Cancer Man and Taurus Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Aries and Taurus. Fire + Earth

The compatibility between Aries and Taurus is very good . Taurus an Earth sign, while Aries is a Fire sign, so the relationship between these two signs are usually focused generally on the financial side and materialistic life.

The Taurus woman finds in the Cancer man a good companion. Although they are not the best of the zodiacal pairs, they can get along with each other, managing to establish strong and functional bonds both when it comes to a romantic couple and when it comes to a friendly relationship that lasts for years. An interesting aspect of this duo is that Taurus can precisely understand Cancer, a sign characterized by great emotion and angry moments. Only another Cancer has the ability to provide so much understanding, so it is impressive that the Taurus woman can provide the same quality of empathy and accompaniment. As if that were not enough, both signs are also characterized by the devotion they give to the loved one and both signs are very reserved and the beginnings of the relationships they enter into. When both get to know each other in depth, deep and lasting links are created. Taurus, an earth sign, brings stability to Cancer, this being one of the things that fascinates him the most and moves him in each of his decisions. The Cancer man for his part offers Taurus fluidity, flexibility, an emotional refuge in which he finds a rest in the day to day. 

Cancer Man and Taurus Woman Compatibility:

It is an excellent combination for people who want to make money , although focusing too much on money in any relationship can lead to greed and excessive materialism and neglect other important aspects of the couple.

In order for the couple to realize their financial potential, Aries, the more impulsive of the two, will have to be more restrained so as not to cause anxiety to Taurus, more practical and conservative.

There is something that governs Cancer’s actions: its emotions. Emotions are the beginning and end of every behavior that occurs in Cancer men. This is very positive in terms of his empathic ability and his tendency to give unconditional support to his partners and colleagues, but he has a weak point when it comes to the mood swings he usually presents. Cancer has the serious flaw of being very volatile and presenting unexpected changes in your mood. While Cancer does not take pleasure in hurting and overpowering others, sometimes these changes can lead to wounds that are difficult to heal. As for the relationship with a Taurus woman, these aspects present favorable points.

First of all, Taurus values ​​honesty and fidelity, aspects that a Cancer man can more than guarantee. Also, from the Cancer perspective, a Taurus woman is a stable and constant person, which seems attractive to her. This is so because Cancer likes foreseeable personalities, what they can easily adapt to and know what to expect in the future. The only flaw of a Cancer man with a Taurus woman is that she becomes very possessive. In such cases Cancer can gladly accept it, but this behavior is not healthy in any sense.

The bull’s patience benefits the crab so much that its insecurities often lead to indecision. Taurus women are never in a hurry and are extremely satisfied with their balanced life of hard work and relaxing luxury at home. She is the rock that will minimize her Cancer man’s insecurity. The emotionally free nature of the crab will tempt Taurus to express itself more.

The sign of the Crab is characterized by its insecurity, that is one of its essential defects and to which much attention must be paid. However, Taurus has the patience necessary to face such inconveniences. The Taurus woman is also characterized by its balance and by its taste for the homely. They feel very satisfied as long as they can rest at home after a long day at work. Both the Crab and the Bull are workaholics, and therefore in a household made up of Taurus and Cancer they will never lack livelihood. Taurus is also characterized by its taste for luxuries (especially those that it enjoys in the comfort of home) which is why Cancer finds the perfect reasons to pamper it within the home.

From a romantic point of view, Taurus and Cancer have good chemistry. With relationships in general both are extremely friendly and also very reserved. They do not blindly trust without thought, rather they strive to correctly judge those who approach them and once they determine that they are good people they offer their loyalty and affection. This leads to, on certain occasions, unfortunately, some people choose to take advantage of their generosity. This very reason is what leads one to think that it is a happy coincidence when a Taurus and a Cancer meet, because it is highly unlikely that one wants to take advantage of the other. Taurus is not very outgoing and does not demand more than honesty from her partner. These factors go very well with Cancer who likes exclusivity and intimate connections with her partner. Cancer hates hiding things from their spouses. Such honesty is found in Cancer, whether it is an intimate friend or a romantic partner. The predictable, stable Taurus personality also pleases Cancer who prefers insurance, that which he knows how to act on.

Cancer Man and Taurus Woman Love:

Properly entering a sentimental field, the Taurus woman is usually more vulnerable than before friends and acquaintances. It lowers its defenses and can be injured relatively easily. For this reason, a Cancer man who has a romantic relationship with a bullfighter must try to improve personally and must try to lessen his tendency to abrupt changes in mood. If this is overcome, just wait for love and passion for a relationship between Taurus and Cancer. This can consist of a very passionate and romantic relationship, both in everyday life and in bed. Both do not have sex just for satisfaction, they do it because it is a way of meeting with your partner. A form of encounter that is also deep and meaningful. Both Cancer and Taurus like to relax in the arms of their partner and share a movie at home before going out in search of adventure and new experiences. A community of interests and objectives is the key to success in a relationship made up of these two signs.

If both members of the couple love each other enough to absorb their opposite qualities, then they will earn a lot as a person and as a couple. Aries will become more balanced and Taurus more energetic.

If Taurus sees loyalty, commitment and a practical vision of the future in Aries, and Aries sees that Taurus is ready to accompany him in some of his plans, they can both enjoy immense happiness together.

Thanks to the influence of Mars and Venus on these two signs, this combination usually has very passionate sexual relations . There is a natural attraction between the two, something that will probably become apparent as soon as they meet. The impulsiveness and passion of Aries combines very well with the sensuality and desire for love and warmth of Taurus.

Cancer Man and Taurus Woman Relationship Issues:

At first glance there are a lot of differences between Taurus and Aries that could be quite a challenge for a long-term relationship. Aries is spontaneous and controversial, while Taurus is more stopped and calm, and prefers a more regular rhythm.

From an emotional point of view , Aries can be quite changeable and unpredictable, while Taurus is usually possessive and dependent. Hence, there may be some discussions when Taurus is relegated by the unpredictability of Aries, since Taurus needs to be sure that his partner is going to be fully committed to the relationship.

Cancer Man and Taurus Compatibility in Professional Work:

Finally, it only remains to talk about the labor relations between the Taurus woman and the Cancer man. These are complementary and largely positive. Both highly value stability, security, firmness. It is not for less since the bullfighting is an Earth sign and since Cancer is the quintessential conservative Water sign. Both are not attracted to risky adventures (especially Cancer) and only in exceptional cases abandon the safe in search of a higher challenge. It is not a question of denying all ambition, but of feeling with great skepticism the new paths that open up before them. This is very positive in the workplace but should be complemented by more daring and daring spirits. Cancer and Taurus most likely coincide in many ways,

Both Cancer and Taurian men will bring to the workplace the precaution that is always necessary in times of significant change. They will know like no other those things that should be kept. Working together are ideal because Cancer gives unconditional support to Taurus and it pays back by trying twice as hard. Ideally, in these cases, both occupy managerial positions in labor organizations, but their synergy is not reduced simply because they do not have high positions. The Taurus and the Cancer will always present an enormous empathy between them from the academic and labor point of view.

In Conclusion:

In general terms, they are one of the most functional couples that exist. There is uniqueness of thought and action, for which the conflict is almost non-existent. If they overcome their particular defects they will be able to lead a pleasant life full of satisfactions. When the opportunity arises between a Taurus and a Cancer to form a couple, the most reliable bet (which delights both of them) is to continue with it and embark on a long and wonderful journey full of passion, understanding and romanticism.

The most compatible Taurus for this combination are those born between April 20 and 30 and the most compatible Aries are those who were born between March 30 and April 10 due to the influence Leo has on them.

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