Libra Man and Taurus Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

She is upset – no matter what. Life is terrible, and there is no hope for a change for the better. She is Taurus, and now she seldom happens, but has a deep attack of a sense of futility of everything earthly.

The Libra man appears. He sits down next to her, gently takes her hand and gently looks at her. Men! Men are part of what constitutes universal evil. Here is another one who wants to catch her and bait her. But just a minute – this one doesn’t say a word. He just sits nearby, very close … such pacifying calm emanates from him, and he looks at her with adoration. “Whatever the case, this one is romantic …” Finally he says:

“Nothing, dear, tomorrow everything will be different.” His voice is delightfully sweet – and she loves sweets so much! (He, too, although it is harmful to both of them.) But even this does not please her:

– No, tomorrow it will not be better. Will not, will not, will not … Libra again says:

– You are so beautiful when you are sad. Tears make your eyes shine like emeralds. But now I want to see how they are when you laugh. Believe me, all dreams will come true if you maintain peace of mind and will not see everything only in a gloomy light.

Now he smiles. Libra’s smile is a deadly weapon that should be outlawed. When Libra uses it against poor Taurus girls, they melt … But so far this weapon is not prohibited. So he smiles.

Tomorrow will be better. In fact. You will see.

– No, it will not. I want everything to be fine, but I know that this will not happen. Here he kisses her:

– Will be.

Tomorrow everything will be different. The sun will shine, flowers will bloom, and the Taurus woman will experience the deepest love for this sorcerer who just tried to be kind. And who, perhaps, would be embarrassed to find that his participation meant for her the indestructible vow of fidelity – in grief and joy, in illness and health, in poverty and in wealth – forever.

– Yes.

The voice you just heard belongs to the Libra man who answers the priest. He did not dare to offend her, did not know how to justify himself, and therefore thought: “What the hell?” In fact, Libra does not use curses. Can obscenity be pronounced with this divine voice? In any case, they do not resort to curses while they are young enough to say yes for the first time. After some mistakes in choosing a spouse, they can sometimes afford strong expressions against the institution of matrimony, which so attracts them.

So … What the hell? Why not enjoy life? Marriage is a wonderful thing, she is beautiful, so what’s wrong with marrying her?

See? Like real Libra, he is already trying to start a discussion, although no one said that he should not marry her.

Perhaps he will come to the conclusion that he made the right decision because he did not decide to slip away, taking advantage of his charm. And perhaps they will be happy when, holding hands, they will go around their house.


Here they have full agreement. She likes expensive fabrics of soft tones, the beauty and luxury of which make the room cozy and warm. He loves the harmony of pastel shades, a book, a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. There may be a little debate about the traditional and the modern, about the chair, the lamp, etc., but on the whole there will be agreement between them. The stereo system is worth a fortune, but for both it is a matter of dreams. Who can live without music? In any case, not Taurus and Libra. (Although he doesn’t like the sound too loud.)


They are still holding hands, still in a state of harmony. She loves to cook (if she is a typical Taurus), and although she might prefer potatoes or eggplant, she will be happy to pamper him with more exotic dishes that will lead him to complete ecstasy (or to the gym to lose weight) . Sometimes he can spend several hours out of town with friends. You know, just chatting with the peasants … But by the next feeding he will be home already.


Here they will be happy simply from the knowledge that the one who understands that love is the most important thing in the world is finally there. For him it is she, for her it is he. Both are controlled by Venus, so sexual problems will bother them the least. True, she would like him to pay more attention to the physical side of love and less to beautiful reasoning on this subject. And he, perhaps, would like her to care more about the poetic elevation of their relationship than simple physical intimacy. They will converge somewhere halfway between the body, mind and soul, but in the end they will be happier than those who exist in one romantic dimension.


She likes to splash around in the bathtub or shower for a long time, he loves soft rugs, fluffy towels, expensive shaving lotions, as well as multi-colored tubes of toothpaste to polish her smile. She loves bath foam, eau de toilette, soft rugs, fluffy towels, and scented soaps …

So in the whole house there is simply no place for conflict. Except, perhaps, the porch, where she will sit on the step and wait, wait for him to come home in the evening after classes in the gym or after a country trip with friends (male, as she hopes). But does she have time for this? It goes to help him maintain a reputation as a charm. This suggests an abundance of clean shirts and socks. He is annoyed when he has socks of the wrong color or when his sweater seems faded next to a dazzling white shirt. And at the same time, he can charmingly grumble at her for turning into a domestic servant (and his laundress). Here is the problem. All this is very difficult, but Libra can correct the situation by calling for help its clear, precise logic – unless Taurus stiffens up and stops listening to him.

Libra men sometimes behave as if they want to squeeze out all the knowledge and pleasures from life – they read bestsellers, conduct intellectual conversations, do not miss films, performances, concerts, enjoy the attention of pretty girls at parties.

The Taurus woman prefers to stay at home, near the family hearth, appearing in society once a week. She has other interests, and basically they are to be with him, to walk together in the woods, to go out of town, to make repairs in the house, that is, to make sense of the present so that the future can be built.

He needs communication. And his mind must constantly be honed. If she wants the happy moments in the office, bedroom or kitchen to continue, then in between, she will have to withstand communication with other people. Maybe he wants to study the most ancient civilizations, do art or spend time in a smoky nightclub. Nowhere would he fulfill his need for communication, she should wear her best dress and accompany him without complaint.

Perhaps this will not be her pleasure, but she should not show her mind and perceive all this with her magnificent humor. In the end, tomorrow will be better, remember? Perhaps it will be if they are born under a harmonious combination of the Sun and the Moon. And if not?

“No,” the Libra man replies sadly, “it will not be better tomorrow, I’m sure.” Life is ups and downs, it is a huge nothing. And I am a fat insignificance … She consoles him with her affectionate voice:

– You are not at all a fat insignificance, dear, you are beautiful and smart. Your eyes, when they have tears, sparkle like emeralds. All good things come – you only need to believe deeply. And maintain peace of mind. And do not look at things from the dark side!

Here she smiles dazzlingly, and his heart flips.

“What wonderful thoughts, dear.” So wise. Who did you learn from such a wonderful life philosophy? he asks, smiling back at her.

“One person I knew a very, very long time ago.” He taught me everything that I know about life … and about Love.

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