Cancer Man and Taurus Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

At heart, Cancer wants his woman to nurse him. Taurus woman love pampering her man. Combine these two astrological facts together. Are you waiting for love at first sight? This is not entirely true … A

crab rarely rushes into something with his head – even into love. This is not only against his nature. He will forgive not know how to move forward in a straight line. First, he deviates to the right, and then to the left. Then he can back off until the object to which he is directed does not disappear from view. Then he lunges forward, grabs the object and does not let it go until he loses his claw, but if this happens, he simply grows a new one, which is why Cancers are often called tenacious. And this is too softly said!

The Taurus girl is also not one of those who rushes into the abyss of passion with words about eternal love. She wants to be looked after, and really looked after. She needs a strong belief that this is serious. So “love at first sight” is not exactly what happens when a sign of the Earth like Taurus meets a sign of Water like Cancer. It takes time, often months or years, less often days or weeks … But when this happens, the Taurus woman knows exactly how to make her man happy. And the Cancer man, who once decided to throw ahead, is a man next to whom the rest has nothing to do.

The relationship between Cancer and Taurus may seem almost perfect, but this does not mean that there will be no cracks in them at all. There is, for example, the “mother complex” of Cancer.

He may be one of those lucky ones who manage to move from youth to adulthood, considering his mother an ideal, but realizing that she is just an amazing person in his life. If so, the Taurus girl will be happy because his excessive admiration and respect for his mother will give him a special feeling of devotion to all the women he loves.

But he could be one of those Crabs who could not solve the problem that had to be solved once in childhood. If you remember, the sign of Cancer symbolizes Motherhood. There is a special type of Cancer man: he carries a subconscious resentment that he was once weaned. Therefore, he resolves his secret dilemma by either abandoning his mother or maintaining complete dependence on her. And the woman he marries, no doubt, will feel some consequences of this. Suppose he chose not rejection, but dependence, then he would just test the poor woman’s patience. Fortunately for the Taurus girl, patience is where she is strong, and she can put Crab in her place, clearly hinting that there should be a sense of proportion in everything.

It is hard to be worthy of the ideal of perfect femininity. And yet, not all Crabs are so tightly attached to their mother apron. In addition, the Taurus girl herself can cook chicken and knows how to sew, she is thrifty, smells delicious from her (Telochki adore fragrant soap and other women’s little things), and she is unusually sensual. Therefore, undoubtedly, there is something in her that even his mother cannot replace her …

Physical relations between them will be ideal – as much as they want to make them like that. She is a sexual nature, deeply loving, tender and … uncomplicated. He is also deeply loving, gentle, although perhaps not so simple.

For the Taurus woman, the earthly reality of passion is important, while for the Cancer man the emotional discharge is more important, but these small differences in their needs do not necessarily lead to conflict. On the contrary, they can give physical relationships a feeling of rare fullness! There is some kind of warmth and reliability in the expression of physical love for Taurus, and this is like a response to Cancer’s quiet plea that he be surrounded by a cloud of tenderness, drained all his tears and destroyed all his fears. When a Taurus woman is preoccupied with love, she so expresses her devotion. There is no game, no fantasies or false modesty, just a feeling of giving yourself! Despite his more creative approach to earthly love, this is precisely the reliability that the Cancer man has always secretly dreamed about.

Two loving people can not hurt each other from time to time, but the Bull and the Crab are capable of harboring a grudge longer than other signs. They need to understand that this is a waste of time and energy. Instead of talking about it again and again, like Gemini or Libra, burning up with anger, like Aries, Lions and Sagittarius, or impartially towering over it like Aquarius and Pisces, these man and woman can allow resentment to take deep roots and grow into indifference. And it will already be truly dangerous. When a Taurus woman is upset, she usually pouts her lips, and then turns into a menacing rock of stubbornness. When Cancer is offended, he climbs into his carapace to cry alone. He is afraid to make any movement, even moving forward – to, apology and forgiveness, so that this does not cause him even greater pain. The stubborn Taurus woman, who refuses to say “I’m sorry” when she really is to blame, spends her precious time waiting for her timid peace offer from her partner. The frustrated Crab sticks himself out of the carapace carefully and is so eager to get rid of the pain that he is ready to accept even that he has fallen out of love, however, only for a while … Such an atmosphere is hardly conducive to reconciliation!

And if you look at it differently? Sulking in silence is impractical (and they both hate impracticality!). This can only lead into a dark tunnel of even greater solitude (they both hate dark tunnels!). What she should do is remember patience. If she waits for the next phase of the moon (his planet), then all she needs to do is smile and whisper: “I love you,” and he will throw himself from his carapace directly into her arms.

What should be done to him is to wait for such lunar vibrations that will help him understand that his woman is more sensitive to physical love than to eloquence. Instead of writing notes to her and hiding them in a box of washing powder, hoping that she would find them when she was washing, he just needed to squeeze her tightly in his arms … And then she would be pressed directly to his heart, to which she belongs.

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