Taurus Man and Pisces Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Remember how in childhood you looked at a magician and were amazed that white rabbits, silk roses and colored ribbons disappear before your eyes. A Taurus man, who is not interested in the magical art of astrology, may be able to experience this on himself by falling in love with a Pisces girl. True, there is also the possibility that one day she will disappear forever, so the Bull should think about it in advance, because he is so experienced in preventing possible difficulties! 

This is a warning to the Bull and Pisces with negative aspects of the Sun and Moon in the horoscope. If their luminaries are in harmony, a love can arise between them that does not occur often. They are similar in many respects, and he sincerely believes that he was lucky – she is both caring and attentive. But that’s human nature, that every man will certainly try to escape from a too patient and understanding girl, and the Taurus man is no exception. 

Taurus Man and Pisces Woman Relationship

Behind her soft, pleasant pliability lies a lively, highly receptive mind: she will catch him when he is least prepared for this. If all he wants is to flirt secretly with another woman, she may forgive him, at least it will be the first time. But if he tries to deceive her dreams or subordinate her volatile nature to his inexorable disposition, it turns out that she is capable of cruel behavior. but master the magic trick of turning him into a loving taurus. 

A Taurus man will more easily understand a Pisces girl if he remembers that she lives not only with her own emotions, and this is due to the influence of Neptune. What would it be like if he was forced to live, draining the tears of everyone around him, absorbing their fears, perceiving all his senses – from crazy joy to hysteria? Such a life would make anyone uncertain.

Pisces Woman and Taurus Man Breakup Issues

This is not to say that all the problems between them will arise due to the fact that he likes to emphasize the strength of his nature. The reason for some of them may be iher slowness and elusiveness, her mystery and lack of self-confidence, which is often accompanied by floods of tears.

What really can annoy a Taurus man is the attitude of the Pisces woman to the truth. The truth for her always depends on how she feels at the moment. The truth for Pisces is not static, it is constantly changing depending on many interpretations. People, a situation or other point of view make it more blurry or, on the contrary, concentrate it.

The bull considers the truth as a fact – eternal and unchanging. This is the polarity of their opinions. Which of them is right? In fact, each of them may be right – it all depends on what kind of truth they mean. There are eternal and immutable truths. There are those who are in a state of constant change, because they relate to the field of human feelings and emotions or depend on public opinion. But if there is love between a woman and a man, this is their only truth.

In Conclusion

The relationship between the Taurus man and the Pisces Woman will be truly beautiful and generous, because this is the union of Earth and Water. These two, especially if the connection between their Sun and the Moon is strong and harmonious, can exist in their created world, feeling the same thing. Their relationship does not differ in the explosive passion inherent in other pairs of solar signs, but they have rare tenderness and warmth. Their relationship is always surrounded by an aura of mystery, and it pleases them: they probably feel that this does not allow their delight to fade.

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