Taurus Man and Virgo Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Virgo girls can’t stand the mess. Most of them are extremely accurate. Sometimes Virgo comes across, suffering a slight mess around them. But in their heads everything is always tidied up, all thoughts are neatly laid out on shelves, and in their purses you will never find tobacco crumbs.

But Taurus men tend to be a little sloppy. Some of them are frankly careless. Some of them are just sluts. They are too busy getting their daily bread to comb their hair thoroughly, remove crumbs and ashes, hang shirts on their shoulders or shine their shoes to shine. A practical Bull can be respectful of money, but not to the extent that, for example, wash and iron bills. For him, the crumpled banknote is money, no worse than gold. In the same way, a man in a crumpled shirt is also a man, and also no worse than gold. Sometimes a Taurus may pay increased attention to his appearance, but will not make of this cult.

With regard to the girls, there is an opinion that can shock the Bull. Her love of order and a critical mindset give the impression of conservatism, reaching Puritanism. In fact, the Puritan morality of Virgo is an astrological myth. She simply explores the facts, studies the actions and processes this data with her mathematical mind. She has a clear opinion, although she does not express it, regarding what is better for anyone. Her insightful observations lead her to think that this “best” can be anything from building monasteries to encouraging the nudist movement. To each his own. Emotions rarely mix in here (unless she has a very “sensitive” moon). Therefore, the Virgo girl is sometimes accused of too strict morality, which is actually unusual for her. The virgins are even curious. Indeed,

The bull is not inclined to talk about ethics and morality. He simply feels what is right and what is not, and then acts with blind determination, and does not think too much about possible difficulties. When the various paths of the search for truth lead them to the same conclusions, everything is fine. But this does not always happen.

Over time, the Taurus man begins to appreciate the peculiar honesty of his girlfriend and realizes that her love of analysis and her dislike of labeling is not a disadvantage, but an unconditional advantage. But before that, a loving Virgo girl will have to convince her conservatively stubborn Bull that her views on public morality do not at all reflect her own personal principles.

The Taurus man, like Caesar, believes that his woman should be above reproaches and suspicions. Perhaps it is, but it can be no higher than reproaches against him if he turns sex into a topic for jokes. For her, this is a wonderful, pure feeling, worthy of respect and requiring concentration and experience. Her analytical approach may at first cool his ardor somewhat, but they are likely to overcome this temporary difficulty. As with other combinations of signs 5-9, romantic love and sentimental affection in their relationship will play no less important role than passion. In most cases, this couple will have an amazing ability to satisfy each other’s internal needs, because they have a rare gift of understanding.

The word “practicality” does not sound too romantic. However, love with such a foundation is the most lasting. Neither Virgo nor Taurus will give vent to emotions or anger, if this makes no sense. Sometimes he may grumble, or she may have indigestion from anxiety, but both of them want the same thing: “Give me strength to change what I can change, or accept what I can not change. And give me wisdom to distinguish one from the other. “

Only next to him she feels safe, and he appreciates the protection of her arms, refreshing the quiet stream of her controlled emotions. He will say something very witty, she will laugh with her quiet silver laugh … and then the word “practicality” can sound romantic. She can be petty, but unreasonable – never.

The Virgin’s addiction to small things and the pleasure that Taurus receives from ordinary sensations, I want to combine into one. He likes the way the new pencils smell like cedar, and she likes to sharpen them sharply. He is pleased with the sharp, clean, cold touch of the snow falling on his face … and she is delighted with the tiny sparkling stars of which the snow consists. He likes to chew on pine needles, sensing their fresh, pungent Christmas scent. She likes to collect them and fold them neatly.

The Virgin and the Bull can spend their whole lives together, delighted with the small ordinary miracles around. If only they would not spoil everything, expecting too much! The eternal perfection she seeks is a mirage. The eternal peace he seeks is also. Both of them strive for something real. But the most real thing they can find is each other.

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