of him? This may be of interest to a male fish, but not too much concern. Why bother, because they love each other!

Perhaps he will be worried about the question of money, the meaning of life, the future, but the most natural state for Pisces is a romantic passion. He must have planned his first seduction at a startlingly young age! Love comes to an ordinary Taurus woman late, and maybe that is why she appreciates it much higher than women of other Solar signs. Waiting makes her unusual things like Christmas or the first kiss. Her friend, Fish, is so different from all the men she has ever met that she cannot help but admire his elusive and mysterious qualities, even if usually she does not trust such changeable natures.

This is more than a feeling of mutual attraction – it is a karmic connection, and it exists thanks to the scheme of Solar signs 3-11. A Taurus woman may also have a strong feeling for male Scorpions, but this is mainly a physical feeling. With the Fish Man, everything is so serious and deeper that it is not easy to explain. In addition, he so needs someone to cook him food, believe him, love and console him! And she is distinguished by just these talents.

From time to time, she feels self-pity and misgivings. But when everything falls into place, she will return to her former familiar path, again trusting Venus. The Taurus woman, if she remains by herself, is sure that any misfortunes can be eliminated with a warm bath, a plate of hot soup, sound thoughts and a few jokes. And this applies to everything – from minor disappointments to serious dramas. Complicated male Pisces depressions require more extensive and less prosaic therapy, but just taking care will give him pleasure.

Sexually, the two fit well together. He is sensitive and romantic, the same can be said about her. Both of them are able to catch all the shades and half-tones of sensory experience, therefore, a complete agreement is possible between them.

However, their joint happiness depends on what kind of fish it is … If it hides among the shells on the ocean floor, hoping to find the lost Atlantis there or just thinking about an abstract scientific theory, it will be inaccessible to all mermaids, no matter how they entice it . True, until he finds the only one that is firmly on the ground and that is capable of solving all their problems, financial ones too. Even if he does not think that it should always be like this, this is already a lack of a sense of proportion and carelessness with respect to their future! Remember what happens when a Bull’s anger breaks out? But when the storm subsides, the fish will quietly disappear …

Even if he belongs to the type of strong fish with strong fins, she still will not be able to understand how he manages to live, coping with tears, and with the difficulties of other people, and with money matters. In clear water, Fish can be a surprisingly smart creative person. But if she constantly stirs up this water herself or with the help of others who take advantage of his weakness, as a result, this person can find solace at the bar. And that will be the beginning of the end.

There are three ways to win the heart, Taurus girls: honesty, loyalty, reliability. If he remembers this, and she understands the need for his periodic solitude in order to calm his shaky nerves, he will always return to her warmth, her jokes, a warm bath and a bowl of hot soup. And to true friendship, which has passed the test of Time and which is always more than just love.

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