Scorpio Man and Taurus Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

At first, the Taurus girl simply does not understand how to relate to the hypnotic look of the Scorpio man and his silent invitation. She reaches various disturbing rumors about him. She was told that he was sexy and cruel. Of course, such a combination can cause anxiety in anyone.

The Scorpio man has many brilliant virtues that compensate for his dark sides, but he is not a boy who naively believes in the Impeccability of human nature. He sees too much through the magic glass of his insight and therefore trusts his own instinct for truth and worthy behavior. He believes in God, but treats all people suspiciously. That is why it seems that he is cruel. However, if it is an Eagle, it only hurts those who harm it or those who need protection. He who stumbles on the tail of Scorpio by chance, he will bite only slightly, as if warning that this should not be repeated either against him or against his defenseless friend. He nobly allows such a person to leave without harming him. This is a lesson. This is a silent warning.

In fact, his actions are always honest and fair, they are never petty and are in accordance with his own strict ethics. Scorpio never demands from the other that which he is not able to give, or that which he could not, he would give to another. Patronage of the weak, the poor and defenseless, the threat of any injustice, a fair lesson to the traitor and too curious. Weren’t these the noble Robin Hood motives? Robin Hood himself is much considered Sagittarius. Undoubtedly, he is an excellent shooter and probably. Archer in the Solar Sign, but personally it always seemed to me that he was a Scorpio in the Moon Sign.

Of course, every single Scorpio is not perfect. However, we are considering an average Scorpio here, and our business is to make some generalizations. Therefore, returning to the above, we note that the myth of the cruelty of Scorpio probably ceased to disturb the Taurus girl.

She is not afraid of what is tangible. In addition, he had already made her feel comfortable and calm, leading her brother to the summer camp, presenting flowers to her mother and talking to her father as a wise respected person. But Taurus loses her courage when it comes to intangible things – such as emotions. And the rumors about his sexuality? What can I say? Most likely, they are true. Scorpio is not a eunuch and not a shy stuttering schoolboy – he is a man. Courageous, like Aries, sentimental, like Libra, passionate, like Leo, sensitive, like Pisces and … like Taurus woman herself. An astrologically unenlightened woman may be frightened by such a strong male nature. But why be afraid? This man does not hunt young innocent girls to seduce them, as some books write.

For a Taurus woman, the physical manifestation of her deepest feelings is part of her life. Therefore, the so-called sexuality of Scorpio should not scare her. If she decides to live and love with this man, you can be sure that she will experience both in all its diversity. Scorpio tries and exhausts to the end all the possibilities of what he likes. From what he does not like, he tries to get rid of, pretending that this does not exist. In the end, this really is not – at least in his mind and in the immediate environment. This applies to both people and things. Obviously, they will not have problems if they are interested in – or annoy the same things and people. Otherwise, skirmishes and misunderstandings are possible. A Taurus girl may be attached to a particular person or object, and probably

If their birth charts show a harmonious relationship between their Sun and Moon, they can combine the opposite properties of characters in a single powerful impulse.

Since Scheme 7-7 is a relationship of opposite signs, he has what she needs, and she has what he wants and what she’s likely to get. Naturally, such an attraction will lead to the fact that when the two meet, they will be pulled towards each other like a magnet. Of course, if both are free and ready for a serious relationship. Have you ever tried to keep two magnets out of contact? Try it – this will be an excellent illustration of the law of magnetic attraction and repulsion in the field of romantic relations in relation to astrological compatibility.

The Taurus girl is not a thoughtful dreamer – she is practical and not capable of instant passion. But when someone touched her feelings, when she hears the smell of his hair, starts at the sound of his voice, melts at the sight of how he walks, how he smiles, you can forget about her usual practicality for a long time. In love, she is even more vulnerable than the Pisces girl, and this is lovely.

Taurus is a sign of Permanent, so she will not change her views if she one day decides that she has finally found the man she has always been waiting for. If he is a Scorpio, she can count on his fidelity (if only in their birth cards there is no reason for serious grief). In love, she is the owner, but this does not mean that she is jealous, because jealousy is rooted in the deep insecurity of relations. A sense of ownership speaks of the pride of possession and the generous affection of the Taurus woman.

A Scorpio man will understand the difference between these two words, and his girlfriend will have very little reason for jealousy, while her possessive attitude will give him pleasure. For all its reputation as a sex symbol, this man rarely looks at sex as a series of casual encounters or a pleasant pastime. In earthly love for him lies the meaning of life and death, and this is the only secret that he will never reveal to the end. Therefore, sex gives rise to feelings in him that are very close to religious. His idea of ​​love is spotless, and although it is accompanied by strong emotions, there is no room for random experiments. Thus, contrary to astrological rumors, he is less than most men able to deceive the woman he loves. Earthly Taurus woman understands his passion. But there,

It mysteriously merges cold reason and hot temperament, although he prefers to show only the first, keeping the second in deep secret. She approves of his cold mind, his outward poise and his practicality – in this they are similar. But the hot temperament causes discontent in her. Scorpio is able to get confused in its own feelings, which, like the Water of its Solar Sign, are lurking in itself the deep currents. And the depth is unnecessary difficulties associated with emotions. Taurus is not addicted to extreme manifestations of love and hatred. It seems to her that this is just a tiring and unnecessary hassle. This is the root cause of all their large and small disagreements, although it manifests itself in a variety of forms.

But to console the Taurus woman, if she had a falling out with Scorpio, whom she loves, I will reveal to her one of his secrets. 

And here is the secret that I promised to reveal to his Taurus friend: it is not easy for him to let her go. It hurts him a lot. But he hides this pain under the cold alienation characteristic of Scorpio. And now, when she knows this, she, perhaps, will remember that in anger she really speaks in an “icy voice”? And how can she discern his hidden feelings through the dark glasses of obstinacy? Scorpio and Taurus really stand each other – in constancy, in patience, in fidelity. But also in vindication, and in the need to learn to forgive.

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