Leo Man and Taurus Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Taurus Woman is very musical. And it doesn’t matter if she sings Karman’s aria in the Metropolitan Opera or simply says to the milkman: “Perhaps I will take another Cream.” You can sing, compose music or just enjoy it: its soothing sounds have a beneficial effect on the Bulls.

And therefore, can there be a conflict when Leo, married to a Taurus woman, wants to listen to music? Can. And this is exactly what astrology means by claiming that these signs are incompatible. Signs in a combination of 4-10 have difficult and tense relationships, but if they boldly face the problems and solve them, fate rewards them more generously than anyone else. What would never be a cause for trouble between two people of different signs, Leo and Taurus could result in a volcanic eruption (if between them there is no favorable aspect of the Sun – the Moon).

Leo hates to do something halfway, and this trait of his has nothing to do with his temper. If this is a house, then it should be large and luxurious. If this is a ring, then it should be shiny and visible from any end of the room. If Leo listens to music, he needs to fill his heart, soul and ears. And this, as one Taurus woman said, “is not music, but abuse of her. But it is impossible for him to explain it!” Another Taurus woman was at the height of bliss when her Leo with a ukulele courted her. Then they got married, and she missed him every time he played and sang for her. But did these two women show antipathy to music? Just music was a pretext for conflicts between them and their spouses, Leo.

A Leo man, even if he does not deserve an astrological comparison with the king, really wants to control everyone around him, and above all his own wife, the Taurus Girl instinctively wants to obey his man, hold on to him and love him faithfully and faithfully – always. But “being controlled” sounds suspicious to her: it looks like coercion, and not a single Bull can stand it when it is pushed. Although Taurus women are capable of deep and long affection, they are stingy with compliments, they see no sense in flattery, and generally believe that worship is the destiny of the weak-minded. And since all Leos require compliments, flattery and worship, you yourself understand what this relationship is lacking.

Lions – painfully proud, hot-tempered people, refuse to play the second violin – for anyone. Even the Lion – the Timid Cat (there is such a type) holds a grudge when he is denied in his place under the sun. In the end, the sun is its ruler! For him, the Sun is not the center of the universe around which all the planets revolve. He himself is the center of the universe around which his family (and most likely, his friends) revolves. And maybe it’s better for them to admit it all the same, if they don’t want to be ignored, because of his cold and arrogance you can just freeze.

Although this man’s character is undoubtedly domineering and sometimes a little oppressive, he knows how to be a gentle and generous lover, especially after an argument. To kiss and make peace is so natural! Verbal apologies are more difficult. They hinder his painful pride. Better he will show that he sincerely regrets it, with the help of various romantic attempts at reconciliation. That is why these two are more capable of empathy and harmony in sexual relations than when, for example, they make music together.

An earthly, tangible manifestation of love is sometimes the only way to settle a dispute with a Taurus woman. She will accept with a stone face all the convincing arguments, but long conversations will only tire her. She understands the language of feelings, and she wants action, not words. They often reconcile just like that, and the proud Leo does not believe that at the same time he loses his dignity. Making love never degrades his dignity! His woman is able to accept the whole depth of his love and passion. It gives him the opportunity to “feel like a king” (this expression is used by many Lions).

What happens outside the bedroom?

When it is so important for him to be listened to, she can be calmly indifferent. She can even yawn in the middle of one of his dramatic speeches. Nothing can so cruelly hurt the pride of a Leo man as a clear sign of boredom, not just a naughty subject, but a woman whom he loves! And if she wants to keep him (and every Taurus woman strives for constancy in love), she is better off drinking a few mugs of black coffee and making sure that she has finally woken up before Leo enters the “scene”.

Leo’s most common complaint about a Taurus girl is that she lacks enthusiasm. He often wants to shake her and shout: “Well, say something! Do something! Anything! Just don’t sit like that.” Her most common complaint against him can be expressed in Shakespeare’s well-known phrase: “Much ado about nothing.”

Her jokes can sometimes hurt his dignity, and he will have to “patch up” his egoism again … She, too, will not always be absolutely happy, because from time to time he needs a look of troops and additional applause from the crowd. They will have periodic explosions. But in the end, both of them are signs of Permanent. And besides, they respect each other. And this, despite their differences of opinion, calms and reconciles.

The Taurus woman is patient, good-natured and does not allow herself to turn the little things of life into tragedy. But when something got her crazy, it’s better to leave the road. Maybe on the other side of the street or even to another city until it cools down and calms down. When the outbreak of anger passes, the Taurus woman is painfully ashamed of her weakness (during which her tender, velvet, Venus voice is more like the sergeant’s drill sergeant), and therefore she will try to be unusually affectionate and submissive, trying to make amends. But Leo should not know that tenderness following a quarrel is deceiving. His girlfriend remembers what he did to make her furious, and she will remember it for many, many years! Taurus is very rarely enraged – sometimes once or twice in life. It’s not so much the quality of Taurus,

Taurus shows her temper if she is constantly incited to this by the objectionable tone with which her Leo reads her notations, and then, if she does not indulge all his whims, turns her back on her and long pouts. Such behavior, if it is constant, can infuriate any sign of the Earth!

But this woman consists of more than burrows and obstinacy. It also consists of constancy, courage, warmth, unwavering devotion, calmness, endurance and very deep feelings. She loves passionately and gives herself without looking back, and her innate, with rare exceptions, ability to laugh at herself is one of her most valuable qualities. She does not have extravagance. It is practical and prudent and never pretends that in reality it is not so … In general, it is worthy of being appreciated.

As for the male Leo, he consists of more than his pride, conceited egoism. It consists of liveliness, confidence and optimism. If he feels that he is really needed, his wisdom and benevolence are unparalleled. The lion will fight alone with an army to defend what is dear to his heart, and he will fight against any force that could threaten his beloved, no matter how unequal the battle. He must win to prove himself worthy of her. Very similar to the knights in the days of King Arthur. Only Leo himself and the knight and king. It is as if from a different time, from a different era … when there were still dreams and kingdoms that could be conquered. And he lives in that time and in that life where no one needs his superiority and no one welcomes his ideals. A lion,

It doesn’t matter how many obstacles these man and woman will overcome in search of spiritual harmony. If necessary, they will be together against the whole world and both will stand the test of loyalty. And perhaps this will be one of the best love songs.

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