Taurus Man and Cancer Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Cancer and Taurus. Water + Earth

This Cancer – Taurus combination is one of the most compatible for both Cancer and Taurus. The great advantage is that these two signs enjoy showing their affection towards their partner , and when the two are in a good mood, it is an irresistible combination.

The Taurus man loves stability and the Cancer woman is sensitive, which is why a partner complements each other quite well. They have very similar basic desires, so the barriers to understanding are very few. For them, being in a couple is sustainable since they fit together like pieces of a puzzle.

The Cancer woman also values ​​stability, as well as comfort and the pleasures of life, everything that is related to well-being. She lives to cause happiness to those around her, which is very well received by the bullfighting gentleman who needs his daily quota of attention, since deep down he is a gentle and very sensitive person.

In general terms, determining a level of compatibility between these two figures is complex and subjective. They have many points in common, but a great deal of understanding between both parties is necessary if you want to overcome the conflicts that arise over time.

Something quite positive in this relationship, both at the level of couples, friendship or at work, is that they are two very tolerant creatures. The Taurus avoids confrontations most of the time, while the sensitivity of Cancer allows him to soften situations and give in whenever he thinks it is necessary so that conflicts do not grow.

Taurus Man and Cancer Woman Friendship:

She is supportive by nature, is a good friend and devoted companion, just the kind of company a bull deserves. They know how to comfort at the right time and they have a huge maternal spirit, so they are able to understand when the knight goes through emotional problems. Both serve as a complement, since both are sensitive people.

Taurus Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility:

Taurus serves as an anchor for the variable emotional temperament of Cancer, being able to calm the waters and give rise to a relationship of friendship and realization of the couple between both signs. In turn, Cancer brings a practical and unsophisticated sense to the couple and alleviates the tension and volatility of Taurus.

The two signs have very compatible tastes . They are sensitive, they like the simple things in life and they love to spend quiet moments together in a calm and homely environment.

The Taurus man is virile by nature, but he is also pleasant in character and with a very particular taste for stability, comfort and abundance. With regard to the material, the bull is a wonderful provider of your home, covering all needs with hard work, to then enjoy the honeys of success in the tranquility of your space, accompanied by the person you love.

They are men who show their affection with romantic gifts, like flowers and chocolates, but they are not very expressive on a verbal level. He is not the type to build castles in the air. You are not looking for a person to hang out with, but someone who can provide you with enough stability. Something like this does not go unnoticed by the cancer woman.

For her part, the Cancer woman is a seductive girl, who likes to captivate men with her presence, but it takes a while to fall in love. She, like Taurus, seeks stability and develop a family, so they both have a common point to develop, but she must be sure that the gentleman offers her the complete package before giving her affection.

He is looking for a woman who has the traditional values ​​that he values; Cancer has those values and also appreciates that his man is hard-working, calm and a good provider. She is a good wife, a good mother and will always be willing to share time at the end of the day to dissipate the fatigue that Taurus has accumulated throughout his work day.

Cancer women are patient enough to wait for Taurus to change behavior patterns that they dislike or negatively affect their relationship. They both avoid confrontation as much as possible, but they have to learn to make rules to resolve conflicts rather than simply ignoring them or letting them go.

Taurus Man and Cancer Woman In Love:

A relationship between Taurus and Cancer will only have a future if it is based on loyalty. Cancer women are dreamers by nature and can easily wander, so having a man with his feet firmly on the ground by her side that allows her to achieve the balance she needs in her life.

They are both sensitive and emotional people. However, the bull is much stronger in resisting emotional swings, a strength that serves to make Cancer’s volatile temperament more stable. She will know that she can always count on her man, under any circumstances, which is why she feels safe being in a relationship with a bull.

Cancer and Taurus enjoy intimacy and emotional warmth, which is especially important for the Cancer sign. Taurus will react well to Cancer’s displays of love, and overall sexual compatibility will be high.

In the case of an intimate relationship, one will be the mirror of the other, showing the most hidden parts of their psyche. This kind of bond can be very beneficial, since it serves as permanent therapy, preventing relationships from perishing due to lack of connection at intimate levels. The bull may not be as expressive on a verbal level, but he cannot hide his emotions.

Both channel their energies towards their loved ones and projects in common, but from different points of view. The bull is a tireless worker and broad provider, while Cancer cares deeply about the well-being of everyone at home, always seeking the happiness of everyone at home, something that is replicated within the room.

In physical relation, the bull is completely virile, dominant and with pleasing touches, while she indulges in pleasure and does not mind being dominated, as long as she knows that she is able to please her man by doing so. This combination makes sex between the two quite satisfactory. Both need additional stimuli so as not to fall into monotony.

