Taurus Woman : Personality, Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Breakup, Positive and Negative Traits

Taurus is one of the most prominent and well known of the signs of the Zodiac. In accordance to numbering and positioning, Taurus inhabits and occupies the second position in the 12 signs of the zodiac. It covers the zodiac in about 30 to 60 degrees and on the celestial longitude; it lies between the readings of 27.25 and 54.75 degrees. Those people born between the periods of about April 21st to May 21st are included in the sign of Taurus.

The sign associated with Taurus is that of the Bull, a most fierce and dexterously intense of creatures. A tough animal, the bull was the sacrifice of choice for placating the god of thunder and Lightening Ramman in Babylonia.

Taurus Woman Personality

The people born under the star sign of Taurus are characterized by having a warm demeanor and a heart filled with compassion and love. They are patient in their dealings and are trustworthy individuals as well. Taurus related individuals are highly dedicated to their tasks and once they take up a task or endeavor, they stick to it with persistence and resiliency. This determination is an important part of their personality and extends to their convictions and beliefs as well. They are usually calm and easy going and prefer an integrity rich form our sense of security. On the darker side however, Taurus is characterized as being spiteful, envious and sometimes possessive. They can also be obstinate and rigid in their beliefs sometimes and can be considered avaricious and sort of self indulging.

Taurus associated people are always admired from the opposite sex. They are associated with Venus, making them one of the most romantic of majorities in the zodiac category. Taurus can be extremely possessive of their partners, but also display patience in matters associated with their love life. People belonging to Taurus can find apt and acceptable partners in those belonging to the star signs of Aries, Gemini, Cancer and Leo.

Taurus Woman love life

A person belonging to Taurus hardly shows his expressions and likes to keep things private. Their first look is like a quiet person and is usually unromantic.  Once he/she enters a relationship, things will start to look different and there will be a lot more seen which you won’t have even expected. This type of person is generally looking forward to security and consistency. He will be looking for things which are stable and will avoid bringing any changes. Taurus is not able to state things by words. He is more likely to show things by doing some actions and this can be dicey at times. It is really tough to understand this person as he never shows up openly to other people.

“Taurus a Sensible lover”

Besides that, Taurus is a reasonable and sensible lover. He looks for a long lasting relationship because of his ability to keep things calm and settled. He is willing to sacrifice anything for the women he loves a lot. For example he will try to please her by giving her gifts on a regular basis and will try being romantic in many ways of presenting flowers and many other things. He has a very good temperament and is an honest person. You can easily trust the person who belongs to Taurus because of his honesty.  

“Too possessive to share things”

Furthermore, a person belonging to Taurus has a lot of possessiveness. He would never like to share his any personal things with other people. This means that in a relationship he will become really angry and frustrated at someone who is trying to approach his girlfriend.  A woman who is physically attractive in the eyes of a man who belongs to Taurus is the one who can actually win his heart. A Taurus loves to be physical and looks after the sexual pleasure when he is in a relationship.  He is a strong believer of romance and sex life going with a flow and without it life is not considered as interesting according to his psychology.

“Satisfy the needs of Taurus to win heart”

There are certain problems which a Taurus might face. He likes to judge the situation in which he can go wrong and try doing something which doesn’t look natural.  He will at times try to win another person through doing some actions which look awkward and can instead create confusions and problems to arise which is really a negative sign when in a relationship.  It is better to avoid over trying when in a relationship and keep things simple making it a long lasting one.  If any woman is in a relationship with a Taurus, she needs to do things which attract him the most and keep him happy by satisfying all the needs. She should praise him regularly about his honesty and the way he approaches the situation to make him realize that whatever he is doing in a relationship is going perfectly to give him an idea that he needs to keep things simple and as it is going instead of over trying something which might result in an end to a relationship.

Taurus Female Celebs

Some of the many popular and eminent female Taurus are Megan Fox, Queen Elizabeth II, Jessica Stam, Raquel Zimmerman, Kelly Clarkson, Renée Zellweger, Jessica Alba, Penelope Cruz, Uma Thurman and Josie Maran.

9 Tips to Attract a Taurus Woman

Tip 1 – Be prepared to fall in love quickly, completely and permanently. 

Tip 2 – Pamper her, be gentle with her and thank her, but avoid the protective tone; she has a keen sense of deception. 

Tip3 – Encourage her, challenge her, push her, but so that she does not notice. 

Tip 4 – Always remember her birthday, your various anniversaries, and other important dates in her life. 

Tip 5 – Give her presents. Everything will work, provided that the thing is beautiful and quite sophisticated. 

Tip 6 – Compliment her more often. Help her learn to accept the praise and recognition that she often shuns. 

Tip 7 – Pay her devotion in exchange for devotion.

Tip 8 – Let her organize your life, but let her know that you want to reserve the privilege to decide what the input will be. 

Tip 9 – Bite your tongue before making any statement that might make her jealous. You can help her overcome this feeling by trying to understand it and reckon with it.

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