Gemini Man and Taurus Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Your temperament is too different and her unruffled calm will makes you angry sooner or later. On the other hand, you are a man of life. If I can say …you are Bohemian. You are completely different from her ia all walks of life. . She is too emotional for you.

You won’t be attracted to this woman for a long time.

While the Taurus woman is sitting under the rose bush with embroidery, singing “Home sweet home,” the Gemini man drumming his fingers on the window pane, tapping his song of the road. And no matter where exactly these two (these three, counting the invisible second “I” of Gemini) meet on the path of life. They will eventually come to that fork that will force them to toss a coin in order to decide which way to go – one that leads to a comfortable, cozy marriage, or one that leads to an accidental event that does not oblige anyone. True, he will toss a coin, and she will consult her common sense in order to understand whether they will lead her away in a false direction.

If the Taurus girl is absolutely sure that she loves Gemini, she will first of all make every possible effort to seduce him with an agreement, supplemented by both social and legal evidence. In addition, she owns such weapons for seduction! Erotic sensuality, tender passion, rich humor, fantastic homemade cookies, patience and courage … If none of these powerful female remedies work, she will gently take a breath and comfortably settle in the role of a lover, secretly using the same weapon, but agreeing to wait . “Everything will come to the one who is waiting” – this is her philosophy. The Taurus woman carefully dips her leg in romantic poison: she smears for a long time not to let herself be caught on the bait of moonlight, roses and fragile promises. But one day she will show weakness, and then you need a crane or excavator to pull it back. Sometimes a four-wheeled car of its common sense comes to the rescue, sometimes this does not happen.

At the beginning, the twin also fears traps, but even after the “Mercury bird” surrendered to captivity of love, with one foot she is in the bedroom and the other is balancing on the threshold to take off, if necessary. Gemini will give one of his hearts to his lady, but he will leave the second to himself: what if he accidentally gets dirty or breaks up, or will he do any harm? Gemini’s behavior is his insurance policy against disappointment.

The Taurus woman, who respects all kinds of insurance, is not safe from pain, but she will wait out all the “searches” for her man controlled by Mercury and in most cases will win. If there are certain oppositions of planets in her birth chart, then perhaps she herself will be one of those who will break his heart. But this is an exception to the rule – the average Taurus woman will sit quietly at the fire waiting for her beloved.

Her friends will try to explain to her that she is wasting her life, but she will not listen to anyone. They love each other, and when you love, everything happens right? Of course, but not when love is blind, as is sometimes the case with Taurus. A calf who is convinced that she is right is very difficult to make understand that this is not entirely true if she does not realize the danger of frozen forms in time. But she may not wish to believe that things are not going as well as she wants. Usually sane in all matters, she can be unshakably stupid when it comes to her personal emotional safety. But if his Moon is in the Earth or Water signs or its Moon in the Fire or Air, they are more likely to be together and give each other what everyone lacks.

A twin man is quickly bored by one woman, but this should not mean treason. He likes to explore all the shades of her emotions, watching the change of her moods. The man of Mercury may secretly wish for her to change them again and again. It’s a bit of an emotional hide and seek game. But the Taurus woman has only three moods: a sweet contentment of love, a sullen thoughtfulness and rage. She may hate changes, but learning to adapt to new images is a necessity for a woman in love with a man of the Gemini sign, that is, immediately in a pair of Gemini. Perhaps she would even like it.

And she needs to learn to apologize when she is mistaken, instead of sulking, because the Taurus women have a way of hiding in a corner and standing there, refusing to even hear an apology, not to mention compromise.

With regard to sex, the same problems. She wants to be loved, and for her, physical love is her life experience. She expects a full sensual satisfaction from her lover and generously gives it back. For a Taurus woman, sex is something all-encompassing, since it brings pleasure to chubby children and gives emotional peace – triple-grace! But she wants to feel that her whole man is here with her. The fact that his Mercury consciousness is wandering somewhere, she can regard as the absence of earthly passion or as his careless attitude to it. And he may be offended by her invasion of his emotional possessions, which the Twin considers untouchable even during intimacy. She must convince herself to try in various ways to get him out of the clouds into her arms. Otherwise, a sensation may arise in him, that he beats wings against a stone wall, and he will move further away from it. He would have been happier if he had allowed her to show him the path to a deeper passion, trusting in the instinct bestowed upon her by Venus, instead of soaring somewhere in the clouds. Not all Air Signs trust sex unless it first went through their imagination. The twin man wants his sexual experience to be diverse, with elements not only of fantasy, but even of fiction.

I know a Taurus woman with an intuition unusual for her non-esoteric Solar Sign. She was selflessly in love with Gemini, and perhaps she still loves him with her stubborn love. Neptune created a rare emotional telepathy in their birth charts, with the help of which they communicated with each other without using a telephone or mail. Once this woman admitted to him that she could almost … conceive a child in this way – they felt their unity so much! But she was not ready for this, since they were not married. (Realistic Taurus humor!)

When she read his thoughts, bypassing the weight of his Mercurian tricks, she saw nothing there but new ephemeral promises. And she cut off the telepathic connection between them with cold sharp scissors of alienation. Now he cannot contact her in any way at all. She refuses to answer the call of her heart and does not answer the phone. She knows when Gemini calls her. But that does not touch her. Taurus is still Taurus. Metaphysical talents did not breach her iron will, as she once made a decision.

So, the twin man is not always perfect when his romance with the girl-Taurus is tied into a strong knot. A melody without words … a story without end … whirling around a ring that leads nowhere but the beginning. How many copper rings should a person change, seeing how they turn green and fade until he discovers one made of pure gold?

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