Taurus Man and Cancer Woman Relationship Issues:

The main problem for a Cancer and Taurus couple is that both signs have a tendency to great mood swings , which can cause differences of opinion and small disputes with some frequency, especially when both agree to have a slump. On the other hand, this similarity helps them to better understand each other and to know not to take their partner’s anger too much to heart. A little moody is part of your relationship, but if you both respect each other’s space, compatibility will increase considerably.

Not everything is rosy in this configuration, since Cancer women have a characteristic bad mood, something that is difficult to compensate when maintaining a relationship with a pessimistic bull. If this detail can be overcome, the level of compatibility would be quite high, as well as the chances of a strong and lasting bond between them.

Of course, the downside is Cancer’s bad mood and Taurus stubbornness, two characteristics that can make the smallest and most stupid conflicts massive. If they know how to handle this, they can be lenient and will likely argue frequently, but they are holding grudges in the long run.

Taurus Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility in Professional Work:

The bull is always capable of finishing all the tasks that he begins, no matter if that requires him to work until he reaches absolute exhaustion on a physical and mental level. This level of stubbornness makes you successful in practically everything you do in your life at work and business. A cancer woman by her side would be the perfect helping hand to carry out any project.

When it comes to cancer ladies, they are intuitive and creative enough to offer new ideas and find solutions to common problems in the office or any work environment. If you unite these two signs in a single project, you would have a powerful character leader, with a faithful and close helper who will facilitate all the smallest tasks.

Of course, it is not that the Cancer woman is less capable, but that one of the characteristics of her personality is shyness. Therefore, she prefers to go the way of safety and not risk too much to take control of situations; instead, she prefers to be calm and follow directions and a clear leadership structure.

They have to remain alert, since their shyness and that ability to perfectly fulfill subordinate functions can cause superiors to take advantage of the situation. Working directly with a Taurus as a boss, this will not happen, since both will be able to reach agreements related to the workload that each can bear.

Both work very well together, since Cancer resists stress and work pressure and Taurus is a tireless worker, with an enviable physical resistance. Both are the kind of workers committed to their jobs to the point that they can go to the office even when they are sick, just to complete some pending task.

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Taurus Man and Cancer Woman Relationship:

Imagine that you are a huge cliff on top of a mountain. Nothing scares or excites you. You are so strong that not a single storm touched you, although the wind turned other rocks into helpless naked. One cold day, a seemingly harmless drop of water will flash on you and slide into a deep crack that you have from birth, but which has so far been avoided by rain and wind. What are you going to do?

You will not do anything. Are you afraid of a small drop? But the next day it suddenly gets colder, and a drop inside you freezes. It will hurt you. How do you now feel about a drop of water that expands inside you and threatens to split you in two?

Now imagine an earthly, vulnerable male Taurus in love with a tender “moon” Water maiden. It can shock him to the core! But already too late: she penetrated into that secret place, which no one had yet reached, in his heart. Perhaps it will not be torn in two. But he himself will never be the same as before – before the girl beckoned him, and he ran along the seashore under the midnight moon along the zigzags of the crab trace, screaming, laughing and … feeling. Taurus knows everything about intimacy, but “feeling” is a slightly different word. She will teach him all the meanings and synonyms of this word.

Another girl, Cancer, declares that she is not typical of her sign: “I do not like to cook, I do not want to have children, and I hate sitting at home.” Do not let her fool you, as she fools her head! The reason for her extremes is that she has not yet found the man whom she secretly yearns for: the one who will protect her and wrap her loyalty in a warm blanket. She can love children in her heart, love cooking and doing housework. But she is not going to stand by the stove or cradle for the sake of some abstract man. Until he materializes from her midnight dreams, she will hide her tender maternal feelings and sentimental femininity behind a desire for financial independence or a successful career. But if you listen to what is inside her, you will hear: “I am lonely, scared and sad.

Yes, come true. If you believe in them. This formula is so deceptively simple that only very few people understand its truth. Galileo once said: “Whatever you desire, pray as if you have already received it. And you will have it.” It really is. If you really want this, “this is no longer a dream.” And when your dream comes true, it depends entirely on the strength of your imagination. However, the Cancer girl is not inclined to pray for something “as if she had already received it,” but as if Fate had no intention to give it to her. Therefore, it is not a matter of Fate, but of its own vacillations. Constancy is what the “moon” damsel lacks so much.

