Gemini Woman and Taurus Man: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

However, I am not sure how long he can keep that tempo; he may be already out of breath, needing a little break. A problem in your relationship may arise if he tries to restrict your freedom of movement and contacts. He may be a very good lover but this is not enough a reason to keep you with him. He .on the other hand may be irritated by your desire to control his finances. All that he earns is for you, but he doesn’t like seeing you wasting it all away. To reach harmony in in this relation, he needs you to take care of his emotions, as much as you need his tender words and loving explanations.

He can keep you only for one reason – if he constantly kindles your ideas and imagination and tries to follow you in the numerous initiatives that you undertake.

Someone once wrote a poem about a man whom nothing could hold, “neither rain, nor storm, nor the darkness of the night could bring him down from the appointed circle.” It was dedicated to the postman. But this, of course, was supposed to be the Taurus postman delivering valentines.

The slow, smoldering passion of Taurus is awakened not simply and not immediately. She sneaks up imperceptibly and grows in him, gradually gaining strength. After his heart is trapped, unless his Moon or Ascendant is in Gemini, Sagittarius or Pisces, he will go through everything – through rain, slush and snow, and even through the sudden storms of anger and hurricanes of emotions of the Gemini woman.

Nothing and no one – neither a threat to his reputation, nor the negative attitude of relatives or friends – will stop and even slightly slow down this always reasonable man when he is in love. The moment when the usually practical Taurus falls into a romantic web, his common sense recedes before his newly discovered feelings of hearing, smell and touch, the opportunity to see a woman – objectively calm, but deep passion. Strong, faithful and reliable, he is able to make promises of eternal fidelity and fulfill them. Truly in love Taurus is in love forever. If his love does not come to a fabulous ending. Taurus can rush into other sensual experiments, becoming, for example, a gloomy alcoholic (one of the most terrifying mistakes that Bulls can make) or an insatiable glutton.

He is like a dream come true for any girl. But not the twin girls. The twins are frivolous. They are like a kite in free flight: they soar beautifully, catching sunlight in the clouds and only reflecting it.

Comedian actor Oreon Vin once quite accurately described the Gemini girl he knew: “I asked her when her husband had her birthday. And she immediately exclaimed that, thank God, she has no husband.”

“You speak as if you don’t love men,” he told her, surprised. “No,” she replied cheerfully, “I adore men! I just hate husbands.” “But why?” Bean insisted. “What have they done?” The girl thought only for a second: “Well, they are such owners. As if they want to know who you are dating …”

An ordinary person reading this, and, of course, Taurus, the response of the Gemini girl can simply shock. But not an astrologer. You see, a “date” for Gemini can be an innocent arrangement with her hairdresser, a consultation with a cosmetologist, or a trip to the dentist. This woman always makes dates to meet people, and then is late for them or even forgets about them. This does not mean that she is looking for adventure. – She is just having fun and enjoying talking with people. At least this is how it begins, and usually it ends with it, if, of course, it is correctly understood. Remember that there are always two Gemini, and one man can hardly make two girls happy at once. Taurus do not understand this.

Of course, this should not ruin the relationship, and the twin girl can be deeply attached to one man, even if she needs a whole company. But try to make the Taurus owner understand this need! It would be better if she explained all this to him before the wedding. If she waits longer – when he begins to believe that she belongs exclusively to him – and only then tells him that she just needs to go and have fun, because she is bored, or begins to lie, his reaction may already be uncontrollable.

Of course, if his Moon or Ascendant is in the signs of Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Leo or Aries, or if he has Mars or Venus in Gemini, and even in conjunction with her Sun, everything can be wonderful. Then he has stability and calmness in order to “land” her in time, enough Air to admire her enthusiasm, or enough Fire to support her flash of freedom. As for the girl, if her Moon or Ascendant is in the signs of Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces or Cancer (especially if she has Mars or Venus in Taurus), she will even like to sit on his lap and purr while he strokes her head.

Otherwise, it will be difficult for them to communicate. For example, on the basis of money: she loves to spend it, and he believes that it should be saved. On the basis of food: he loves to eat, but she hates cooking. She can still crush salads with one hand. Anything more complicated she leaves to the cook of her beloved French restaurant. It will be very difficult for him to understand her Mercury moods, because she changes them as often as some people in the tropics change their shirts.

She goes from grief to joy, from generosity to stinginess. First, she wants to be an actress, then – to get a diploma of an anthropologist. It is clear that Taurus can become irritable after one of these quick changes.

Their sexual relationships can be just as volatile, and this requires steel nerves. Taurus – sensual, with erotic inclinations and very passionate lovers. The twins regard sex as the next exciting adventure in the land of imagination.

The Taurus man wants to embrace a real woman, not a forest nymph or an astral body. Her mind is a world full of amazing images, but it is unbearable for Taurus, who stands firmly on earth and lives in the real world. And there must be room for compromise.

Everything that confuses the Taurus man in his beloved Gemini can be “put” into one very simple question. Who is she? Is she really his woman – the one whose possession he had been waiting for so long, or is she just a figment of his imagination, born of desire? He so wants to fly with her high in the clouds, but he is not sure that he knows how … 

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