Cancer and Taurus : Compatibility, Love, Marriage, Friendship

Taurus and Cancer, as a couple, have excellent level of mutual understanding . . Like all the signs that occupy a diametrically opposite position in the scheme of the Zodiac, Taurus and Cancer are also very compatible with each other.

In particular they share the value of sincerity which must be the basis of any sentimental relationship . Both also love the quiet life and the domestic joys of couple life: the comfort of the home, refined food, the warmth of the blankets.

Generally theirs is a very strong union and arouses the envy of all people who fail to have a complete and satisfying emotional relationship like this. Disagreements may arise due to the obstinacy of the Bull who often tends to act on his own without hearing the opinion of the partner. Taurus must strive to understand and accept the partner’s way of acting, based essentially on his or her emotions.

Taurus undergoes the influence of Venus , the planet of love, while Cancer undergoes the influence of the Moon which symbolizes sensitivity. Cancer tends to repress its emotions until it explodes internally with sudden blows of anger. As the action of the Moon influences the tides and life on Earth, Cancer is also very skilled in influencing the partner’s desires, through a slow and imperceptible convincing action.

Taurus is an Earth sign , while Cancer is a water sign . Water and earth are compatible elements with each other and this affinity is transmitted to the two signs. Cancer loves to take care of others, and supports the partner at any time in the same way that rain feeds the sun-burnt earth. For its part, the Taurus, balanced and concrete, can help the Cancer partner to keep under control the mood swings caused by his hypersensitivity. Both must control their instincts if they want to maintain a stable relationship: Taurus could be annoyed by the sudden changes in mood of Cancer, which, in turn, could feel neglected and misunderstood.

Taurus is a Fixed sign , while Cancer is a Cardinal sign . The Taurus is a habit and it is very difficult to make him change his mind, even if the devotion to his emotional bond pushes him to review his positions in order not to hurt the sensitivity of the partner. Cancer, with unceasing intellectual activity, is able to bring new stimuli capable of continually reviving the relationship.

What is the best pair affinity of the Taurus Cancer couple?

The strength of the Taurus-Cancer relationship is the compatibility that characterizes the two signs. Both sincere and reliable, they love the tranquility of home walls. All this creates the conditions for a long-lasting bond.

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