Taurus man falls in love slowly to love for a long time. He does not give up until finally that real woman appears. He will spend a lot of time making a decision, but his surrender will be instantaneous, and fidelity will be eternal, unless, of course, she spoils everything …

Most Taurus do not feel love in all its physical and mental fullness for up to twenty years, and sometimes even later, while their friends have long opened an account for love affairs and even marriages. But do not forget that the Bull has the exceptional ability to catch up, and the depth and strength of his love are worth the wait. The same applies to the Crab girl: she, too, slowly grabs hold of something and lets go even slower. Even if it is “something” – an old shawl or a broken umbrella, a cracked mirror or a pink ribbon from her baby cap, last year’s receipts or former lovers.

Taurus is jealous of love – that is, thoroughly, reasonably and practically, and not with jealousy, as you might think, and it can be unstable moody or overly enthusiastic, but it does not bother anyone.

The “moon” girl can allow herself both baseless jealousy, turning into depression, and suspicion, and this can lead the Bull into a rage. In principle, he is not opposed to being a little jealous. He can even enjoy it. But suspicion is already superfluous! She has a vivid imagination: her fears, based more on fantasies than on facts, can cause tears and a light fit of hysteria. Does it scare you? In reality, everything is not so hopeless. Not many combinations of zodiac signs have such chances of success as Taurus and Cancer.

Taurus, thanks to the harmonious and peaceful Venus, is more disposed to calmly perceive their relationship. The Cancer Woman submits to the Moon, which reflects light, and she herself instinctively reflects the mood that is created around her. Any change in her immediate environment is reflected, as in a mirror, in her thoughts and feelings. Sometimes all these reflections create an eclipse in itself. It is not easy for her to understand herself, although she has an unmistakable intuition in everything regarding the feelings and thoughts of others. Many people trust her secrets to her and are rewarded for this with cordial participation and wise advice. But her own secrets are almost impossible to find out. The bull can tell her:

– “I don’t understand you. You say that you love me, but you spend all your time in hustle and bustle. Children, purchases, charity packages … You need to go to the bank, then you have a parental committee … You’ll even sit alone and look at the moon … you don’t need me. I just exist somewhere nearby. ” Now, perhaps, she will understand that he is offended: he does not receive the attention he needs, the touches and kisses that he is waiting for – all that would make him feel that he is dearly loved. However, due to the fact that he lacks her “lunar” sensitivity, he may not understand how much she needs all her activities and the world of her dreams. She needs to reflect back everything that she takes from life.

From this it should be obvious who should make the first movement towards a truce – the one who better understands the other. And that, of course, is hers.

However, too straightforward Bull her attempts may seem insincere and somehow vague. And she should just come up and say: “I need you, and I can’t live without you, and the reason I’m busting about is because …”, etc., etc. Then she should just prove it with your earthly love. This is the only language that the Taurus man understands. Plain. Modest. Honest. Landed. And sensual. The bull does not like to be teased! But the Bull likes to be teased …

Usually they have excellent sexual compatibility, apart from those cases when their birth cards are poorly “aligned”. True, she sometimes wants him to be a little more tactful with his romantic jokes and a little more delicate in oral expressions of passion. But in general, Taurus is tactful and delicate. And he can lure the Cancer girl out of the shell – a promise of the fulfillment of such desires, which most women read about only in novels! The bull will give the “moon” girl the confidence that she is dearly loved and that he has power over her (deep down she really expects this).

The Taurus man surrounds the Cancer woman with love sufficient to drive away all her fears – even those that she had “saved up” since childhood. He wants her, and he needs her!

True love is hard to resist, moreover, it is offered with such sincerity that only Taurus is capable of. In response, the Cancer woman will adore him madly (especially during the full moon) and may never leave him. Unless, of course, he quarrels with her whole family or does not allow himself to say something wrong to her mother. Then he can lose her for a while. She will not return to her Taurus when the moon changes (provided that he apologizes). Reconciliation may not occur if she does not forgive him before he asks for forgiveness (after all, he does not ask forgiveness!)

She is so sensitive … Or maybe unstable? He is so patient … Or maybe stubborn? What is true? It all depends on how you look at it. While there are blinkers on Taurus, he does not see reality. While Cancer looks in his “moon” mirror, the truth is sometimes distorted, his emotions change unpredictably. The relationship of these two is full of fog, but you can always find a way to each other through this fog, if you reflect on the ancient wisdom: “Seek the truth, and you will find yourself.” And what is truth? Love. Selfless and all-forgiving love. True love.

In Conclusion:

The Taurus most compatible with Cancer are those born between May 11 and 21, because they know how to better calm the fluctuating emotional states of many Cancerians and are capable of offering financial and domestic security for the future, two fundamental elements in the Cancer life. The most compatible Cancerians with Taurus are those born between June 22 and July 3.

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